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Video Marketing … What a Feeling!

Video is the most important and effective method of marketing or content marketing there is.

Video content is dominating every channel and platform. Platforms like YouTube and TikTok have grown incredibly because of the popularity of videos.

Video content is preferred by consumers for brands to communicate their messages to them.

With how easily the information and resources are, anyone can make top-notch video content for their company.

In this article you can follow our helpful tips and tricks so that to you can find success with video marketing.

video marketing

Take on Me

So, why should you use Video in your marketing strategy?

Video Marketing is affordable in a way conventional advertising isn’t. You can save money by not hiring anyone to professionally film and produce the videos for you. Instead, make your own videos.

Having a more natural and less produced look to your video, works in your favour. Research has shown, that these more authentic videos are received much better.

Videos can be more than just entertainment on your video and social media channels. Video content on your websites through explainer videos or demos have also proven to be very effective with the audience.

video marketing

How Will I Know

Wondering what type of video content will work best for you?
Here is a list of some video marketing ideas that you can use to help your business grow.

Live Video’s

Going into 2020, this is the newest and increasingly popular form of Video Marketing.

In the last few years we have seen a swarm of live stream video’s made by celebrities and influencers which are viewed by millions of people around the world.

Companies have noticed how popular this medium can be. This allows customers to directly connect with businesses and answer any questions they may have.

Also, viewers spend 8 times longer watching live videos more than any other type of video marketing content. If you are looking to make an impact with your video marketing, this is the way to go.

Demo Video’s

As I mentioned before, Demo videos can be very effective on your website. If you are selling a product or service, demonstrating the way that it is used can help customers understand your product.

This can help them visualise themselves using the product and generate more sales for you. If your product is digital, you can show how the product is installed which can serve as an answer to any questions you may have regarding the product.

Do you have a product that comes with unique packaging or multiple elements? It might be worth considering doing an unboxing video. In this video you can show what the experience of receiving your product can be.

Brand Videos

These videos can build your image as a company. You should use these videos when you are looking to establish or emphasise your brand’s ideals, values, and purpose.

These videos are usually used as part of a larger ad campaign that can show the behind the scenes or work environment. This can show your company’s vision of what your goals are.

Event Videos

Has your company run any events or been speaking at any talks? Whether they are run by yourself or others it would still be worth filming them to post on your site and platforms.

After a blog post, videos are the most trusted content resource out there. People would love to see your roundtable discussion or your appearance at a conference.

These videos both exhibit your knowledge to your audience and promote the information that can be learned at your events to generate more interest in them.


If you have an interview on your platform. People will feel that you are to be trusted well enough to talk to anther industry leader about the area you are both involved in.

When conducting an interview, ensure the person who you are interviewing has influence in your area of business. This will give your video impact on your audience and take your company up a level.

Animated Video’s

I am not talking about children’s cartoons. Animated videos can be used to explain hard to grasp concepts. By running a voice-over on animated clips, you can find large success in this form of content.

This content can also be posted anywhere, across all of your social media and your website. The visuals can work on any of your platforms.

Case Studies

Bring the work of your past to life with Case Study videos. Let your viewers see the work you have done and how it has helped other companies.

Include Customer testimonials. Using your best and most loyal customers to talk about how great your product or services are is a very effective way to have other customers join them as faithful clients.

Personalised Video’s

Having a personalised video can make your customers feel special. This will help increase their loyalty to you as a brand.

Personalised videos can be a simple thank you for purchasing products to individual birthday messages. This will improve your brands’ image and connect with your existing customers.

Videos work best when they stick in the minds of consumers. For example; Christmas adverts often depict people coming together as family and friends around a Christmas tree or meal.

This is because audiences can relate to this, and having  videos that are related and are relevant to your audience is vital if you want to remain in their focus.

360° and Virtual Reality Videos

Looking to stand out from your competitors with your video marketing? Try using Virtual reality.

You can create videos all around the same theme as those that I have already mentioned. Only with these, your viewer can be immersed into the content.

