Lawyers Have A Hard Time With Social Media

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Law firms should tread carefully when it comes to ignoring social media

A recent study shows that three quarters of people searching for lawyers, did so online, with Facebook being the most popular social media portal.

The report also goes on to show that social media, blogs and online legal groups as well as forums, are getting increasingly popular and are playing a very real role in the search for legal services across the UK.

So, the real question here is this –
Are law firms taking full advantage of social media?
And the answer would be categorically no.

The problem being, that the vast majority of law firms just don’t get what social media is all about, whilst those that are trying to succeed, are failing to use it in an effective way.

It’s also fair to say that most have very unrealistic expectations of just how social media falls into their marketing mix.

It’s All About Change

So just how do we go about changing a lawyer’s mindset?
The real way forward here would be to take social media a lot more seriously. Using it wisely, examples of which are press releases, articles, and blog posts, all great ways of embracing social media marketing.

Using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube where necessary, will work wonders in getting you quality links back to your website, whilst at the same time, building your brand online.

Interaction & Sharing

Social media is all about interaction and information share and for lawyers using such portals, results are starting to show in a big way.

If we look at the rewards, or return on investment, certain law firms are now seeing a 30 per cent increase in their website traffic, and purely from social media.

lawyers have a hard time with social media

Are You Missing Out?

Believe it or not, there are still many law firms that are missing out entirely and are largely ignoring the online world.

The smart ones have realised its full potential and have started building company blogs and online forums. Blogs have great benefits, firstly they serve to educate your clients and secondly, they can be easily shared through social media.

If you were a divorce lawyer, the idea of ranking on page one for the term “divorce lawyer” would probably seem the same as winning a rather large prize. The idea here is great, however, with fierce competition this would be almost impossible, and if it did happen would take you not months but years to achieve along with spending vast amounts of money. This is where blogs and social media marketing comes into play, making it a far more viable and achievable goal.

To Sum Up

More and more law firms are now using social media to build communities around certain topics and to help promote their blog posts and deliver them to their target audiences.

With the help of video, now more than ever, firms are using videos to interact with their audience and to create video feeds packed with useful information.

Social media marketing has come a long way. It is being used by more and more companies as a way of building their brand and interacting with their target audiences.

As we all know, access to information online is now instantaneous, and if you aren’t providing it to your clients, I can assure you that they will get it from your competitors.