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These days, I receive over 100 emails a day from various companies, organisations and platforms I am on.

This is common for almost anyone with an email to be bombarded with emails that are not relevant to them. Whereas, the relevant emails are not seen due to lack of through being put into them.

How do you as a company, how do you make sure that you stand out from the herd?

email marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is when you use email to promote your product, service, and company.

This can develop relationships with your existing and potential customers and increase your profits through sales promoted on the emails.

Email Marketing has been one of the longest-standing forms of digital marketing. As social media platforms grow and die out, emails remain consistent in their use.

The problem with this is that lots of companies release that emails are a great way to reach an audience since there are near 4 billion email users worldwide.

How are you going to make sure your emails attract your audience and do not get sent to trash?

Most importantly you must have the right type of email for your company and your audience.

Below is a details list of different types of emails that you can use to make sure that your email marketing will be successful.

email marketing

Whale Hello There!

Welcome Emails

This is the King of the Email Marketing jungle. For any company is who branching out into producing email content for its brand, you must have a welcome email. This is for any new subscribers, customers or people who have given you their email details.

You need to send out this email immediately; As soon as you get their details, it should be automatic. At this point, the person is very interested in your business and it is vital that you take this opportunity!

They are the most open to receiving your emails and messages so make use of this time with a welcome email. Use this opportunity to build familiarity. Tell them about who you are as a brand and what your ideals and goals are.

email marketing

Invite your subscribers to check out your social media platforms to increase engagement across all of your platforms, this is also a great way to stay in touch with your audience.

Ask to know more about them. Take their birthday information and email preferences so that you know when to email them and what content to send them.

If you take too long to send them this initial welcome email, it can lead to an increase in your spam scores if your emails are on the whole getting sent to spam or trash.

Welcome emails have the highest open rate of all the different types of emails that you can send to a subscriber. If you are going to incorporate Email marketing into your marketing strategy, Welcome Emails should be at the top of your email list.

Koality Standard Campaigns

Standard campaign emails are the most common type of email that can be found in your inbox. When companies first swing into email marketing, this is the first type of email they produce.

You must remember to put thought into this type of email. Being the most common type of email sent by businesses, in order to stand out you need to find a plan and analyse your campaigns before sending them out.

email marketing

Some ideas to compreHENd

When you are looking to create email campaigns:

Emotion. If you want people to view your email and head over to your site, the easiest way to do this is by creating an emotional response through your emails. In the last few years, we have seen thousands of adverts using this method to attract customers. Now it is your turn!

Humour. If you do not feel that an emotional response will work well with your brand identity, try humour. We all love to laugh like hyenas, you can trigger a different kind of emotional response that will make sure customers remember your business.

Discounts & Products. Try leading with the purpose of your email campaign. Do you have a new product being released? Are you providing a subscriber-only discount? Whatever it is, you should stick this message all over your email, especially in the subject bar.

Theme. Having a consistent font and colour story throughout your email will attract more people to stay and read the email rather than bounce off it.

See if they are effective for your audience and will stand out in an inbox. Remember to keep the information relevant to what your audience will want.

Will it be a discount? Will it be a new product? Whatever it is, you need to make the recipient pleased they opened the email and happy that they are subscribed to you.

email marketing


As a company, I am sure you are going through lots of interesting and exciting developments every month. Why not share this with your audience?

We are all living in a consumer heavy culture. Capitalise on this! Your audience wants to know what you have been doing this month. Newsletters are a great way to keep them engaged and tell your subscribers all about your latest offers, deals, products and services.

As long as you work every month, all you need to do is compile your months’ work and put it into an email for your audience. The content is there for you, you just need to send it to your followers.

Newsletters can also be a good way to let your audience know about upcoming news and events that your business might be running in upcoming months.
Here at Bmoozd, we have our own newsletter where you can stay up to date with all the latest projects, deals and news going on in our agency.

Click here to subscribe.

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Seasonal Campaigns

Its penguining to look a lot like Christmas!

No matter what the holiday is: Christmas, Valentines, Halloween. Everyone loves to celebrate the holidays. Why not celebrate with your subscribers and include them in your email marketing?

As an email campaign series, seasonal emails can have a build-up to the day of the event! You can release a minimum of 3 emails around the celebrations offering your products and services before and on the day of the holiday.

With this type of email, you must make sure your first email about this holiday is sent early. When you get within a week or two of the seasonal events, every company will be pumping out emails about the holiday. You need to make sure you are one of the first ones they see.

