How To Drive A Ton Of Sales Through Instagram

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How To Drive A Ton Of Sales Through Instagram

So, you want to take your sales to an entirely new level? Have you ever thought about or dabbled with Instagram?

Now, you might not know this, but Instagram now has 500 million daily active users on its platform alone! That’s quite something, is it not?

We only have to look at Twitter with their 300 million daily active users, to soon realize that Instagram is winning the race, when it comes to business and brand promotion.

And with so many people who, at the touch of a button, can access everything they need to know about your brand, surely this is a good time to learn more about just how to promote your Business on Instagram.

Let’s dive straight in and start discovering just – How To Drive A Ton Of Sales Through Instagram!

But before we get stuck in – there is one quick and simple question that I need to ask.

Why Instagram?

Well, Instagram is unique and the experiences that users and brands face are very different to that of, say, Facebook.

Over half of Instagram users have reported following brands simply because they like them, whilst an even higher percentage report researching companies or brands through the respective Instagram pages.

But wait, there is still more to come!

Whereas Facebook is more social, with companies increasingly resorting to targeted ads to get their product seen, the visual nature of Instagram ensures that something as little as a picture can accomplish what would otherwise be a costly and time-consuming job.

As we continue reading this article on – How To Drive A Ton Of Sales Through Instagram, one thing is certain! The world of social media can, for newcomers, be a very tiring and tedious one to understand.

How To Drive A Ton Of Sales Through Instagram

Let’s now start by looking at a list of useful marketing tips that we have compiled, all with the purpose of gaining access to this highly lucrative marketing space.
We will walk you through each of the points below and hopefully give you a much better understanding of just how Instagram for business actually works.

  1. Firstly, we will need to create stunning Instagram posts and tailor them towards your account and brand image
  2. Secondly, to reach out to your followers, developing and expanding your consumer base.
  3. And finally, to keep track of everything, you just keep doing what works, and ditch what doesn’t.

So Let’s Go!

How To Drive A Ton Of Sales Through Instagram

Playing This Like An Artist

Before getting down into the nitty gritty of it all – we really do have to have to think artistically.

When thinking about how you’ll push your Instagram business, you basically have to remember one thing – and it’s called the visual.

Let’s not forget that we are all very visually driven animals – with around 92% of information received by our brains being visual stimulated.

That is why, first visual impressions which we receive from the outside are crucial in determining our feelings towards a certain product or experience.

Experts now believe that the increased success of Instagram and other image-oriented platforms has a lot to do with the focus on short but informative posts.

Simple and informative photos, excluding text, which makes it a lot easier for the reader to digest.

And what with modern technology and gadgets so easily at hand, creating highly effective imagery shouldn’t be that difficult.

A study conducted in 2018, has shown that around a third of Instagram users reported that a brand using something as simple as an iPhone camera gave the impression of trustworthiness and simplicity!

Showing you that it doesn’t take expensive cameras and a huge budget to simply take some good photos.

Should We Be Pushy?

Most Instagram users are perfectly aware of the many hundreds of businesses which use the platform to sell to the 500 million active daily users.

So ‘hard selling’ is probably not the best of ideas when it comes to attracting more customers.

Posts giving your potential customers a sense of being desperate, as opposed to ones showing a calm professionalism, are probably not the way to go.

And the downside to this – people will simply start ignoring your posts.

Studies also show that users of social media platforms, Instagram included, feel resentment towards companies which too often shove adverts under their noses, thus wasting their time.

Thinking Outside Of The Box

Ok, so we are still working on just – How To Drive A Ton Of Sales Through Instagram?

And this is where thinking outside of the box kicks in.

As the old maxim goes, ‘in marketing, you sell a lifestyle, not a product’!

This is particularly applicable when thinking about advertising your brand on Instagram.

And due to the social nature of Instagram, with photos generally of other people’s lifestyles or events, you are definitely going to want to tap into this format.

Let’s say that you are advertising a clothes or furniture brand on Instagram.

You’d want to show, for example, people relaxing on your sofas, or people having fun whilst wearing your clothes.

How To Drive A Ton Of Sales Through Instagram

This way the audience you’re appealing to subliminally absorbs the idea that a sensory experience, such as having fun or relaxing with family, is connected fundamentally to your product.

Hopefully persuading them to buy it!

Now It’s Time To Move On To The Format

OK, so you have taken that stunning picture.

So now you’re going to want to think about making the format as professional looking as possible.
But what does this mean exactly?

Well remember that after your fancy (or otherwise) photoshoot, Instagram only allows for comparatively smaller photos, meaning if you haven’t already started, you’re going to need to start cropping!

In so doing however, try above all else to do this carefully, or should we say the right way.

Nothing comes across as more unprofessional than a poorly uploaded photo – particularly when, as mentioned, Instagram is a community which relies heavily upon the visual.

Another point to consider when uploading your photos is whether or not to use Instagram’s editing tools – which are made easily available on the app and website.

Now, whilst some people swear by them and others positively despise them, try to keep a degree of uniformity between all of the photos you upload.

That is to say, if you upload one photo edited on your own software and another on Instagram’s, the effect may be to impart a sense of unprofessionalism which you really don’t want associated with your brand.

From my perspective Adobe photoshop is the way to go. Getting that image into the perfect 1080X1080 format is extremely easy with the likes of Adobe.

