What Is Social Media Management? – Why Bother Using A SMM Company

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Would you not agree that the world seems to have gone social media mad? More and more of us are now using social media, and from individuals to companies, we all seem to have that social bug! And a bug it might possibly be, but as a company or as a local business, can you afford not to be on social media?

Social media has definitely developed into a must have form of marketing and even though the return on investment might seem rather cloudy at first, the odds will always be well in your favour when using social media to spread the word and to build your brand online.

Whether you are utilising your social media inhouse, or are using the services of a company, social media management will form a vital part in your success and is something that you should never ignore.

So Just What Is Social Media Management?

Well in a nutshell, social media management is the process of managing all of your social media accounts and managing them effectively. When we talk about social media accounts, we are referring to the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn, just to name a few. These are still the core channels and the ones that most companies see the most benefit from.

What most of us don’t get however, is that social media management goes far beyond just creating a few posts and sending them across to your portals. If things were that easy, you would be doing this all yourself? Would you not?

Social media management includes tasks such as audience interaction, follower vetting, and contest creation, just to name a few. So, let’s now start by looking at this in a little bit more detail.

Selecting The Correct Social Media Management Platform

This can be a hard call, if you are doing this yourself and have very little knowledge of the various platforms. Every social media platform differs and every social media platform will bring you different results.

So, let’s start by running through our core social media platforms, giving you an idea of what they are best used for:


• There are more than 2 billion daily active users
• People now spend on average a little over of 35 minutes a day on Facebook
• If you use video as a company, Facebook is an ideal platform, with 8 billion average daily views for video
• 93% of marketers are using Facebook for their clients marketing
• 93% of social media advertisers now use Facebook
• So, as a new or upcoming brand, this platform is a real must


• There are now 800 million active users on Instagram
• An estimated 72% of all businesses now use Instagram
• 80% of all users actually follow a business on Instagram
• 65% of top Instagram posts feature products
• User generated content has a 4.5% higher conversion rate
• And 59% of 18 – 29 year olds now use Instagram
• So, again if you are not using Instagram for your business, now might be a good time to start


• There are currently 330 million active users
• The users are spread out globally
• Many are college or university educated
• The genders are fairly evenly split
• Twitter is ideal for small to medium sized businesses
• A third of all Twitter users will now retweet your message
• And video converts very well on Twitter


• Pinterest has now become the place to learn, research and shop
• And whilst it may not be as big as Facebook, strong images will go a long way when using Pinterest
• 1.40% of all users on Pinterest have an income of over £55,000 – so a great platform for luxury goods
• 3% of all users are adults
• And 93% of all active pinners said that they have used Pinterest to purchase


• LinkedIn now has well over 500 million users
• About 260 million users are logging in every month
• 40% of your monthly users are active daily users
• If you are looking to attract senior level influencers you have come to the right place with over 61 million being just that
• For B2B it’s the best of the lot
• And 91% of marketing executives now list LinkedIn as the top place to find quality content

Developing The Right Type Of Social Media Strategy

Developing the right type of social media strategy is probably the most important thing that you will do as a business. Let’s remember that it’s not just about sourcing interesting content, but also about when to post. You need to understand and work out, just when the best time would be, in order to communicate with your core followers.

One way of putting this in place is via an editorial calendar. This is basically an expanded spreadsheet that would list your social media portals, the times of day and days per month, and what you intend to post. We have enclosed a free editorial calendar in this link, play around with it and start building your content today.

social media management

Creating And Posting Content To Your Social Media Profiles

Knowing what to post and how to source the content, could be the difference between make or break. This is something which is not always the easiest of tasks and needs to be well researched.

The 80/20 rule plays a big part here, whereby 80% of all content should be highly useful, shared and not necessarily your own, whilst the remaining 20% should be about selling your service or product.

As humans we all love to be entertained, whether it’s for business or pleasure, and interesting content will always go down well when shared with the right audience.

Things like tips, tricks or ideas on your subject are always well received, and remember they don’t have to be from you. Shared content plays a big part of any social media strategy, and using tools like UpContent will help you to discover and find great content to share.

social media management

Interacting With Your Fans And Audience

Now there is no point in spending hours and hours building up a big audience or following, only to be totally dead when it comes to interaction. Most social media platforms place a big emphasis on the above and will even mark you down, if you are not responding well and on time to your audience’s questions.

Let’s always remember here that we need our audience to be on our side and to like what we do. This will lead to a greater relationship and to great customer reviews, all of which will go a long way when it comes to building your brand online.

Follower Vetting

Having followers or even likes from an audience that have no interest in what you do, or in the service that you provide, is not a great way to expand your business. But unfortunately, and sometimes without you realising, this does happen.

Follower vetting plays an important part of any social media strategy and needs to be carefully monitored and implemented. Never be afraid of removing 500 followers from your business page, if you feel that they are most likely spam, as it will help you and benefit your brand in the long run.

Creating Sweepstakes Or Competitions

Another great way to get more followers and to get your existing followers more involved, is though sweepstakes or competitions. Running a competition, whereby you give something away in exchange for likes or followers is a very powerful form of social media marketing, and one that most major brands exercise. There are a lot of tools out there that specialise in building social media competitions and are also fairly easy to use, one of the easiest being rafflecopter.

Tracking Your Performance Over Time

Metrics and performance are key to any form of social media management. There is no point in building up followers, creating sweepstakes, or creating social media advertising, without a good way of monitoring your results. Tracking your performance over time, will allow you to eliminate any bad campaigns and to improve on strategies that seem to be working well. Most social media management companies will have the software in place to carry out the above and to report back to you over time.

Can You Now See Just How Important Social Media Management Is

After reading most of the above, you should now have a fair understanding of what social media management is all about. Hopefully you will agree with us, when we say that social media management is now vital for any well run and performing social media campaign.

As a company or as a corporation, you will need some sort of a social media management plan in place to see any form of return on investment.

So Why Bother Using A Social Media Management Company

Well, we all want results when it comes to using social media, and social media can at times seem like an uphill battle. Sometimes as a small to medium sized business, time is a vital commodity and time spent on social media, could be better spent elsewhere.

And as a large business or corporation, you might well find that your inhouse staff are just playing around with social media and not really achieving anything by using it.

This is where a social media management company will come into play. Most decent social media companies will have both the expertise and the staff in place to create, manage and develop your brand online via social media.

Now one final thing to remember, is that the return on investment is unlikely to be something that will happen overnight, and in most cases, you will need to give this 6 – 8 months before you start seeing any real movement.

Companies that have both the foresight and the will to jump onboard will seriously benefit from the power of social media marketing. If, however you are looking for short quick term fixes, I can honestly say that this is unlikely to be for you.