Integrating Healthcare With Digital Marketing

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In 2020 we want to help all companies with their digital marketing. In every area of business, there are specific ways to maximise the potential of each company through digital methods.

According to Dell’s Digital Transformation Index, over 75% of businesses feel that digital transformation is a hard act to follow,  with 1 in 3 fearing that they will be left behind by technology. This is not saying we want for any organisation to suffer, especially not the healthcare industry.

We hope to help get you back in touch with the great advances that technology has taken and how they can help your business. At Bmoozd, we provide marketing services that are each individually tailored to the companies we manage.

Let’s go over some of the ways that digital marketing and technologies can revolutionise your healthcare business.


Today you can order virtually anything through your phone. With the incredible advances in technology, you can have a 3-course meal, a week of food shopping, or a new device sent directly to your door on the same day you press ‘order’.

With so many products and services easily accessible from our devices it’s important to make sure that your healthcare company is up to date with any relevant digital trends. Online bookings provide a good start into making your healthcare service more easily accessible however it is likely you’ve already implemented this into your business model.

Have you considered ways to give your more options? Often when your patients or customers book online, the only option for them is general check-up or consultation. This will then lead to a further meeting with one of your team further down the line.

To make this a smoother process for the users and to give your team more time to meet other patients, you could implement an online consultation or booking system.

Some organisations have begun to implement online health consultations into their services however it is still far from common practice. In these online consultation systems usually an individual’s information, issues/symptoms and desires are taken in order to direct them to the appropriate consultant.

With the number of people demanding healthcare services in the UK, your team must be free to see people who will receive treatments you can offer then and there. Technology is adapting quickly, and we want it to advance alongside the healthcare industry.

Booking appointments and consulting with the right doctors and specialists online will smoothen the user experience and get patients directly to the services they need.

Dr David Feinberg, the Vice President of Google Health, has claimed that approximately 7% of Google’s daily searches are health-related. It’s clear that people are turning to the internet for healthcare support. If your website can give them the information they need and set up a consultation with a specialist in that field, this will push you far ahead of any of their online alternatives company and build greater consumer loyalty.


The internet supplies a wealth of information to people all around the world. People can review and access all of their banking details and previous purchases online. In 2020, why not consider making your clients’ information accessible to them online via a secure server.

You can provide security to your patients by ensuring you have an SSL certificate. If you would like to know more about how to secure the information on your site, take a look at our article on protecting your website here.

Also, if would like to make sure your clients can feel safe on your website take a look at our packages for SSL certificates here.

A secure site is a great wat to encourage your patients to view their information online and deliver results to them directly, opening up communication between the client and your business. They will have a better understanding of their health when their information is more accessible.

You want to build trust with your patients and have them coming to you directly for help and support as opposed to online forums. By providing statistics from their last check-up online immediately if they require it you can save your team a huge amount of time.


Research has shown that being able to speak directly to a doctor or healthcare professional on the phone or by video call can provide the same level of security to patients as it would if they were to go into your facility.

Customers have said that they would sometimes prefer to stay away from medical centres as they worry about germs from other patients. Along with this, the ability of a doctor to call a patient means that you can have quicker responses and see more patients in a day.

This development in healthcare has been referred to as ‘telehealth’. This could benefit the health of your customers. It would save them travelling to see your doctors and allow them to be seen from the comfort of their own homes.

Many people would choose a video-call with a doctor when they are sick, over going into a clinic. With all the advances in technology, submitting a diagnosis through the video should be an option every healthcare business is considering.

Many people also believe having a ‘chatbot’ to help answer questions customers have is very useful. This would provide valuable information to your clients of which they can receive from home.

Technology is being used in so many creative ways. So why not implement virtual consultations into your healthcare business? It will give your team more time to see patients who desperately require help, it will protect people who are sick by keeping them at home, and it will provide quicker responses to your patients.


Methods of communication have undergone huge overhauls thanks to technological developments in business. Make sure your communication portals and platforms are optimised to connect in the best way with your audience.

In your area of business, you need to have good communication with your patients. They need to trust you and your company so that you can provide the treatments they need.

Save your clients and your team time and energy by having them complete all paperwork themselves from home. You can send them all the documents they need to fill out before they enter for a procedure.

This will again save your patients and team time which can be spent with other patients. This also opens you to more ways of communicating with your clients directly including text, email or even social media.

This all depends on the type of services you are providing and how comfortable your customers are to talk to you. You can always provide general valuable information to your followers on social media posts and your story.

If you are looking to have your social media fully managed with posts custom-tailored to your business, take a look at what Bmoozd can do for your businesses’ social media here.


So, you’ve video-called and diagnosed your patient. How will they receive a prescription for the medication?

The NHS has already begun using Electronic Prescription Services or EPS however it can still be much more heavily implemented. Moving into 2020 electronic prescriptions would be a fantastic way of streamlining the entire process for your patients.

This will allow prescribers such as yourself to send prescriptions directly to your patient’s most convenient dispenser or pharmacy. Going forward you could improve on this further, perhaps via an app that allows for the management of prescription refills.

Electronic prescriptions have the potential to save an immense amount of time by reducing the wait between diagnosis and receiving prescriptions.

Time to run some tests

With all of these tips, we’re sure your health business can thrive in 2020 and you can maximise your use of digital technology.

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