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Haven’t you Heard?!

Content marketing is the best way to bring in new customers.

Everyone’s doing it!

What is content marketing you may be asking?

Content marketing is when you post and share valuable content to attract and retain your target audience. The end goal is to lead a customer or client to purchase your products or services.

Providing this useful information can lead to customers gaining brand recognition so that they will think of you when looking for your services.

is advertising dead

Why should I use it?

There are 3 great reasons why you should be using content marketing!

Increased Sales!

Everyone is on google. At this point, most of us ask Google what to do before we ask any professionals. Why? Because the information was put on there by a professional who wants you to use them.

If people can read your knowledge online, they will trust you and your company to provide your services or products which leads to an increase in your sales.

Cost Saving!

Advertising. The multi-billion-pound industry that will cost you a large sum of money for content that will only be displayed for a short period.

Content Marketing is designed to last forever, whether it be blog posts, videos, infographics or anything else. Your content can bring in consistent sales to your business.

Customer Loyalty

In a world where cancel culture reigns supreme. Who can we trust?! Your company! The environment we live in is the most brand loyal that we have ever seen. However, they are also the ficklest we have ever seen.

People will jump ship to one of your competitors over the slightest change in your public image or pricing. This shows how important maintaining the image of your company is through successful content.

long live content marketing

What makes content successful?

Give your content value. If you want effective and useful content, fill it with information of value.

Although it seems obvious for you to write content that would be valuable to your audience, it can be very easy to slip into writing on and on about irrelevant topics.

When your content has value, it will keep people coming back to read it again and can help direct people to utilise your services.

Where do I start?

There are a lot of content options for you to choose from when you first begin content marketing. Let me tell you about some of the most effective choices.

blogging for business


Blogging is by far, the most critical content marketing option that you can use.

Blogs are trusted. Even though videos are webinars are becoming more frequently used in research, blogs are the most trusted by users.

People find blogs to be more trustworthy due to the in-depth information you can provide. Blogs provide a human voice to your business. They express your knowledge and skills in your voice.

Blogs will lead customers to browse your website. Getting people in the door is one thing but having them explore your site is another challenge.

How to do this?

Fill your blog posts with links to your other webpages and services. Keeping the content relevant to your business is very important, so why not link back to your services.

Some people think that social media and emails are the only way to reach out to customers. However, blogging can be used to do the same thing.

Encourage discussion with your readers through comments sections and links to discussion forums. Also, encourage viewers to share and tag you on their social media to take the conversation across platforms.

Your social media can be used to post these blog posts which can again encourage engagement with your target audience.

Blogging is cheaper than advertising. You can use blogs by optimising your SEO to boost your Google ranking.

is advertising dead

What does this mean?

So, when people google something, google searches the whole internet to find information that will be relevant to the search.

They look for keywords that will appear in the users search and on webpages. They will also look for how popular a webpage is by seeing how many people visit it and how many people read the content.

Optimising your blogs means including keywords that customers might search and making your content readable. This will help your websites to appear higher for a search.

• Blogs cost far less money than advertising.
• Blogs take much less time to make.
• Blogs will continue to bring people onto your site.
• Blogs connect with your audience through knowledge.
• Blogs can lead people to view your site.
• Blogs increase customer loyalty.

I would recommend that a company at any level going into content marketing for the first time should start by using blogs.

video marketing


This form of content marketing isn’t normally done because people believe that it is too expensive to make. Let me take away any doubts you may have around video content.

These days, high-quality equipment can be purchased at a fair price. This means that anyone can provide great content that will not take too much money to produce.

After Blogs, Video content is the most trusted form of content. More and more people are going to video sites to find intelligent content that will teach them what they need to know.

Videos will help you to stand out and showcase your products and services the best. Video can also help consumers get a more personal feel for you as a company.

Some successful video content ideas are:

  • Personalised videos are a great way to connect with your audience. This can be exclusive video to the individual customer or broader for example videos for long-time customers or customers who made a significant purchase. This will make them feel more valued, build customer loyalty and can increase your sales.
  • Pitch decks and shareable content. These are informative videos that educate viewers on your company and the services and products you offer.
    This can also be used as a version of a blog post by sharing knowledgeable information around your industry with your audience.
  • Product Demos. Pre-recorded demonstrations of product setup or product use are useful and informative to your customers to show that you are helping them building your brand identity.

