I Lied to you! Facebook ads do not convert!

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So the truth comes out!
Are you currently struggling with your Facebook ads?
You are presumably wondering why I lied to you?
Well lied is slightly harsh – I merely failed to tell you the exact reasons why you are failing!

You are targeting the wrong type of people on Facebook ads

When you first dive in, the ads manager wizard guides you through step by step and supposedly helps you to complete what might well look like a complicated box. You dive in and excitedly add a whole range of interests, behaviours and hopefully new customers. You are now in the realms of targeting exciting new people whom you have never met before.

I mean how could this be wrong? I have always been taught to go after my ideal customer and target accordingly? Here lies the problem, your target audience is far too cold and you are shooting for an almost impossible dream.

So how do we go about fixing this?

Wouldn’t it be far better to target people who you know might well be interested in what you have to say? Examples of which are:

• Your existing customers
• People who have recently connected to you
• People who have clicked on your Facebook ads before
• People who have been browsing your website
• Facebook fans

Your money will be far better spent by doing the above.

Great! You are targeting the right people but with the wrong message

facebook ads that don't convert

Have you ever thought that perhaps you are targeting the right person but with the wrong type of message? It could well be that you are sending out a message asking the potential customer to sign up on the dotted line, whilst what you should be doing is more of an invite or information exchange.

Now the great thing about Facebook, is that it has three funnels already built into the ad wizard. You just need to know which ones to select –

• Awareness – for cold audiences and for people whom you haven’t communicated with for a long time
• Consideration – more of a warm approach, and for people who might need a little bit more tempting
• Conversion – these are for hot leads and for a hot audience, so people who are ready to buy

From the above you can now see that ads you would design for a cold audience will be totally different to those for a hot audience.

We can look at these like having three sales funnels

The top sales funnel would be for an audience that you are trying to meet and at the same time are trying to educate about your existence and just who you are. You should be concentrating on things like educational, and possibly even entertaining content.

This funnel would be more about selling your brand than an actual product.

Your middle sales funnel is suited towards trying to hand out solutions, helping customers with their potential problems and getting them interested in just how they could find solutions. Again, this is not a hard sell, but more like a softly, softly, approach.

Ideas for these types of ads could be things like free webinars, free industry reports or free buying guides.

The last type of funnel is what we would call your bottom sales funnel. This is where your potential customers have been educated and are more at the ready stage to buy your product or service.

Your ad can be as lot more salesy and enticing. It could even include special offers or discounts with an urgency in place to start now!

Let’s remember here that people will rarely convert on the first time or through the first approach. Marketing and ads are both very much a communication process. It’s all about engagement, interest and conversion.

Oops – you are targeting the right people, but your Facebook ad sucks!

Selecting the wrong type of ad format in the wizard is never a great idea and will lead to your ad not working well at all.

Let’s say that you are trying to target your audience with an amazing new video that you have just created. You go into the ads wizard and select the single image option? Do you now see what I am getting at? Always ensure that you select the type of display that’s relevant to your ad.

You are trying to target an audience that is far too broad

too broad facebook ads

Very tempting I know, and you would be surprised how many people just go straight for the kill, without using what Facebook call the Detailed Targeting Tool, which has great potential and should be used and not just ignored.

These is no real point in wasting all that hard-earned money on ads that just won’t convert.

So, for example, you could target all men within the UK who like Rolex or Tag Heuer. You could then even further narrow this audience by also targeting the exact same audience who also match up with or who show an interest in Formula One.

What have we achieved from the above? Well we have just built a very targeted audience of men within the UK that are obviously great earners, love classy watches and love Formula One.

A perfect audience for me as I am looking for great earners who know how to enjoy the finer things in life and would be just right for my luxury and high-end male holiday company.

You are trying to sell to a cold audience

hot and cold advertising

How many times do you see ads from brands that you don’t know and have never engaged with? How often have you responded? Probably never!! Remember what we said about communication and interaction?

Now if you are going to show salesy ads right from the beginning, wouldn’t it be a better idea to send them to an audience that you have already interacted with. This is where retargeting ads comes into play.

Retargeting works by sending out your ads to people who have already landed on your website, clicked on your product, or attended one of your free webinars.

At the same time, based on the fact that you are targeting a much smaller audience, your spend won’t be as much as that of targeting a totally cold audience.

Your Facebook ads relevance score is far too low

targeted ads

Just like all social media providers, Facebook is very keen to show only relevant ads and ads that are targeted at your specific audience. It also rewards advertisers who get it right!
You will need to get this right and aim for high relevance scores.

As an example, Nike conducted various experiments and discovered that when running two identical ads, they were spending different amounts of money based on their targeting options.

  • £0.192 was spent per website click with a score of 2.8
  • £0.05 was spent for the same ad, but targeted to a custom audience who have already visited their website. This same ad got a relevance score of 8.2

So as we can see from the above example, tighter targeting is a true way of getting better scores and at the same time paying less per click.

Your Facebook ads don’t quite tie up with your landing page

You may well have the best of ads, but if your landing page is not perfect, you will lose that conversion.

Your customers landing page experience needs to be well written, have the right type of copy, have well designed images and a great look and feel.

This is important in order to achieve any conversions.

Things like call to actions and reviews on your landing page will all go a long way in enticing customers to take that next step.

Another tip would be to minimize all your links. Distractions on a landing page can be a real turn off for a potential client. You want there to be as few distractions as possible.

To conclude

Hopefully you will agree with me in that I didn’t really lie to you. I was simply explaining why Facebook ads are not working for you.

Have these tips helped you on your journey to better Facebook advertising?

I would love to know.