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How to get brand loyalty with millennials

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get brand loyalty from millennials

Why are brands scared of having to market to millennials?

Millennials as we all know are people who were born between 1981 and 1996 inclusive.

Amazingly enough, by the end of 2020, nearly half of the workforce will be millennials, so as you can see this is a huge audience that businesses are potentially missing out on!

Let’s Delve Deeper

Nearly 30 percent of millennials usually purchase from the same brand.

For example, Apple has fixed themselves into the minds of millennials as the main technology company.

Clever marketing from Apple wouldn’t you say,  who have created a brand loyalty with millennials.

And yet people still think that millennials are fickle customers!

Let’s face it, millennials are the same as all other consumers.

Millennials are looking for security with a brand, they want a company that they can trust and know will be reliable for years to come!

From what you have just read, can you now see that any modern brand should have a marketing strategy in place to connect with millennials and create brand loyalty?

Do you want to know how your company can reach this huge audience?

get brand loyalty from millennials

Why Millennials Are Different?

Some companies are afraid to market to millennials because they do not respond to conventional forms of advertising such as outbound marketing.

So, what is outbound marketing you might be asking?

Outbound marketing are any adverts or communication with customers, initiated by the company.

These could include, tv adverts, posters, cold-emails, magazine ads, etc., and businesses have realised that millennials do not respond well to this area of marketing.

Being raised surrounded by these types of adverts has numbed millennials to their intended effects.

For your business to appeal to this generation, you need to be more strategic with your marketing.

Let’s start by looking into just how we can hold onto our millennial customers?

get brand loyalty from millennials

What does work and what are our values?

For a generation sometimes considered to be superficial and surface level, showing your company’s values or ideologies is a great way for you to attract millennials.

What should your brand values look like?

Your brand values are a set of beliefs that are the backbone of your business.

For some companies it could be as simple as having a recycling friendly product which makes one of their brand ideologies, ‘sustainability’.

Most businesses will have a brand value of providing ‘top quality services or products.

It is a good thing for your company to focus on this, but it is also very predictable.

Millennials know that all businesses will say that they are the best and will not have any response to this ideology, hence your brand values should be just as unique as your brand.

Brand values can be something to do with social issues such as ‘Equality’ or political.

It could also be something as simple as ‘Think Pink’ or ‘You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy doughnuts’.

Make sure to tailor your brand ideologies around the functionality of your business.

get brand loyalty from millennials

Why is this effective for Millennials?

An Emotional Impact

Millennials have lived through a wave of development in all sectors.

Before millennials were born, phones were usually only used in the home or office and not for personal use.

Compare that to now where nearly everyone over the age of 15 has a phone that acts as a web browser, game boy and step counter all in one!

From the moment millennials were born, all aspects of the world around them were and continue to change. In this ever-changing environment, values are the only thing that are constant.

The consistency of a brands values provides both security and ease for a customer. They are the human aspect of your brand that your audience can relate too.

Something that you must definitely factor into your brand values and into every element of your marketing strategy!

When a company shares its ideologies, it can connect with your audience who lives by the same values and can help them find self-expression in your brand!

Forming that emotional connection with your audience is the main way that your business can connect with young customers and create brand loyalty from millennials.

Ok so now that we have our brand loyalty setup for millennials, how do we utilise this to promote our business?

Millennials are perhaps the most vocal group of consumers that the industry has ever had.

And a real bullet in the works is called Social Media!

Social media allows all people to express their views and opinions on brands.

Social media is a powerful form of marketing and if you can direct your millennial audience to promote your company on their social media, it will go a long way to helping you attract more customers.

Millennials can create user-generated content and spread your brand ideologies through a digital form of word-of-mouth, called Social Media!

get brand loyalty from millennials

Prove It!

Having brand values is necessary for any business looking to connect with millennials.

However, this will be completely useless if you do not show your ideologies.

Backing up your brand values with actions will have millennials excited to see your products.

And the greatest way to reach this is again through social media.

Social media is where millennials actually look.

They have become immune to banner ads and posters unless they are huge.

They will spend about 3 hours a day scrolling through social media.

It is definitely where you have their attention!

You can post important news and events that relate to your ideologies. You can also respond to your followers to increase your engagement and make sure your millennial customers remember you to increase their brand loyalty.

