How To Effectively Use Social Media – Our Top Tips From Bmoozd

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Start-up cultures are now rife. Wherever we look, we see more and more businesses trying to become the next Facebook or the next Amazon. And in this highly entrepreneurial world, social media is a big must when it comes to kick starting that new business model.

But with so many social media portals to choose from, it’s little wonder how companies and individuals alike struggle to get this right. As a start-up you are plagued from the start by endless press and media, encouraging you to use Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google Plus?

Spending time on all of the above portals, takes effort and effectively more money, as these tasks will always involve some sort of staff help or external social media management.

So, what is a real must when it comes to making that all important start, and taking that first step into the highly competitive world of social media marketing?  Well it’s called Instagram.

We only have to look at Instagram to realise that in business, it’s the number one favourite choice and has become one of the fastest growing social media apps out there. Bloggers, influencers, brands, agencies and corporates are now all trying their luck on Instagram. I mean let’s face it here, people want to be seen and heard, and quite frankly what better place to do this than on Instagram.

However, the biggest issue that we all face, is that whilst we are all trying to get caught up and involved in that big campaign or big launch, in an attempt to get thousands of followers, we often miss out entirely on the basics.

Instagram as a feed reflects you! You need to be using Instagram intelligently to enable you to project the right message. Keep reading and discover just how the following tips will help you build a better social media presence.

Realise Your Purpose When It Comes To Posting

Never use every social media feed in the same way. Look at it like this, each social media feed is different and has its own purpose. Integrate your brand or style into the social media portal and use it to trigger your business. By doing this and by using the strategy of the respective social media portal, you are already half way there.

Mix It Up With Pictures, Videos And Illustrations

A real good mix of the above is what is needed to create a bit of excitement and interest about what you are trying to portray or showcase. We only have to look at some of the top social media accounts out there, to realise that it’s all about mixing it up and that straight forward boring posts will never work.

Ensure That Your Posts Can Be As Engaging As Possible

Posting an interesting article about something might get you going, but certainly won’t entice your audience without some sort of narrative or comment. Try adding a question about the post, get your audience to interact, with the favourite one being – so what do you think?

Use Hashtags the Right Way – Not The Wrong Way!

Ok, so I am sure that a lot of us know that using hashtags is an excellent way to get you’re post more visibility. Hashtags can help you to find businesses or people with similar interests and are a definite must.

By how many of us actually use hashtags the right way? Going out and adding loads of hashtags to a single post, just for the sake of it, is both annoying and at the same time can cause you to be downgraded!

Surprised? Well don’t be, as Instagram recognises too many hashtags as spam and will push you further down the rankings. My advice would be to pick 3 or 4 meaningful hashtags that you feel would work. Also ensure that you always use a combination of broad and specific.

Always Tag Where Credit is Due

Now surprisingly enough this is something that a lot of us fail on. Yes, I know it’s hard work, there is no time in your busy day, and you don’t feel it’s worth it! But this is where you need to change. Tagging the organisers or the management of an event that you attended, will help you in the long run, by bringing interested parties back to your feed. So, for those of us that have any doubts, let’s just remember that tagging is as important as it is easy. 

Adding A Location For More Reach

By adding locations, so for example a city, a hotel, or famous restaurant, you are actually helping by attracting other brands to your feed. This also shows the type of person you are, what your lifestyle is all about, all of which can make you and your brand more attractive.

Never Ignore Your Audience

There is nothing worse than a dead social media account. Replying to comments made on your posts is a real must and will ensure that your audience comes back for more.
Let’s remember, when it comes to social media, it’s all about retention. The more you interact, the greater the chances are of your followers staying with you, and the greater the chances are of you eventually interacting with them somehow, whether it be a service or a product that you both find common ground on. So, ignoring your audience is the last thing that you would want to do.

Does Your Bio Reflect You Or Your Brand?

Always ensure that your bio reflects what you stand for, who you are, and what you would like to portray. There is nothing worse than a bio which consists of some cheesy quote off the internet. And the idea that this might attract more people to your page is in itself just ludicrous. So, remember to be as real and as crisp as possible.

Follow the Type Of People That You Want To Follow

Let’s face it! You are on social media for a reason, be it personal or professional.

You want to spread the word, you want to showcase your thoughts and ideas, and you want to reach the right audience.

So, there is no point following marketing companies when you are trying to showcase your new range of men’s undies? Targeting the right audience is vital.

Stay Active – Stay Alive

Make sure you are not just a one hit wonder.

Ensure that you keep posting, even if it’s just a single post per day.

Treat your audience and your feed with the respect that they deserve and watch your business grow.