8 Stupidly Simple Ways That Will Get More People To Read Your Content

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Getting More People To View Your Blog

You have worked like a dog. Hours and hours of hard graft into creating that perfect article. You read and check it over and over – hit that publish button. Wait and hope? Ouch – nothing happens! No Facebook shares, no tweets about your wonderful article! What is going on? Utter despair sets in and you feel like giving up.

Familiar words? We have all been there.

The solution to attracting a great audience is never as hard as you think. Writing good and well-spaced out text and ensuring that it’s easy to read, could be just what you require to get that recognition that you so rightly deserve!

Make it Easy to Read

Easy and short sentences which are to the point are a sure-fire way of keeping your audience engaged. The easier this is to read, the longer you will stay with me! Never worry about making your article to simple. We all love simplicity. I will be using straight forward and easy to read content – thus proving my point!

Always Use Line Breaks

There is nothing worse than reading content that goes on and on and on… Keep each of your ideas to a 2 to 3 sentence paragraph. Jump to the next paragraph with a line break.

Break Up Your Content

Using subheadings as a way of breaking up your content, keeps your audience engaged. Scanning through an article whilst we take a coffee break, only works well with great subheadings. Most people will scan and absorb the subheadings.
Create Bullet Point Lists
• They look different to the rest of your article
• They capture your audience in different ways
• They are very easily scannable

Add Helpful Content & Links

Both internal and external links are a good way to keep your audience with you. Internal links show them that you have an array of knowledge and skills. External links will also prove that you are quite willing to share other people’s views and are at the same time being open minded.

Place Those All-Important Words in Bold

Always try to place your most important concepts in bold.
This is another way of ensuring that you reader will scan through your article and remember those all-important facts.

Harness the Power of Numbers

As your article progresses, ensure that you use numbers for some of your paragraphs. Numbers again can be extremely powerful.
1. More and more people like reading a concept or idea with numbers
2. Psychologically it’s a lot easier to grasp and remember
3. It is also easier on the eye
4. It makes for a better read

Give Your Article the Once Over

Once you are completely happy with your article, give it a once over. Scan through and read your article ensuring that you are satisfied with the following:
– Have you put your point across well?
– Does your target audience get exactly what you are saying?
– Have you highlighted all of your key points?

And that’s basically it!

The long and the short to keeping your audience engaged is to keep it simple! Are you struggling with your article writing? Let me know your thoughts?