What Makes A Great Social Media Post?

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So What Makes A Great Social Media Post?

Posts are like food! When your audience reads them, they will either enjoy, absorb and become very satisfied or otherwise suffer from a bad stomach.

In this article we will be looking at what makes a great post and we will look in particular at posts across social networks. In this article I will be talking about what I consider to be my most important social networks and just what you need to do to succeed posting to them.

Using Twitter

Let’s start with Twitter and see just what makes a great tweet.
When using Twitter ensure that you keep your tweets to between 100 and 120 characters.

This is a great way of ensuring that others can modify or add to before retweeting. Always ensure that you write a proper sentence and use proper grammar and punctuation.

A great way to encourage your audience is to ask questions, quote words from others and thank those followers hat have mentioned you or retweeted your post. Now if you are new to Twitter you probably wouldn’t have heard of the hashtag?

Twitter is the birthplace of the hashtag in modern social media usage. Ensure that you use it wisely. Don’t overdo it as your tweet won’t get much traction using this method. A great example would be – #ShareaCoke-Coca Cola. This successful campaign gave Coca Cola hundreds and thousands of tweets!

Let us now move onto Facebook

When Facebook first started, it was primarily a texting site and you would go on and say something. You might say “Happy Birthday” or you might write about a great holiday that you just had. What has happened, as with most other social networking sites is that they have changed from text to a whole mixture of photos, video and graphics.

But do not kid yourself, there is still a correct way and a wrong way to use Facebook. Most successful posts use short teasers, along with great images, videos or a link. One thing that you need to remember about Facebook is that you need to stay positive!
By being positive, creative and inspiring, you will encourage more and more people to like you and to follow you. Post questions, tell stories, and make sure that you use language that encourages and inspires your potential audience.

By interacting with other fans and sharing people’s views, you will also build better relationships and attract more followers. You can also schedule posts in Facebook which can be a big help when trying to manage multiple social networks. Posting at the best times of the day is important to building the right type of audience, however telling you exactly what time is right for you is not something that I could do without looking at your niche or business type.

What makes for a great LinkedIn post?

LinkedIn is a true business and career based platform. Use it wisely and welcome the opportunity that it will give you. It should be used as your company platform and you should ensure that you maintain a highly professional and real presence on LinkedIn.

When creating a post on LinkedIn, two or three sentences are all that you really need. Keep what you want to say straight and to the point. Stay interested and focused and make sure that you reply to those that comment on your posts.

Using images and videos in your posts are again a great way of getting people’s attention, however make sure that they are more business related and not something that you would post on Facebook.

How to write a super Google Plus Post?

A lot of people discount the power of Google Plus and put it at the bottom of their radar. This is clearly the wrong move. Google Plus has great potential and as long as you don’t stuff your content with millions of keywords and go for great content instead, you will be rewarded.

People love images on Google Plus and they say that images speak a thousand words. So if you are going to use and succeed with Google Plus ensure you keep your photo gallery up to date. Just like the hash tag, the +1 has become a big thing, so don’t forget to share across google plus. Be generous with your +1’s and encourage and show interest in what others are doing or saying. It is important to use relevant keyword and hashtags as they do show up is all searches. If you are looking to share longer content with more sentences than Google Plus is the network to use.

Hopefully you can gather from this article that creating a great social media post can help in with your business growth and at the same time writing a post just because you have to will clearly get you nowhere.