How does a social media agency work?

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Social Media Agencies – What Can They Do For Your Business?

Who would have thought it? An agency that looks after all of your social accounts and even mediates followers. Very strange to think that when the likes of Facebook first started, little did we realise that social media would become such an important part of our everyday lives. And with so many more people now using their smart phones to access social media portals, would it be hard to believe that as humans, we are a society of addicts, social addicts that is!

Sharing and voicing our opinions are now second nature to most of us and where better to have your say than on social media. Like it or lump it, social media is here to stay! But hold on just a second here! As business owners haven’t we just stumbled onto something that we can possibly use to our benefit? Where better a place to showcase our products or services, and at the same time allowing our followers or new customers the privilege of having their say and voicing their opinions!
A platform where products and services can be shared, retweeted, and sold – “Welcome to the World of Social Media.” Those of you who are reading this article are well aware of what we call the Social Media Explosion. It’s not like social media isn’t part of our daily lives and for most of us having a social media account is now as common as owning a mobile phone.

Business’s Need Social Media

As a business owner, you are no doubt well aware of that golden word called “Marketing”. Even mentioning this word, might send shivers up your spine, shivers of either excitement or fear?

The idea of marketing your business online, and achieving results is not something that we all can say, hand on our hearts, we have carried out successfully.
But what if you were offered a way out or an opportunity to get involved in a fairly new and untouched form of marketing?

Welcome To The World Of Social Media

Social media is a definite way of increasing your sales or online presence and at the same time building your brand online, and if done correctly, social media marketing can be highly effective.

Business’s Need Social Media Agencies

Having an effective marketing plan in place is one thing, but being able to incorporate social media into your everyday marketing will take you time and money. Social media marketing is not a next day win situation, and needs dedication, thought and planning.

Each and everyday interactions need to be carried out online, between your followers and your social media platforms. Sometimes we deem it necessary to vet our followers, thus ensuring that unnecessary negativity is eradicated. And let’s not forget about the time that will be required to source interesting content, whether it be from your blog or elsewhere.

They say that time is money and no more so than here. Think about how long it would take you to create a social media marketing strategy, post and retweet, vet your followers, increase your followers, and last but by no means least – monitor your daily and sometimes hourly activity!

Time to Hire a Social Media Agency & to See How It All Works

Social media agencies consist of real people and people who are well aware of your social needs, and if they are not, you are with the wrong agency. An agency will ensure that everything that we have spoken about and things that we might have possibly missed, are carried out effectively and in a highly professional way.

Most social media agencies will spend anything from an hour a day upwards on your account, depending on the size and on what’s required. And if you happen to find a good agency, you will also benefit from great content, which will be written for you and placed online

Tips on Hiring a Social Media Agency

  • Look for enthusiasm and excitement (there is nothing worse than hiring an agency that fills your business with dull, boring content and ideas)
  • Make sure that the particular agency can understand and carry out exactly what it is you wish to achieve.So, for example are you looking to build your brand, increase followers or just sell online via social media.
  • Make sure that the agency has a 150% command of the English language. Am I stating the obvious?
  • Not at all!
  • This is a vital part of any social media marketing campaign – that of speaking well and writing well!Nothing worse than broken English to tarnish your brand online.
  • Make sure that you like the agency – speak to them – build a relationship with them – after all they will be responsible for all of your social media marketing!

What Exactly Does This Social Media Agency Do?

Most social media agencies no matter what size they are will use various tools to help them with automation, management, vetting, reporting and social competitions.

And yes, there has been an awful amount said online about the pitfalls of automation, but if used and carried out effectively, there are no issues! Automation does work, the problem is knowing just how to use it and how to set up effective marketing campaigns with the likes of various tools.

The most common tasks that a social media agency would carry out

  • Daily/weekly/monthly posting to social media portals
  • Creating and using posting schedules, thus allowing for effective and optimal posting times.
  • Monitoring all social media portals.
  • Following back and creating new followers
  • Answering all questions that are placed via social media
  • Creating and executing social competitions and surveys
  • Sending out monthly reports to clients
  • Helping to build a social strategy
  • Building campaigns for social media advertising

You can probably now see from what you have read that social media management is very much a full-time job and the hours are needed if you wish to see a solid ROI (Return On Investment).

Social media is not a one hit wonder, so please don’t read this thinking that you are going to win the lottery tomorrow as this is unlikely to  be the case.

However, if you are a business owner who is looking to build a solid social media following and at the same time benefit greatly from what social media has to offer, then this is definitely something you should be considering and sooner rather than later.

Be First in Line When It Comes to The Social Media Race

Believe it or not, there are plenty of businesses out there who are not leveraging the power of social media and who are not using social media to increase their online presence.

Well so be it, but that doesn’t mean that you need to go down that same pathway. Getting involved in social media and having the courage to believe in it will definitely pay off in more ways than one in the future. Say yes and embrace all that this form of marketing has to offer and hopefully before your competitors.