True Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

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So Exactly What Are The True Benefits Of Social Media Marketing?

Brand Identity:

Coming up with a brand identity is one thing, but getting your customers to share this vision is another. Social media helps you reach those customers directly. You can present whatever branding you wish and it will be accessible to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and wherever they are in the world. The way your company’s social media posts sound has a great effect on how people will perceive your brand.

For example, one can go for a casual approach to create an air of friendliness and intimacy, or maybe a more formal approach to give an impression of reliability and professionalism. It depends on the image you want for your company. The fact remains that social media marketing is an effective way to achieve a brand identity or at least support one.

Conversion Opportunities:

You may wonder if this type of marketing actually helps you convert more customers. Well, the more followers you have the easier it is to convert them into customers. Every old customer, new customer, even the friends of a customer are easily reached through a share, like or retweet.

In fact, any interaction, positive or negative helps spread your companies name across the internet and therefore increases your chances of converting. Social media is a fast way to enter new market places and reach new audiences. Not every post is a guaranteed conversion, but every post increases your chances massively!

One to One:

One of the greatest gifts of social media marketing is the ability to speak to a huge range of customers on a one to one basis. This will increase your company’s reputation with current customers and help you rope in new ones! Whether it is a positive or negative interaction, it can always result in a positive for you and your brand. For example, if someone is happy with a purchase and posts about your company, then you can thank them for their praise.

This makes them feel important to you and shows others that your company is a caring one. On the other hand, if someone messages you to complain about a purchase then you can apologise and assure them that the issue will be resolved. This makes the customer feel like they were considered and it shows others that your company makes a conscientious effort to improve its products. Whatever way you look at it, social media marketing reaches out to your customer base in a way that no other marketing could possibly achieve.

“Now, Its personal”

The big difference between social media marketing and other types of marketing is simple, people like doing business with other people. Social media allows your company to act like a person rather than a corporation, this allows for all the other advantages listed so far!
It means your customers can be treated like individuals and can be seen to immediately, making their experience of your brand a more positive and personal one.

There is no “wait” in a waiting room or awkward phone music while they wait for an operator, it’s just your customers and your brand interacting! This personal touch means that a business without social media marketing would struggle to achieve the same goals as a company with social media marketing in these key areas

In Summary:

Social media marketing is no longer a luxury; it is a requirement. To not have this service for your company is handing over business to rival companies, hindering the growth of your own company and limiting your interaction with your current customers. Social media is here to stay and therefore social media marketing is now key for any business, big or small.