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Here it is! Your Ultimate Guide To Holiday Marketing!

Below is some information on how to utilise Social Media, Content Creation and Email marketing to make sure your days are bright and merry.

As another year comes to a close and we enter into 2020, we will be bombarded by Christmas Adverts on YouTube, snow covered landscapes on Instagram and an immense amount of holiday marketing.

Marketing This Christmas

We all know and only too well, that marketing on its own is a formidable task. However, marketing during the holiday season, when the market is the most flooded is a whole new challenge!

Now more than ever it is important to be prepared for this upcoming holiday season and this guide will help you with some tips and tricks on how to give you a Merry Christmas.

Another year of Holiday adverts and Christmas hats in the snow.

Plan Your Content (Content Calendar>Advent Calendar)

ultimate Christmas marketing guide

Planning your content ahead of time is essential for you to have a successful marketing season.

If your content is planned before hand, you will have content that resonates more with your consumers as well as saving time during the busiest time of the year in sales.

Pre-Planning Is Effective

Are you using a content calendar? A content calendar to document when and where you are posting your content is essential for all businesses.

Having content planned means that you or your marketing agency are not under immense pressure to create content spontaneously.

It is also important to have time to research your audience and the market in order to create unique content that will be effective with your target audience.

ultimate Christmas marketing guide

Pre-planning your content can allow you to have more in depth content for your platforms. From gifting options to featured and exclusive content, they all require the benefit of pre-planning.

It all seems rather simple. If you can create clear and effective content for your brand, it can help you gain a consistent audience for the rest of the year.

Having a content calendar will allow you to plan each of your posts not only for Christmas, but also for holidays that will occur before such as

  • Halloween: Thursday 31st October
  • Black Friday: Friday 29th November and
  • Cyber Monday: Monday 2nd December.

But When To Begin Pre-Planning?

For any form of effective marketing you should ideally plan your content calendar 90 days in advance. Why? Well people will begin shopping for Christmas gifts as early as August.

For the visuals and copy of your social media posts and additional content this should be in production 70 days in advance in order to see first drafts and review your work.

Non-Traditional Holidays (Happy (Non-Traditional) Holidays!)

ultimate Christmas marketing guide

Now believe it or not, from late August to the end of December there are multiple holidays for you and your company to take advantage of.

Of course as a company marketing during this season, you should have Christmas and New Years nailed down for your content far before they come around.

Other less well-known holidays are also a great opportunity for you to advertise your product and show off some form of personality or branding.

This will endear customers to you and make you stand out during this season.

Some examples include:

  • National Boyfriend Day: Thursday 3rd October
  • Astronomy Day: Saturday 5th October
  • Chocolate Day: Monday 28th October
  • Veterans Day: Monday 11th November
  • World Kindness Day: Wednesday 13th November
  • National App Day: Wednesday 11th December
  • Humbug Day: Saturday 21st December

From reading the above, you can no doubt see that there is an unlimited number of holidays that you can use to boost your sales and push content.

This will also help build up anticipation for Christmas and release consumer tension in saving for specific holidays.

Style and Visuals – It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Branding

ultimate Christmas marketing guide

For a company to stand out from the masses in 2019 and going into 2020, it is fundamental to have their styles and visuals established on the build up for Christmas.

Many customers with have their emails and social media flooded with warm reds, greens and blues along with classic imagery of cosy fires and falling snow.

A way to stand out from your competitors is to break the mould using popular visual styles that will have your campaigns emerging from the crowd. Unexpected photos, colours and visual styles are the way to go.

Company’s who stick to a particular theme and filter across their social media portals, experience 60% more engagement than those without a visual identity.

This is because consumers gain an affinity with the way the brand looks, a key tactic in modern marketing.

Remember to maintain a consistent brand identity across all of your platforms from your Facebook and Instagram to your website. This also includes your content such as emails and packaging of your product

Engagement (Engagement Wonderland) (O Come, All Ye Faithful)

As all companies should be aware, engagement with your target audience is very much required for you to survive in the global marketplace, and the holiday period is no exception.

So, what can you add to the conversation to provide value that other brands cannot?

Provide content that goes beyond ‘Christmas Ads’ and engage with your audience.

Boost Your Brand

Unfortunately, or fortunately as a lot of us would say, the bottom line is always money.

Your company needs money to thrive.

And gifts are a great way to go.

A gift guide is a powerful resource in order to traffic consumers to a particular product, as well as aid customers in what to purchase.

It is also important to know your audience when deciding how to engage with them.

Knowing the platforms, they are on and the areas they are interested in.

This will give you a clearer focus in terms of engagement.

Social media is very much a powerhouse platform for brand and consumer engagement.

Additionally, clever use of hashtags will increase your reach which will increase your views and increase your customers.

Interactive Content

Looking at interactive content, we need to be clear on the fact that engagement goes beyond gift guides and hash tags.

For a brand to gain consumer loyalty and an increase in sales they must make their content interactive.

During the holidays, you need to be aware that more customers are in the market than any other time of year.

But what exactly is this interactive thing all about?

When posting on your various social media platforms, add a question or call to action on your posts.

Ask your customers to share their opinions and experiences with your products or even with the season.

Running quizzes, contests and user generated content are also great ways to increase interactivity between yourself and customers.

More Than Just a Gift

Last year 66% of spending during the holiday period was on non-gift giving purchases.

This included things like decorations, furnishings, food and drink and entertainment.

These new figures can be utilised to make your marketing this season more applicable to the consumers.

Make use of non-gift giving themes when considering your marketing by developing content around:

  • Entertaining or Hosting
  • Travel and Holiday
  • Food and Drink
  • New Years
  • Treating Yourself

Marketing Mediums

Choose the right platform wisely.

