Get Your Twitter Looking As Good As Your Wardrobe

A Simple Twitter Marketing Strategy

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a simple twitter marketing strategy

The clothes you wear are a way that you present yourself to the world. Theres no reason why you shouldn’t put the same thought and consideration into how you present your business on social media platforms such as Twitter.

Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms. 6000 tweets are made every second. If you are a business looking to get started on social media. Twitter is vital for you.

Looking to establish your company on Twitter? This article will tell you all of the areas that you should optimise when posting on twitter as a business according to Twitter. Let’s start by discovering the workings of  a simple twitter marketing strategy.

a simple twitter marketing strategy

Why Use Twitter?

Twitter can help you build loyalty with your customers as well as establish your brand on social media. You can exhibit your values and ideologies while pushing your latest deals on your products and services.

Twitter was recognised as a powerful platform in 2009. When an American Airlines flight crashed into the Hudson River, the news broke on Twitter and was trending before any news outlet could broadcast the news.

In recent years we have even seen the effect that social media, specifically Twitter has had on elections around the world. Twitter is now a platform used by people and companies at every level and rank.

Over 75% of Twitter users have interacted with brands and companies and 83% of the users feel a connection with those businesses. That means if you are looking to connect with your audience, Twitter is a great platform to use.

It is time for your business to get started on Twitter.

a simple twitter marketing strategy

Plain T-Shirt

Keep It Simple

An essential in anyone’s wardrobe is a plain t-shirt. It is simple, classic and works well for anything. Your everyday Twitter posts need to work in the same way.

Twitter has always had a rule since it began, of having a limited number of characters. When they were first created, people were limited to 140 characters for posts.

This made businesses shorten their posts and think about how they convey their information in a condensed format. This made Twitter unique as a platform because users enjoyed not having long messages to scroll past.

However, in 2017 Twitter doubled the number of characters that can be used on a post to 280 characters. This was welcomed by some businesses as they could post about more of their offers in detail.

a simple twitter marketing strategy

Whereas the users preferred and continued to make posts under 140 characters because it was both what they were used to, and what they liked.

Statistics show that the majority of Twitter users still make posts under 140 characters. Brands have also come around to post under 140 characters because it is what their followers on twitter prefer.

This was surprising because 280 characters still do not amount to more than a few sentences. However, people were stuck in their ways and as such keeping it simple and short is the best way to engage your customers.

It also has been proven that shorter posts under 140 characters tend to get more likes and retweets. Twitter as a platform requires everyone to make short and concise posts.

For a business, whether you are marketing on Twitter or just making a post, it is better to have a snappy and unique one-liner on your posts rather than using up all 140 characters.

a simple twitter marketing strategy

All About the Look


Having great visuals on your feed can be a great way to engage with your audience. However, it is important to think about the content you are posting rather than posting anything to make your tweet more noticeable.

Scientific studies have said that visual information is easier to consume and retain than information conveys through text. We all know this because of the popularity of tv, films and most recently online video media such as Netflix and YouTube.

Entertainment and learning are more affected when they are presented in a visual format. This means that using image instead of your full 280 characters is more effective as they have 35% more retweets than generic posts.

Using visuals in your twitter marketing can give you incredible results. It can be a great way to present information while dodging the 280-character limit.

Visuals you could use could be something as simple as an image with the words “Black Friday” written on it, with a link in the description section.

The content you post could also just be images that can keep your followers up to date with your products and services.

A great way to establish your brand’s tone of voice is to use a gif. Gifs are very popular on lots of different social media platforms and you can show off your knowledge of pop culture that is relevant to your audience.

Using visuals as part of your Twitter marketing strategy can help you engage with your audience and it can help lead them to purchase.

black friday sales

Keep On Trend

Relevant Hashtags

These days, everyone uses hashtags. Not just businesses but everyday users on Twitter as well. That is because hashtags were originally from Twitter.

They were used as a way to separate and create groups on Twitter to help users find content that related to them and they could interact with.

This because a great opportunity for companies to reach out to their desired audience by using these hashtags.
As time has passed since it was first introduced, hashtags have been able to be called ‘trending’, meaning that the hashtags popularity will rise and fall demanding on how many people are posting using that hashtag at that time.

