Charities And Hotels All Need Social Media

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As A Charity Or A Hotel Do You Need Social Media?

As a business are we truly exploring what social media can do? The answer to that question I am sure a lot of us already know. Sadly, most businesses today either don’t believe or totally ignore the importance of social media marketing. People love facts and the fact of the matter is that $23.68 billion dollars was spent on social media marketing in 2015!
This tells us one thing! Social media marketing is hot! It is a form of marketing that is here to stay and ignoring it is not the way forward.

But Why The Urgency?

Let’s have a quick look at these interesting statistics and then possibly you can decide for yourself as to whether you should jump on board or simply walk away?
– There were 1.59 billion monthly active Facebook users by the end of January 2016
– There were 1.03 billion daily active Facebook users by the end of January 2016
– 56% of all customers are more likely to recommend a brand once a fan on Facebook
– 30% of B2B marketers are spending $1m + on marketing via social media
– 34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter
– And 53% of all marketers say that Facebook is either critical or very important to their business.
– And these are just a few statistics
– We haven’t even broken the ice!

“Social media is word of mouth on steroids”

Some food for thought

If your business is not leveraging social media marketing, your business is not maximising its revenues.

But Why Social Media?

Some leading business publications do believe that normal advertising will eventually die and in reality social media has now become a very powerful addition to current marketing channels.
Within the United Kingdom we only have to look at the Independent and the Independent on Sunday – both of whom have stopped printing, and ask ourselves the following question – Who will be next?

Is Social Media Free?

Media space is considerably cheaper but immense competition requires effective content and ongoing customer interactions that involve time and financial investment.

Effective Social Media

How Do We Begin?
It is essential to establish a vision for your social media marketing strategy and determine desired outcomes in order to create an effective campaign and choose the correct outlets.
We need to ask ourselves the following questions:

  • What Will We Be Using Social Media For?
  • Will It Be Just Another Marketing Channel?
  • Will You Be Using It For Real Time Customer Service?
  • Or Will The Goal Here Be Strictly To Generate Revenues?
  • We also need to understand that in order to have a successful strategy, it is important to not lose focus and aim to create a long-term social media
  • strategy.
  • If your strategy adds real value to the lives of customers, then you will retain them.

Social Media Is All About People

Focus on the people and not the technology.
The technology is not what drives revenues; however, having a consultant who can create connections and manage an effective campaign to reach the customers does!

It’s All About Engagement

Build conversations instead of focusing on campaigns.
By interacting with customers and building long-term relationships you will be able to build trust and connection with them, which will eventually convert into higher and more consistent revenues.

How Do We Dominate Our Competition?

Beat your competitors and dominate the market by reaching your customers via at least 3 to 4 social media channels!
Would you believe that most businesses don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest account, and the one’s that do, very rarely use them effectively.

How would we go about promoting ourselves through social media?

Here are a few ideas….
Discounts for customers who become fans on Facebook or Twitter followers
Table-tops on-site at your business promoting your social media
And my favourite or what I call the ultimate method –
To sign up customers via social media integrated mobile landing pages in exchange for automatic discount codes delivered directly to their phone.

It’s all about the following:

Implement methods on-site to drive customers to your social media content and convert them into subscribers and contributors
Monitor your return on investment via various key performance indicators:
1. Sales/revenues
2. Number of referrals.
3. Total marketing costs
Use analytical tools to reassess your social media campaign and implement new strategies in order to improve your return on investment.

So now is definitely the time to step on board and use Social Media Marketing in your business!