With a wide variety of platforms and mediums to convey your message to your audience, it is important to consider what will work for your audience.

What would work best for your brand or business? Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Video Marketing

Video campaigns are by far the strongest medium to reach out to new, young customers. In videos, you can tell a story and connect with your customers.

Video sites such as YouTube allow you to reach your selected target audience and showcase your company.

Another benefit of this medium is the potential to go viral.

Numerous brands have skyrocketed from having viral content.

This is almost entirely achieved through video marketing.

Your video can feature your products, tell a story or promote your brand but the most important thing is to entertain and entice the viewer.

With visual social media channels such as Instagram and Tik Tok, video marketing can be incredibly lucrative.

Email Marketing

With Email marketing, you are already reaching customers who have purchased from you before or are interested in your company.

So, let’s remember not to get too cocky.

Just because these customers are subscribed to your emails does not mean they are guaranteed to purchase from you.

With every company sending out seasonal emails, you really have to try and find a way to stand out amongst their inbox.

A good seasonal marketing strategy includes three primary components:

Number One

Instead of sending one or two emails through the period, talk to your customers beforehand, letting them know of any discounts coming up.

Depending on how early you do this, your email will be viewed more than it would if it were to be sent during the Christmas period.

Number Two

Have your emails pre-planned.

I cannot stress enough the importance of having templates, copy and graphics prepared long before you need to send out these emails.

This will allow you to find the best time to send them out to your audience with thought and consideration for your audiences, wants, needs and desires.

Number Three

Make plans for your new customers after the holidays to turn these holiday purchasers into year-round customers.

Keep the emails fun and themed around your holiday content. Ensure you keep all of your marketing on brand and consistent with your main site for brand synergy.

Furthermore, run drip campaigns and abandoned cart emails so that you do not miss an opportunity to make a sale.

Also ensure that have email automation set up during pre-planning for those abandoned cart emails to reclaim any straying customers.

Other Marketing Strategies (Do They Know Other Marketing Strategies?)

Now with so many options for so many different types of customers there are countless ways to reach out to your target audience.

Let’s make a start and look at what would work best for you.

Unboxing Experience

If your company focus is on providing your customer with a produce, consider creating a specialised box and contents for your customers.

This could include; decorative packaging, additional trinkets or a short message / Christmas Card to bring joy to your customers.

Doing this can provide you with repeat customers for the rest of the year.

It is also a great easy to engage with your customers and could create user generated content.


Nostalgia can be a very effective method in engaging with your target audience.

Having a knowledge of content that your customers connect with from their past is proven to produce strong results when used correctly.

This can make customers feel connected and special when this strategy is employed.

Due to the fact that nostalgic content is being featured throughout the year by numerous companies. It is a highly effective and super marketing approach.

Relax this Christmas

With this being the busiest time of year from travel to just doing a weekly shop, customers are looking to relax and escape their hectic lives.

Escapism, customer appreciation and an easy user experience throughout your marketing should be heavily considered for your marketing strategy.

This can build brand loyalty and turn your company into a trusted and respected company.

Live Video

Live videos are possible for any company now with the capabilities we are afforded.

During the holiday season, this method can be the most effective.

In these live-streams you can demonstrate to your audience your ideologies as well as your new products and discounts.

A simple family scene around a Christmas tree opening gifts of your products can and is a simple and effective way to promote your products while giving your customers entertaining content.

The sky is the limit with your options here, just remember to keep the tone consistent with your other campaigns and communicate with your customers throughout to keep them engaged.

Non-Profit Partnerships

During the holidays, people become more sympathetic to the needs of others.

Having your company partner with a charity gives your brand dimension and reaches out to new customers.

Instead of spending on advertising, invest the money in a charitable partnership.

Having an organisation that shares your values can promote both of your brands and show your brand in a positive light.

Social Listening

Social listening is a strategy that can be used to find moments of relevance that will apply to and engage with your audience.

Forming campaigns centred around current historical, social, cultural or political events can show your knowledge as a brand and convey your message in a fun and unique way.

What Is Your Unique Angle?

Every brand is different; therefore, your marketing strategies should be different. Consider what products you are selling and how can you turn and create unique campaigns around, expressed through your brand image.

This method is achieved through pre-planning and can elevate your company in both a fun and engaging way.

Co-Branding Campaigns

During the holiday season, prices for advertising space will soar.

Co-branding your campaign opens you up to a larger target audience and double the content going into your work.

Find a company with a similar audience and similar values to yours.

This can lower costs of gaining new customers and save you money as you do not have to provide so many discounts as being in partnership is considered to be a discount in itself.

Maintain Momentum (Auld Lang Syne)

Having pre-planned your Christmas content that is prepared and ready to be rolled out up until December, you need to consider your plans after this festive season.

Find creative ways of converting these seasonal purchasers into faithful followers of your company.

Maintain their interest with new products, brand loyalty rewards and exclusive, engaging content.

Instagram is an excellent way of targeting audience’s all year round.

The effectiveness of the campaigns can also be used to inform your future seasonal content.

Keep your target audience in mind when considering what, where and who to market too.

Reconnecting with your past customers and finding similar products to the ones they have purchased is an effective way of maintaining momentum.

Time to Wrap Up (Christmas Wrapping Up)

ultimate Christmas marketing guide

Creating content, managing social media and navigating the digital landscape is always a challenge though out the year.

During the holiday season it is vital to have your content prepared and a strategy laid out.

If you are a little late to the game, you will always have the opportunity to course-correct and have a successful marketing period.

We believe that with this guide you can and will find yourself in a great position going into 2020.

Please let us know your thoughts on the whole idea behind marketing through Xmas.

Also remember to share this content and to let others know about the Ultimate Christmas Marketing Guide.