How Do Hashtags Work?

When you add a hashtag to one of your posts. Twitter saves it and adds it into the feed for that hashtag. This means that when someone searches a word or phrase on twitter that is your hashtag, the user will be able to see your tweet along with others who have used that hashtag.

You will tend to see hashtags that are trending around themes and topics that are relevant to that particular day. It could be politics or music or a global event.

Hashtags can go from extremely popular to non-existent in a short period. A great example of this is the Christmas hashtag.

Christmas hashtags begin to build up around October and hit their peak in the last few days leading up to Christmas. However, by the 27th of December, the Christmas hashtag vanishes.

This is because it is no longer a relevant and trending topic. How does this help your Twitter marketing?

When something is trending, it means that more people are posting about it but it also means that more people are searching for that topic.

If you can make a post that can get seen by multiple people, you will expose your company to a much wider audience which can then lead to them making a purchase.

a simple twitter marketing strategy

How Can You Use Hashtags?

Taking advantage of seasonal and trending hashtags is one element of using hashtags as part of your twitter marketing strategy, another is creating your own hashtags.

Creating a hashtag is done easily by adding the hashtag of your own company or a unique phrase that your company can use.

This idea with this is for you to get your followers and customers to tweet using this hashtag and share their positive thoughts and feelings on your business.

Using these hashtags can increase the awareness of your brand and is opens the door for your customers to engage with you.

Tweets that have hashtags get double the engagement than ones without. Be careful not to use too many hashtags, this can push followers away as it can be too much to look at.

We recommend you use 1-4 hashtags. Try and keep them contained to one line and at least one of the hashtags has to be of your own company.

a simple twitter marketing strategy

Get Opinions

Questions and Polls

Getting people’s opinions on your outfits can help you change and adapt it to see if it is working as best as it can. Twitter is no different, they offer questions and polls that your brand can use to find out the opinions of your customers.

Twitter polls are very popular for all types of businesses. Just search the hashtag ‘polls’ on Twitter and you will see loads of different brands posting polls.

Polls have 2 benefits. Firstly, they allow users to engage directly with a brand. Polls make followers feel special because they are being asked their opinions.

Secondly, polls are a great way for your company to do some market research. You can learn what your audiences’ preferences and opinions are on current affairs and your own company.

These polls can help you create and share content on your social media and across your website and content platforms that your customers will find more appealing.

You could also convert the information you gain and post it in the form of a graphic. This is a good way to allow your content to generate more content. It will also let your customers know that the information they have given has been seen.

a simple twitter marketing strategy



In fashion, people are constantly using other people’s ideas and themes to assemble their own wardrobe. On Twitter, you can use other people’s tweets to build up your posts.

This one may seem obvious. However, when people think of social media strategy, they only think about what they will post on their platform and not how other platforms can build up their own feed but also expose them to a wider audience.

Retweeting other relevant content may seem like a larger amount of work than just posting your content, it is a great way to add some diversity into your Twitter feed.

Lots of different companies are retweeting both their own users’ content and other brands twitter content. This engages with your audience and can back up your brand values, a simple twitter marketing strategy.

a simple twitter marketing strategy

Show Off!

Twitter Ads

If you have put time and thought into an outfit you should show it off by posting it on social media. For you as a company, if you have great offers and amazing products or services, you should advertise them on Twitter.

Twitter ad campaigns allow you to target your audience by hashtags, keywords and even Twitter profiles. You can send out targeted ads to these demographics about your company.

Using these adverts can drive a ton of people to your Twitter account and over to your website which will result in sales for your business.

If you require help constructing and sending off your twitter adverts, check out these pages to find out more here.

a simple twitter marketing strategy

A simple twitter marketing strategy

Twitter is a great way to connect with your audience and demonstrate your brand’s deals and tone of voice.

There are multiple features of Twitter for your company to use to add diversity to your Twitter feed.

Remember these are only Twitter marketing basics, there are many more marketing strategies that you can use to promote your business on Twitter.

If you found this article helpful and enjoyed reading it, please remember to share on your social media platforms and leave us comments below.