Today is the Day to plan your Digital Marketing Strategy!

Part 1

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planning your digital marketing strategy


It’s the big day!

The day for you to be planning your digital marketing strategy!

Your digital marketing strategy is a plan that is set by you or the marketing agency you are working with. This plan needs to have clearly defined goals to track the success of your digital marketing.

Your digital marketing strategy will ensure that you are confident in each element of your marketing campaign. This involves making sure you’re targeting the right consumers, maintaining a tone consistent with your brand, and knowing what and when to post new marketing content.

Now for any business, it can be difficult to pull together all of the different materials that are required as part of a digital marketing strategy and marketing strategies will naturally differ greatly between companies.

Here at Bmoozd we want to help you develop a tailor-made digital marketing strategy and can create all the elements for you in-house. If you’re ready take your next big step check out our marketing pages here.

planning your digital marketing strategy

When to know it’s time

If we are talking Ecommerce, you should have a properly defined digital marketing strategy in place before releasing large numbers of new products specifically around certain times of the year, such as Christmas.

To get a major head start on how to market for the Christmas Holidays, click here.

A digital marketing strategy should be in planning months in advance of your new products’ or services’ release. This will give you enough time to research your target audience as well as assemble your marketing assets.

Be careful not to rush into things though. You need to put thought and consideration into each element of your strategy.

Let’s look at some of the most important things that your company will need to factor in when finding your one true marketing strategy.

planning your digital marketing strategy

Finding the One

If you are creating your first digital marketing strategy, you must establish who your audience is and define your relationship with them. Understanding your customer is an important part of an effective strategy.

You want your audience to be made up of people who want to see you thrive, you just need to show them what sets you apart from the crowd. If you can establish your niche and emphasise it in your campaigns you can look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with your audience.

Need some help defining your audience? Let’s go over some categories that will help you to define an image of the customer of your dreams.

planning your digital marketing strategy

When you are considering an audience for your digital marketing strategy, the first factor to narrow down is the area that your audience lives in.
If you are a business that is limited by shipping or delivery, you probably don’t want to start a long distance relationship with people on the other side of the world.


You also need to think about the age range of your ideal customer.
If your business provides discounted services to students, you do not need to be sending marketing content to people over 30.
Various age groups generally have different taste. For a clothing store, you will not be able to successfully market to both an 18-year-old and a 65-year-old to your fullest potential.


Consider the products or services you are selling.
Do they require your customers to have enough money to afford them?
This is often the most overlooked of these categories.
It’s great if your products are being seen by people of a suitable age and location but when marketing we also need to ensure they have the disposable income to support our product.

planning your digital marketing strategy
Job Title

Although not relevant to everyone’s digital marketing strategy, if you sell to businesses, this can be an important factor
Who in the company do you deal with when they purchase from you? This is vital for you to know before beginning your marketing and can define your relationship with other companies.


What is your ideal customer hoping to achieve? How can your company help customers achieve their goals?
Your product or service will fulfil a need that your customer has. It could be something as simple as wanting to buy a new outfit or looking to find schools in local areas. You want to know that your customers have goals that your company can help them reach. It’s a give and take


If you provide products or services that cater to a niche, you should factor in when you are building your ideal customer profile.
Think about the type of person that you want to attract with your ads and the interests they have that relates to your company. Establishing these common interests can be a great way of building the foundations with your audience.

planning your digital marketing strategy

Relationship Goals

The goals that you set out in your digital marketing strategy are vital for you to track the success of your marketing strategy. Every business is different, but all want to make a profit. There are a few different goals you can use to monitor the success of your digital marketing strategy.


This is the most common goal that is set by companies creating their digital marketing strategy.
Leads are people who become customers and make a purchase due to your digital marketing strategy.
Although this is often the most popular goal used in a digital marketing strategy, there are other options.
It is possible to have multiple goals for different elements of your marketing.


If you are a company that is looking to expand your reach and grow your subscribers or followers, then this is the goal you should use to keep a record of the success of your digital marketing strategy.
With the popularity and success of social media, it is the best way to interact with and engage your audience.
Therefore, having more of an audience on your platforms will give you a larger reach and increase your potential sales.


Having a large number of reviews can build gradually over time.
However, if you are looking to build your reviews much quicker, you can have this set as one of your goals.
The number of reviews you get will help your business grow and can attract other customers.

planning your digital marketing strategy

Something Old

Existing Media

Next, you need to consider what platforms and media channels you already possess so that you know what to include when you are planning your digital marketing strategy.

This will often include content. Every message that you create and send out to promote your business can be called content. From each of your webpages to any emails you send out. This is all content.

Stand out content can help your company achieve amazing success. Well, composed content can take visitors to your site and convert them into customers.

Well-written content on your website can help you appear high on web searches for your potential customers. To find out more read our article here.

planning your digital marketing strategy

Review your existing content

If it is possible, take a look back at your previous digital marketing strategy results. If your goal is to attract leads (customers) you can see what was the content that you produced last time that gave you high success.

This could be anything from an email or a blog post that happened to get a lot of attention. There can be multiple factors that affect this, content type and topic, and time tend to be the biggest factor.

With each of your separate digital marketing strategies, you will be launching or promoting new products and services. However, you can look at your most popular types of content that engage your audience so that you know where to focus your attention on for your next campaign series.

The topic of your content can also be a large factor. Let’s say you had a very popular blog post on an area of your business. Why not try producing content that falls under a similar category. Of course, you need to include your new products or services in your content as well, to make sure that you are taking every opportunity to promote your products.

The purpose of this is to figure out what is and what is not working for your company regarding the content you are producing.

planning your digital marketing strategy

To Be Continued….

In the next article, I will tell you about the other types of content that you can use to create your digital marketing strategy. Keep an eye out to learn about content plans, social media and the plans for the honeymoon!

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