Getting Real Conversions

Once people have been drawn onto your page (undoubtedly because of your stunning pictures!), it’s imperative that you start getting people to visit your site.

The best way to accomplish this is by setting up a simple yet effective ‘Bio’ page, in which your companies’ message and site are clearly displayed.

What is a ‘Bio’ page?
A ‘Bio’ page, is a small section stationed underneath your logo on your Instagram page which gives some information as to who you are and exactly what you do.

Make it short and make it punchy in order to impart maximum interest and excitement.

What’s more, studies now show that potential customers are about 30% more likely to click the link to access your website if you give them some sort of discount or offer.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to give first time visitors to your website some sort of incentive or discount.

The aforementioned figure then increases for those who, having visited your site, become regular customers after having bought once making it even more important to ‘sweeten the deal’ for new customers.

Reaching Out To Your Customer Base

Another reason as to why Instagram is a great choice for those wishing to broaden their consumer base is the sheer amount of interaction which your business can cultivate with the consumer base.

Although this does only amount to around 3% of total traffic, the competitors such as Facebook and particularly Twitter fare far worse, with the both of them resting around the 0.6% mark.

And because of the ease with which you can communicate with your own support base, why not reach out and expand?

Reaching Out With Hashtags

When looking at hashtags, many still see this as some sort of a millennial fad.

What we don’t all get however, is that this may actually catapult your business into its next phase.

Around 85% of Instagram posts are using a hashtag, so yes, most people already do use them.

The problem being that many do so without realising the real potential of this great resource.

How To Drive A Ton Of Sales Through Instagram

By tailoring your posts to things which are already popular or trending, and then attaching an equally used hashtag to your post you make yourself more likely to appear in general searches.

By the same token, if you already have successful hashtags, then try to put them through data analysis programs which will give you a hint as to how successful other similar ones are doing – making sure you never miss out.

Just another important factor when we look at – How To Drive A Ton Of Sales Through Instagram!

Finding Eager Followers Through Your Own Hashtags

Another use of hashtags which will become more and more popular as it grows in popularity, is using your own hashtags.

As your online presence increases, data indicates that more and more people will inevitably begin uploading their own pictures using or featuring some of your products – often using your hashtags.

This is can truly work wonders.

Not only are many of these Instagram users themselves popular, but their photos are often professionally taken so that, with their permission, you can begin featuring their photos on your page – saving you time and money which you would’ve otherwise had to spend yourself.

The more things circulate and get shared or liked, the more “high profile” your brand has the potential of becoming, which is undeniably a fantastic asset.

Getting Others On Board

Finally, one thing you should know about younger audiences (around the ages of 25 to 35), is that statistically speaking they are considerably more likely to buy something if they have seen someone famous promote it first.

Whether this be a high-profile celebrity, or simply a well-known Instagram user, there are ways to adapt this principle for any situation.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then perhaps you could start small, reaching out to medium rung Instagram users, giving them free products or services, and giving their audience discounts.

And as your conversions hopefully increase, so too does your ability to contact more high-profile individuals who will, in turn, aid in the advertisement of your business to a far greater demographic.

How To Drive A Ton Of Sales Through Instagram

Keep Things Working & Kill What Doesn’t

As with all projects, some things will work and some won’t – that’s a simple case of trial and error.

What is really important is that you take stock on a regular basis in order to determine what does and doesn’t work.

Let’s say for example you’re a music company.

Photos of your product may be more of a medium by which to advertise your product to an audience than if you were, for example, a clothing company.

If this is the case, we should be putting far greater emphasis on what our strengths are.

Don’t keep doing the same thing over and over again hoping it will eventually work.

Take the music company example again.

It might be better to reach out to young professionals, popular artists or others who can spread your message initially better than you could as a small or new company.

So, like I said, keep doing what works!

It goes without saying that you should take what works and run with it – and even improve on it if you can.

Use Instagram management software to keep track of people who share and like your posts more often and consider reaching out to them as potential ambassadors.

How To Drive A Ton Of Sales Through Instagram

Reward these people so that, hopefully they will become more attached to your company, and will be able to do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to advertising in potentially difficult to access areas.

This principle may be said to apply equally for photos and other forms of media which do particularly well or particularly badly.

On the surface this may go without saying, but remember that for many who start out, these things may not be immediately clear.

Time To Wrap Up

All through this article, our primary focus has been on – How To Drive A Ton Of Sales Through Instagram.

Getting started on a new platform isn’t easy – it’s far from it.

Too often social media is looked upon as something which only a collect clique of millennials can truly master – let alone use to gain their company money and push their business.

But if you really want to get to grips with how to promote your business on Instagram, then there’s no better time to start and we think we’ve laid out some great ways to start.

So, whether it be updating some of your pictures on your page or beginning to reach out to potential ‘business ambassadors’, there is so much you can do without blowing your budget or your mind!

As the old maxim goes ‘practice makes perfect’, and we certainly believe that this applies here.

Don’t worry about starting small either – like we said, it’s not hard at all to start as a small Instagram business and to grow bit by bit using our advice.

On that note, we really value your input, and we’d love to know how you’re finding using Instagram as a business user – or maybe as a hopeful business user!

Tell us in a few words below what’s worked for you, and even what hasn’t, that way everyone will be able to keep on top of this ever-changing platform.

What’s more, if you think we forgot something in our list, then please feel free to let us know in the comments down below.