Get someone else to do it!

If you do not feel confident in your filming or editing skills or do not have the time to produce video content, you can get someone else to do it for you.

I do not mean you should hire an expensive film crew and equipment to promote your business, but there are ways of having other people do the work for you.

Amateur video content has been used to sell a wide range of product, from reviews and sponsored videos, you can also use other video users to market your products.

These collaborations with other video content makers can grow your audience, send people to your website and sell your products and services.

The ideal result of video marketing will lead to your content going viral which has shown that it can boost a company’s sales and brand recognition massively.


Sit back and get comfortable. This is the key to a successful podcast.

Podcasts have seen a huge increase in popularity in the last few years. They are the new radio show!

People listen to them often on their commute or just while at home. They can convey all important information on a topic through a conversation.

Podcasts work best when there are two or more people who will take a discussion topic and share their knowledge around it.

This is hugely popular due to the lack of time people have in the day to educate themselves and earn about things. Not everyone has the time to stop and read an article or watch a video.

Podcasts allow people to learn about topics in a calm, conversational way. This is a great on the go learning tool. This can also help build your brand identity, establish your tone of voice and connect to your audience.

A successful podcast makes information personal. Including the listener into the conversations by referring directly to them so that it seems you are talking directly to them.

Books and eBooks

A smart marketer will use books as marketing tools. Books are easy to produce and distribute these days. These books you can direct people to your services and any events you may host.

When you have a book you have written, this will give you an authority in your subject. People trust the words of people who have books.

If you want people to trust your company, it would not be a bad idea to create a book to give you validity.

Even if no one reads your book, you will still be seen as a justified and considered a secure source of knowledge when writing in blogs or featured in videos.

You will also get the benefit of being named as “The author of …” which makes you will turn you into an expert in the eyes of any viewers.


This is a fairly modern form of information. These are long vertical graphics that include; statistics, quotes, and information on a specific topic.

These infographics are good to sprinkle throughout your blogs for a more concise and eye-catching form of displaying your knowledge.

Infographics are also good to feature your social media for a post that contains more information around your company’s services.

The information contained in your infographic must be well designed. With a readable layout and colours and fonts that fit a similar aesthetic of your existing content.

Normally an infographic will cost about £800 per design and can cost a lot more depending on if you are optimising this content with specialised researchers, copywriters, and designers.

This is a lot of money to spend on a graphic which you can produce with your knowledge. Infographics can convey your information in an appealing format across your platforms.

Events, Talks and Webinars

Perhaps the method with the highest chance of turning attendees into customers.

The people who attend these events are already interested in the services and products your company offers and are interested in the knowledge that you have.

Having people interested in the information you can provide allows you to talk to your potential customers directly during and after the event. This can help you gain far more clients.

When you host a talk about an area of your knowledge, you can take all the information you have and present it in an interesting and engaging way.

This can again build trust with your brand and your audience. You can film these events, talks and webinars and feature them across your social media platforms and on your video sites as a form of content for them.


Email marketing has evolved to become its own separate form of marketing at this point. Emails are a great way to reach out to your subscribers and turn them into buyers.

You can connect with your audience, build your credibility and send user-specific content all at a lower cost of regular advertising.

Email Marketing will keep your business in front of people who are interested in your products and services.

Other Ideas


An app for your product or service will make browsing your pages easier as it can be done on the go.


Looking for a fun and interactive way of engaging with your customers? Try games to unlock deals or win prizes. This can be as simple as a word search or crossword.
Or it can be as advanced as a scavenger hunt. This will take visitors all-around your sites and make use of all your platforms. Remember to feature the winners!


Running a competition can excite your audience and push them to engage with you in a new way. This can be done on websites, emails or social media.

Branded Products

Take your personalised message to the next level by offering personalised products for your buyers.

Magazines, Comics and Satire

Having content that your audience will keep coming back for will be an amazing tool.
Try one of these three methods to connect with your audience. Remember to keep your content in line with what your audience will like.

Sum it up

Content marketing is an amazing resource that you can use to promote your company is more effective than adverting.
Follow our advice and I am sure you can find your company getting a boost.

Let us know your thoughts on content marketing and if you have any cool content marketing ideas by tagging us on social media.

Remember to share this content and let others know about the importance of Content Marketing.

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