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It’s that time of year again. The Grammys!

As we all know, this event awards the achievements in the music industry every year!

It has become one of the largest awards ceremonies in the music world for all major artists and winning a Grammy gives an artist high levels of credibility and can majorly boost song and album sales.

However, we all know that winning anything in the 21st century is never based only on the talent of a performer or songwriter.

Marketing and campaigning are something that is done by every single person who is vying for the awards.

So let’s dive in and find out the best ways that artists in 2020 can make sure that they will win a Grammy!


For an artist to win an award at the Grammys, they need to make sure that it is not only their song that tells a story, but that they also tell the story of their songs.

What does this mean?

When it comes to marketing for the Grammys, the award council decide who wins often based on the story of the individual artist, and not the merits of their song.

That is why, in recent years we have seen artists like Sam Smith win 4 Grammys in one night, and Beyoncé an Adele win 6 each in one night. These three “rare” occasions have all occurred over the last 10 years of the Grammys 60-year history.

It can be assumed that all songs, artists and albums that are nominated for Grammys will be incredible and filled with talent. However, in order to win, you need to go the extra mile!


It is all about connecting by sharing your own personal story.

For example, Adele who received her 6 wins in 2012, won because her album was based on heartbreak. She had multiple interviews and articles where she shared her own personal story about her ex-boyfriend and the struggles of their relationship.

This is the clearest example of how storytelling can help you bring in multiple awards.

This year the contenders for winning the most awards are Lizzo and Billie Eillish. Lizzo is nominated for 8 awards this year while Billie Eillish is nominated for 5. Winning multiple Grammys in one night has become the latest trend for winners of the ‘New Artist’ category.

We believe that these two are set to potentially be this year’s big winner based on their storylines. Lizzo has been a musician working for nearly a decade writing and performing her own music. Lizzo is nominated for ‘New Artist’ because she is now receiving huge popularity and become a globally recognised performer.

Billie Eilish represents modern music. She began her career path after uploading the song ‘Ocean Eyes’ on SoundCloud where she was picked up by a record company. Her alternative pop music has resonated with the younger audience. Especially her latest album with its dark concept is said to express the feelings of Generation Z.

Billie is also the youngest person to ever be nominated for the ‘New Artist’ Grammy. This can also help her achieve a win. We have seen that when records are broken at awards, it often brings in a lot of attention.

We have also seen this in the past with other award ceremonies. Most recently Awkwafina was the first Asian woman to win Best Actress at the Golden Globes. Even at the Grammys, Cardi B was the first woman to win ‘Best Rap Album’. Both brought in a huge level of attention to the celebrity and the awards ceremony.

These two artists both have the potential to be the big winner of the night. Both have a storyline that could set them up to win multiple awards, and that stars by one of them winning the Grammy for ‘New Artist’.

The Power of Twitter

In recent years, we have seen the rise of many social media platforms over the last few years. However, any artist vying to win a Grammy would be foolish to ignore the impact of Twitter.

Even though it is one of the oldest social media platforms, it remains one of the most popular due to its ability to manage a constant flow of posts on a certain topic with the use of hashtags.

This allows the awards to get live updates of people’s opinions before and throughout the awards ceremony.

How does this help someone win a Grammy?

Well, when they announce who the nominees are for Grammys a few months before the awards, the reactions by fans do influence the decisions of all of the voters.

More than often, the most vocal fan group can massively boost an artist’s chances of coming home with an armful of Grammys.

What this means is that artists, record labels, and even fan accounts need to be posting about the Grammys including links on where to vote.

This also includes adding links on any interviews the artist has done either on YouTube or on blog sites. This can boost the recognition of the artist. It doesn’t hurt to have your name everywhere leading up to the ceremony.

However, you should be careful to not seem like you are desperately campaigning for a Grammy. This can turn off voters and fans. Therefore, it would be smart to do as many interviews and performances as you can so that you have a reason to mention that you are a Grammy nominee.

On the night of the Grammys, Twitter can still be a great tool to promote your own songs.

On the lead up you can be posting updates about what you are doing to prepare for the awards ceremony. You can also post about any awards that come before yours along with pictures from the event.

This lets your followers know that you are giving them information about the event and encouraging them to tweet and hashtag about you. This also means that if you win, you will receive a larger number of tweets congratulating you.

If you, unfortunately, do not win, remember to still be happy for your fellow artist’s success and keep on using Twitter to give updates throughout the night.

Twitter can be a powerful tool to engage with your fan’s live throughout the Grammys. Remember to make use of this social media platform.

It might also be worth promoting certain tweets that could also bring in people who are watching the Grammys live and encourage them to tweet along with you. Take a look at our article on getting your Twitter marketing looking as good as your wardrobe to find out more.


In the 21st century, consumers demand that the celebrities they love are transparent.

This means that fans want artists to share any of their struggles and hardships as well as their success. This makes fans feel like they have a personal connection with the artist.

Transparency is vital for a nominee to win a Grammy. Not only do they need a good storyline that fits with their album or song, but they also need to express themselves as authentically as possible.

The phrase ‘Camera-shy’ or ‘On-screen Personality’ means that a person is not acting the way they would if they were around people who are their friends.

To be transparent, you have to treat everyone as though they were your friend. This can be very difficult. However, this is what fans respond to and can ultimately help you win a Grammy.

Transparency is a big reason why Lizzo and Billie Eilish are the big contenders this year. They both show off their personalities whenever they make an appearance on camera. This helps people remember their names and get more votes to win a Grammy.

Consumer-Driven Content

If you are looking to win a Grammy, you need consumer-driven content. This is anything that fans of your song or album post that can boost the profile of your song.

This can include covers of your songs. This can be direct covers, instrumental covers or dance covers. These are three of the most popular forms of content viewed on the platform YouTube.

Unfortunately, this cannot be forced. You can’t encourage people to produce cover your songs. However, it has been proven that when you share covers that people have made, it can encourage others to create their own covers.

On Ed Sheeran’s website, he gave his fans the chance to create their own music video to his song ‘Photograph’ and share it on their social media. Although this was implemented by Ed Sheeran’s team, it does act as a form of consumer-driven content.

This proves that there are ways for artists to push for consumer-driven content, they just need to think carefully about how they can make it easier for their fans.

Goodbye and Goodnight

There you have it! Our thoughts on the Grammys and how artists can boost their chances to win.

Leave us a comment below letting us know who you think will win this year! Do you agree with us, that either Lizzo or Billie Eilish will win multiple awards this year? Or do you think another artist might take it?

Remember if you are a business that needs any help or support with your social media management, marketing, website design or content, get in touch with us here at Bmoozd.

Good luck to everyone nominated at this year’s Grammys and we look forward to seeing the results!