The Real Reasons Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing Going into 2019

reasons why your business needs social media marketing

So just what are the reasons for your business needing social media marketing going into 2019?

Ok so we have all heard it all before!

Yes – you need social media!
Yes – social media is not dead!
Yes – social media marketing will help your business exposure!

Now for those of us who still insist on digging their heals into the ground and who are still asking the question – What can social media marketing really do for me? – here is my reply.

1. Social media is definitely targeted

It doesn’t really matter what game you are in; a large part of your audience will be on social media and by ignoring this you are ignoring a major source of revenue.

Studies have shown that 78% of all adults are Facebook users. 78% of 18 to 24-year-olds are actively on Instagram and yes believe it or not Twitter! Ignore these odds but do so at your own peril.

2. Social media and SEO are definitely in a long-term relationship

Google knows only too well which parts of your website are receiving traffic, and which parts are just floating and being ignored.

Using social media as a way of sharing your content both old and new will help your website achieve more traffic and allow new content on your website to get indexed that much faster.

3. Always remember to call in the experts

Now this is something which possibly a lot of you don’t know?

Let’s just say that you have written a blog post and have included within it a reference to someone who is very well known online and on social – Anthony Robins for example.

A very effective way of getting that post more shares and more views on social is to add the hashtag #tonyrobbins to your post.

By doing this you stand a very good chance of your post being shared amongst 10’s of thousands of his followers, thus driving traffic back to your site.

4. Social media will help you to better understand your audience

Social media channels are super marketing tools, as they allow you to interact with your customer base, by reading their tweets and updates.

Think about just what you could gain from the above –

– What types of products are they buying?
– What are their hobbies?
– What type of posts do they love sharing?
– What are their favourite websites that they visit?

All definite and fairly obvious marketing benefits? Would you not agree?

Let’s face it – when you have a better understanding of your customers needs and wants, you will be in a far better position to write more compelling posts.

The benefits can also sometimes go far beyond just marketing. It can help identify your customers points of view, likes and dislikes, along with improving your sales and refining your product strategy.

why you need social media marketing going into 2019

5. Think of social media as a relationship builder and not a marketing machine

A lot of companies will at first look to social media as purely a marketing machine and one that can earn them bucket loads of money.

Sadly, this is not the case and a hard sell approach doesn’t and has never worked. Your potential customers don’t want to be pitched at – they want real and genuine engagement.

When you stop seeing social as a sales machine and start seeing it as a way to connect and build relationships, your brand and online presence will transform.

Being part of a social community, and being involved with true market leaders, is what will at the end of the day give you real ROI.

And the reason for a lot of us failing is just that – we don’t or maybe won’t spend the time and follow what are undoubtedly best social media practices.

6. Social media is a great way of getting serious media coverage

Advertising a new webinar – start with social media
Doing a free event – start with social media
Creating an interview with an industry leader – what better place to put it out than social media

7. Social media is now key to customer service

Answering a question from a customer within 10 hours is just not an option anymore.

Your customers will love your fast interaction, especially if they need a question answered or have an issue with a product that they purchased from you.

What’s surprising here is that most companies are failing to do just that! And customer irritation will definitely affect company profits.

A strong and well engaged social media presence will at the end of the day keep both your customers happy and your public image positive.

8. Social media will build brand loyalty

Is this not what we all strive towards? More customers and a better branding online?

Social media does just that – by engaging with the public, offering them free information and help, without asking for anything in return.

By doing this you are showing your customers that you value them, and that they are not just another sale.

Customers will begin to realise that you do care and that you do have certain values, something that will make a huge difference in an otherwise highly competitive market.

the power of social media marketing

9. Bolt on social media as an addition to your PR strategy

Ok so maybe I am stating the obvious here, but how many companies out there are doing this?

Think about the power of sending out a press release to all of your thousands of followers and connections on LinkedIn!

Sure, you might well need to pay someone to actually write it, but sending it has to be through social media.

10. Did you realise that your competitors are already on social media?

Social media is crowded, social media can feel very intimidating, social media can seem like something that you have missed the boat on.

Well possibly it’s a lot easier than you think! Why?

Because most brands out there aren’t doing it the right way at all!

Ok, so you will never be able to compete with the likes of Coca Cola on social media as they have a huge budget and lots of followers.

However, as a smaller company wanting a presence online and based on the fact that most rarely make a big impact, you stand a real chance of success!

So why are so many failing?

– No social media strategy
– Posting irregularly
– Rarely engaging with your followers
– Not developing a social voice

Sound familiar?
Posting to social media just for the heck of it will get you nowhere!

11. Is it too late to start?

Not at all, as social media marketing is a fairly level playing field.

Anyone can open a social media account as its free.

Anyone can decide to either make a start themselves or outsource to a social media agency.

And sure, big brands have a distinct advantage, but that doesn’t mean to say that there isn’t room for one more!

Let’s try to remember here that you don’t need to beat all of your competitors, to win on social media.

You just need to find a way to connect with your own market and to build your own brand online.

Having a solid product or service along with a strong voice will go a long way on social media.

12. Will social media get you more sales?

We have ranted and raved about how we should be adding value and how we should never be executing hard sells on social media.

That being said, as businesses we are not charities and do need to generate income to survive.

So, will social media bring you in more business and lead to more sales? 100%!

And with more and more consumers now using their mobile phones to buy online (59% within the UK alone) – now would be a very good time to become socially active.

13. You cannot beat the price or the ROI when it comes to social media advertising

Ever heard of boosting your social media posts?

This is just another great way of sending out your message or product via social media.

As we all know, pay per click advertising is now becoming unbelievably expensive, with some insurance companies, loan companies, and mortgage companies paying up to £47 per click!

Compare this to boosting a Facebook add at let’s say 0.15p per click and it’s a bit of a non-starter wouldn’t you say?

14. Drive Revenue and Build Your Brand with Social Media

I am sure you will now understand that when I say that there is no other marketing tool or technique out there that will play a bigger role, I am kind of making sense?

Regularly interacting with your followers, journalists and thought leaders, will increase your profile, improve your public image and give you the exposure and sales that you deserve.

Don’t discount the power of social media – explode your social media presence and never look back

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