Why You Should Hire A Social Media Manager

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Why You Should Hire A Social Media Manager

Believe it or not, social media has come a long way. Gone are the days when tweeting or posting the odd post to Facebook was all that was required to succeed in this highly competitive world of social media marketing. Companies spend a lot of their time and money investing in good social media managers and at the same time, directors and managers alike now realise that one cannot just forget about portals such as Facebook or Twitter, not if you wish to build a successful brand online.

Now maybe you are aware of this, or maybe not, but social media management has been compared to SEO and possibly there is a little bit of truth to this? Just like you would optimise a page for SEO or just like you would find great keywords, knowing how to optimise a good tweet, is in a sense a bit like SEO?

Problems with social media marketing

The problem occurs in social media marketing, not with knowing how to optimise a tweet, but more with knowing about what to write in the first place!
So what for example makes a good tweet? What attracts audiences to your Facebook page, and how do we find interesting topics to talk about in our social media portals?

Hard Work?

On a day to day basis the task of creating and finding great content can seem like climbing a mountain. There are however a lot of helpful tools out there that will guide you through what is trending at the moment, however the time and effort that is involved, doesn’t always justify the means. Or should we say, you don’t really have the time as a business to get involved with all this social media stuff!

If you are ready to get your hands dirty and have all the time in the world – give it a whirl. A great social media management tool to use would be Hootsuite. Saying that there is a lot of stuff floating around online and people are saying that using social media management tools for certain portals, just don’t work. Nothing is easy in life and monetising your website through social media will never be a one hit wonder. Problems will always occur, especially if you are not quite sure as to what you should be doing.

And Hence The Need For A Dedicated Team

Without the help of a dedicated team, you may just struggle to build a real social media presence online. Life as a Tweeter can seem quite hard and without the correct tools in place or the correct mindset, you may well struggle?

Companies don’t normally have the time or manpower to create a social media marketing department who are dedicated to social media and branding, not unless you are a huge multi national. and even then it can be a hard task to get right!

So what are more and more companies now doing?

It’s called outsourcing and it does work. More and more companies are now hiring social media agents or individuals to take charge of their social media profiles.

  • These individuals or agencies will have the resources and the manpower in place and their duties would include –
  • Posting interesting content using the 80/20 Rule – 20% being your own content and 80% being shared content.
  • Acting as an online answering service and ensuring that all social media messages are handles professionally
  • Vetting all followers and from time to time carrying out a cleanse.
  • Posting social media surveys or competitions

The above are just a few of the more important tasks that would be carried out by your manager.

It’s All About Branding

Social media marketing and management play a big part of building your brand online whilst at the same time ensuring that your customers are well looked after. And like any form of marketing, it needs to be factored into your daily activities and should never be ignored.

A lot of marketers out there might well tell you that social media marketing is no more than a social thing and that dealing with SEO and the more important tasks is what will truly get you seen online!
My response to that is that having your hands in all pies is what will ultimately lead to your online success. The biggest issues that we face today as businesses or as individuals is having a face and a believe in social media marketing.

And Finally Seeing Success

Success and getting seen online, involves doing all forms of marketing and leaving bits out will only leave you highly frustrated as you continue to struggle on a daily basis.

Get involved in social media marketing, and have the faith as it is never too late!
All that’s required is a good social media individual or agency, that understand your exact needs.
Let’s not discount the power of social media marketing!