Is Content The Key To Success?

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Content Strategy Being The Key To Success

Realising your brand’s identity is such an important first step to deciding on which content is right for you and knowing which content to create. The answers to the following questions will help you understand your brand and in turn will help you with the correct content strategy.

So let’s make a start here and ask ourselves the following:

  • What is my brand positioning and voice?
  • What issues are important to my brand?
  • How do external parties refer to my brand?
  • What are people interested in when they are talking about my brand or to me directly
  • What type of content has worked for me in the past and what hasn’t?
  • What do people search for when they are looking for my brand’s products and services?

Once you have a firm understanding of these questions and have written the answers down, it’s time to move on to what I feel is the most important step in this exercise, namely “a content strategy”.

Your First Step

The first step to a successful content strategy and one which I always encourage people to create, is a content calendar. Planning, creating and publishing content can be stressful and difficult to maintain if you are not organised.

By creating a content calendar, you are putting together and keeping all the necessary information into one easily accessible place. You will then be able to see everything at a glance, namely channels, authors, content types, topics and dates. With this in place you will be able to allocate the resources needed accordingly.

Now once your calendar is in place, and has been used for a period of time, you will be able to see what connects with your audience and what is missing the mark, so that you can adjust future content for far better results.

A well-constructed content calendar will also keep your staff busy but not too overwhelmed. Resource allocation can be a real challenge and a good content calendar will take the guesswork out of assigning tasks to the right people at the right times.

What’s Next

The next thing that we are going to look at is how to develop a well performing content calendar.

Your first and most important tasks would be the following:

– What dates of the week or month will I post content?
– What times of the day is best for my readers?
– What will I be targeting when I post content?
– What social networks are right for me and my audience?

Remember to tie your content calendar closely to your business goals, after all we are not doing this for nothing!

An example would be if your LinkedIn account was being used to drive leads, focus on lead generation content.

Create a matrix that will define what percentage of you content is allocated to different types of post. Consider breaking it down even further, an example of which is below.

Are you are using your own content types and overall strategy goals?

So To Summarise

– 50% of my content links back to my blog
– 33% is curated from another source
– 20% drives content related to my business
– 5% is related to HR and my company culture

I am sure you can see from what you have just read that having a content strategy is vital to any successful online business.

Knowing what to write about and being able to write well isn’t an easy task, but with hard work and perseverance it will pay off!