And in an ideal world, you would want your brand looking to connect with a millennial audience is to go viral, with your social media platforms getting so much engagement that the platform will say that it is trending! But one step at a time here as these things don’t happen over night!

Our final thought on this would be to engage influencers.

Influencers are people with a huge number of followers who businesses pay to use and promote their products.

Another great way of getting your brand in front of millennials.

New Technology

Millennials have lived through the most progressive time in technology that we have experienced, and as a result are more in-tune with new commercial technologies such as VR and AI.

Some brands are afraid to go into this area and a lack of confidence in exploring such technology is not a great way forward if you are wanting to reach such millennials.

A lot of companies are still trying to push generic adverts in an attempt to attract millennials, whilst the clever ones are using these new technologies to entertain and excite their audience.

This will ensure that your customers keep coming back for more and also makes your customers think of you as a forward-thinking brand – all very attractive to millennials.

Millennials are very well connected due to the internet and the wide reach of social media.

And thinking of millennials as a global consumer market is definitely the way forward if you are wanting your brand to blossom online.

millennials and brand loyalty

Making Use Of Content

As a millennial, there is not a day that goes by in which I don’t ask Google a question.

We have all the information at our fingertips because of our amazing smartphones!

Now as a business, you can capitalise on this by having blog posts and articles that can directly answer the questions that millennials are searching for online.

However, as a business you must remember to keep your content related to what your company does and the questions to what your ideal customers would ask.

If you run a cake making business for example, you can write blog content about how to make cakes, decorating cakes, festive treats and countless other topics around your company’s service.

Blogs allow you to communicate with your audience in the most authentic and personal way. By writing your articles in your tone of voice, your customers will be connected with you and recognise the style of your brand.

Looking to learn more about content marketing? Why and how to use content marketing? Check out our recent article on content marketing.

millennials and brand loyalty


Millennials Love To Shop

More accurately, millennials love the experience of shopping. Did you know that online shopping has now become a form of entertainment called “Fauxsumerism”?

On your websites, you should include a ‘wishlist’. Where customers can save items that they would like to have one day.
40% of all millennials use “wishlists” and use them as a feature of the page!

Millennials have a very refined creative eye; They know what looks good and what doesn’t.

And if you have ever used Pinterest, you will quite clearly see just how much millennials enjoy visual content!

What Does This All Mean As A Business?

Well for one thing, your website browsing system must be well designed and running effectively.

This will attract younger audiences and lower the bounce rate of a page that looks less modern.

This also means you will have to be updating your website to stay in line with modern trends and what appeals to millennials.

Here at Bmoozd, we offer fully optimised website design templates and website designs tailored to you. Check out some of our designs here.

millennials and brand loyalty

Cancel – Culture

It is not possible to do an article at the beginning of 2020 on brand loyalty without talking about cancel-culture.

Cancel-culture is a form of boycotting a person, business or brand. This is often done through social media to announce people’s unhappiness with these things.

Cancel-culture can completely destroy a business’s income and shatter their reputation. A company being cancelled is often caused by a ‘call-out’. This is usually by an unhappy customer or follower of the brand.

The most extreme example that we saw this year was the fall of James Charles. He is a YouTuber who sells his own makeup products which he promotes through is channel.

In May he lost 2 million subscribers after a video was posted by his former friend which was ‘calling him out’ for his behaviour. If these 2 million followers lead to a loss of 2 million customers, the James Charles brand suffered a huge loss.

Now even though most companies don’t have a figurehead for their brand, most are still in danger of being ‘cancelled’.

So how can your business avoid the same fate?

Make sure your content is clean.
Millennials have been called the ‘snowflake generation’. This is because they are hypersensitive to anything that could be interpreted as offensive or promoting inequality.

The best way to stay safe is to have your social media posts and content checked by a few different people to ensure that the content you put out will be acceptable and not cause trouble.

Now from my point of view,  I don’t really agree with the cancel culture. However, for your brand to avoid criticism in the 21st century, you need to be aware of this and learn how to keep your business safe.

millennials and brand loyalty

Go Get Em!

So to wrap up

– Your business needs to make sure that you are reaching out to your younger audiences in ways that will relate to them.
– Millennials are experts at avoiding adverts.
– You need to use these other methods to reach out to your audience.

If you need help with your social media or creating creation, please feel free to reach out and to contact us here.

I hope you found this article helpful, and remember to share this article on your social media platforms to let people know how you can get brand loyalty from millennials.