These videos allow the viewer to explore on their own and see all that is shown in the video. This can be published on social media and YouTube and viewed through smartphones.

The only issue regarding this method is that you have to use higher-priced equipment that does require a professional to use. However, you will find that it can be very effective for growing your business and expanding your audience.

Augmented Reality (AR) Videos

Does your brand lend itself to a futuristic style? With augmented reality, you can have someone communicating your message in the viewers living room.

Through the lenses of a phone screen, you can be standing in front of your customers telling them the benefits of your company in person.

Who doesn’t want to be a hologram?!

People just Want to Have fun!

The most important thing to remember is to keep your videos entertaining. People will not sit and watch a plain and boring video of someone droning on about this or that.

Make sure your video has energy! Keep the language short and punchy. Get straight to the point of what you are saying.

On YouTube, for videos of a certain length, they give the viewer the option to skip the advert after 5. Seconds. Do not waste those 5 seconds with a long introduction. Say what will be in the video quickly and concisely.

While all of your content is important, you must grab the viewers’ attention in those first few seconds. We are surrounded by thousands of videos that companies pump out to attract customers.

You must attract them enough to watch the full video with those first 5 seconds.

Another One Bites the Dust

Here are a couple of helpful tips on what else you can do to avoid having your video marketing fail.

Ignoring the customer

Just because you like a certain type of video, does not mean that it is best for your target audience.

Many first-time video marketers often fall into this trap. They find themselves producing content that will not convert and new or existing customers into buyers.
To avoid this, you must do your research! Do a keyword search to see what your customers are searching for.

Do some testing before you publish the video to see whether people enjoy the video and if they would watch it. Having existing customers completing surveys is a great way to collect this information easily.

High Expectations

While video can be a powerful tool, it is near impossible to get a substantial gain in people coming to your site with just one video.

Video can be used in numerous situations so do not just make a 30-second advert and leave it at that. Every video needs to serve a purpose.

Either to inform customers about your products or services. Build your community of existing customers. Or generate sales for your business. Having separate videos focused on one of these goals is a great way to approach video marketing.

Livin’ on a Prayer

So now you know the types of videos you can create, and the dangers to avoid in video marketing. How do you measure your success

View Count

The view count is the number of people who have watched your video up to a certain point. This can tell you how many people are watching your video and tell you if the first few seconds are attracting your audience.

Remember to take note of the specifications on each platform. For example, on YouTube, a view is registered after a person watches the video for over 30 seconds. Whereas on Facebook, a view is registered after 3 seconds.

You must read the terms and conditions of each platform. This will help you decide where you want to share and promote your content.

Sharing and Comments

You could measure your video by how many people shared this video on their profiles, and by how many people comment on the video itself.

A great way to increase your shares and comments is to include calls to action in your video. These will be things you say or are put on-screen during the video telling people to share and comment.

It also might be worth offering a reward for a certain person who shares and comments on the video to increase your reach and your views.

Click-Through Rate

In your video you should include live links to your product or website that people can follow to reach the products or services promoted in your video.

You can see how many people watch your video and click on the links to access your webpages. This is a great way to mark a video’s success.

Completion Rate

This is how many people have watched your video to the end, compared to those who have not completed the video.

This can help you see how engaging your video is and tell you about how successful it is.

Bounce rate and Time-On-Page

If you are putting your videos onto your webpages, you should compare the bounce rate and the time people spend on the page before and after you upload the video.

The bounce rate is the number of people who will click onto your page and leave within a few seconds. This can help you decide if this is the right video for your platform or if videos will be effective for you on your site.

video marketing

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Get started with your video marketing today!

Anyone can create video content for their business, all you have to do is:

• Decide on the types of videos.
• Prepared what you want to say.
• How you will measure your success.

I hope that we have helped you to take a step forward with your marketing strategy through your video content.

Remember to share this article to let others know how they can get started with the fastest growing marketing tactic.

video marketing

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