Make sure your language and theme will match the holiday that your email campaign series will revolve around in a unique style. This will help readers easily identify your emails.

Let your audience know how important it is they purchase your product or service because the holiday is coming and the deal or discount you are offering this season will be ending.

Are you looking for marketing this holiday season? Why not read The Ultimate Guide to XMAS Marketing and learn more about how you can improve your marketing during the holiday season.

email marketing

Triggered E-Snail Series

Triggered Emails are sent when a person who has given their email completes an action on your site. This could person who clicked and viewed curtained products but did not purchase.

This type of email could also be used for a person who made a purchase and can leave a review or survey about the product or company.

These emails can be triggered as a series. By one email following another. For example, order and dispatch updates on a product. This type of Email Marketing is a great way to get customers to trust you and make sure your subscribers are still thinking about you.

See you soon Baboon

Post-purchase series

When a customer purchases from your site, they expect a confirmation email. However, there are many more emails that you can include in your email marketing strategy. Some of these are the post-purchase series.

This series of emails will be released once a customer has made a purchase. This series of emails will promote client trust with your business and can promote your other products and services.

Dispatch updates are a common example of the post-purchase series. It is a great way to let a customer know how long it is until their product or service will be delivered to them.

It is a good idea to include other items that you sell, relating to their purchase. You should do this because the customer still has your company fresh in their mind so it would be a good opportunity to push your brand.

Once the product has been delivered, why not send an email to ask for a review or survey? I am sure that the services or products you provide are of high quality, so why not get a review from your customer.

A review can also tell you more about how you are doing as a company and help you improve and grow through client feedback.

There are countless possibilities for you to explore with a post-purchase email series.

Let’s say for example you are selling artist tools. You provide high-quality brushes, easels, and art supplies to your customers.

Once a customer has purchased your product, why not provide them with some cool and relevant tutorials or links to exhibits that relate to the products the purchase.

You can send emails to encourage your customers to share what they have created with your tools through social media and on your websites. This will also provide your social media with some user-generated content linking to your products.

Now, you also know a customer’s preferences. Seeing what they have purchased you can send them campaigns directly linked to products they have bought from you before.

This can apply to a variety of businesses. Whether you provide art supplies, kitchen appliances, or home décor, there are countless options for you to explore with your post-purchase email marketing.

email marketing

Connect to Social Me-deer

We have mentioned this before in this article. However, we need to highlight just how important promoting your social media on your email can be.

It is a great way to connect with your audience and engage them in your newsfeed. If they receive emails about products or services and see it promoted on social media, there is double the chance for them to consider purchasing it.

Having your customers on social media can provide you with user-generated content that you can use as posts for your social media. Also, you can encourage your customers to do a scavenger hunt across social media and email for them to receive discounts.

There are many fun and unique ways that you as a company can engage with your audience on social media. So, it is important to encourage your customers to follow your accounts through emails.

email marketing

This is Panda-monium

Re-connect Emails

In a year, about 25-30% of people change or update their emails. This can lead to a loss in the number of people who are opening and viewing your emails.

Perhaps a large number of your email lists are no longer responding to your emails. What we recommend you do is sending a -re-connecting email.

In this email, you will let them know all about your latest deals and offers. You can also remind them how long it has been since they have been onto your site. This will be an attempt to re-engage your lost subscribers.

If they do not open the email, you must disconnect their emails by removing them from your list. This will be better for your delivery rate and give you accurate statistics on your engagement with active email users.

email marketing

Abandoned Cart Emails

This email will be triggered if a user adds your products or services to their basket and exits the site without following through to a purchase.

It is important to remind your users about this because they could have forgotten or are saving purchasing for later.

After a welcome email, this email series has the highest open rate of all types of emails. You should put this at high priority when considering your Email Marketing Strategy.

email marketing

See You Later, Alligator

To wrap up, I would say the most important thing to remember when you are optimising your email marketing, is to adjust your email marketing strategy based on your customers.

You will begin to see what is working and what isn’t working once you begin to send out emails. You need to change and adapt your email marketing strategy based on what will work for your audience.

Finally, remember for a successful email marketing strategy, it will involve far more than just one email. You need to incorporate a wide range of emails so that you are getting the results that surpass your email marketing goals.

If you are looking to try email marketing or struggling to get started, here at Bmoozd, we offer a service where we compile and create newsletters for your company to take away the stress of doing it yourself. You can learn more here.

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