Today is the Day to plan your Digital Marketing Strategy!

Part 2

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Welcome back!

Creating a digital marketing strategy cannot be explained in depth in just one article.

In this article you will learn how to plan your content and the different types of content that you can use to help your business grow with your digital marketing strategy.

Let’s dive back in!

Digital Marketing Strategy

Content Creation

Finding gaps in your content

You have already built your ideal customer profile by now, the next step for you is to use this information. Looking back at your previous content, can you find any areas of your ideal customers’ interests or goals that you might have missed?

Along with this, you can also carry out research into what other companies with similar target audiences are doing to gain more leads through their content.

Content Creation Plan

Based on this extensive research that you have completed into your business’s previous content; you will be able to begin building your digital content marketing strategy.

Your content creation plan will help you keep track of the goals you are looking to reach to establish when your digital marketing strategy has been a success.

For each campaign series that you decide to run, they should include:

A Title –

This will help you understand and keep track of the content you are producing, especially when you are producing multiple campaign streams at once.

Text –

Including the text that you will be using in your content can save you a lot of time later when it comes to creation. This will save you a lot of time when it is time to run your content.

Goals –

Keeping track of your digital marketing strategy is vital for you to understand whether or not this campaign series has been successful for your business.

Digital Marketing Strategy
Channels –

You must have the channels that you will be posting this content on listed. When creating a digital marketing strategy, you will have multiple content campaigns to run, each on different themes and topics relating to the purpose of your digital marketing strategy.
Listing the channels on your content creation plan will help you categorise your campaigns for when it is time for you to upload them.

Why –

Listing the reasons why you have chosen to plan out this specific content creation campaign will help you in the future when you need to narrow down your campaign options.

Priority Level –

This will be depending on the topic of your content and if it is predicted to gain a lot of interest. If it directly relates to the purpose of your digital marketing strategy and if the research has shown that a type of content has been successful for your company in the past.

You should create a spreadsheet for these categories so that you can easily upload information and save you time when it comes to uploading the content when you have a format that you are familiar with.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Something New

Paid Media Campaigns

Your paid media is the content that you pay for. Look at the platforms you may already be using to advertise on. Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can look at the adverts that you run on these platforms and ask yourself ‘are they reaching my current goals?’.

For example, if you own a clothing company that is spending a large amount of money on advertising on Twitter and are seeing very little return, it might be worth considering moving to another platform entirely such as Instagram.

Look at your existing adverts and decide if you should continue as you are, tidy up your adverts and adjust them or cancel them completely. This will be based on whether or not they reach your intended goals.

After this, you should have an idea of the platforms that you will be using to post your adverts. It is time to construct your adverts.

Remember to consider your audience when you are creating the adverts on each platform. What tone of voice do they respond too that will also represent your company?

What images and phrases can you include that would appeal to the demographic that you are targeting? Use all the research you have carried out earlier to help guide you in designing your adverts.

Keep the text short and snappy and give a call to action for them to look at the website or subscribe to you. These are a couple things that you can do to help optimise your adverts.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Something Borrowed

Earned Media

Earned Media can refer to reviews, interviews contributing to external blogs, etc. This is a form of content that you worked on or helped create that is not owned by your business but can still traffic people to your products and services.

Of all the different types of media you use in your digital marketing strategy, this is the most overlooked. Companies cannot always see the value in producing work for another business with little or no compensation.

However, you can find this to be an amazing opportunity for your company. If the company you are contributing content too has a larger reach or more subscribers than yours, it will be a great way to introduce your business to a larger audience.

With earned media, it is important again to know where your audience is. You do not want to waste your time creating content for a company that does not share a similar audience to you. Earned media is important and can be very successful for your business, just remember to keep your ideal customer profile in mind when you are considering your earned media options.

Like I have mentioned before, you can drive earned media by asking your customers to complete reviews on your website or Google reviews. You can also encourage them to interact with another type of media.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Something Blue

Social Media

As I have said before social media can be a great place to advertise to your potential audience. Social media can also help your company attract more customers and increase customer loyalty.

Specifically, this is referring to social media management. Social media management must be a function of your digital marketing strategy because it is the best way for your customers to stay up to date with the content you are producing throughout your digital marketing strategy.

Social media management is when you plan out the posts that you will make on your company’s social media platforms. Each post should contain hashtags that are relevant to your area of business.

Social media can be one of the most important and effective tools that you can use. Having a social media presence is essential if you want to engage and connect with your followers.

When planning social media, it is important to set goals to ensure that you are having the effect you desire through your posts. The content creation plan will not work for creating social media content.

Your goals should be set by the week or by the month after you have made a significant number of social media posts. Your goals can be follower growth and engagement, tracked through likes, comments, and shares.

If social media is not having the effect that you are looking for on your business, it would be worth rewriting and revising the types of posts you are making and hashtags you are using to optimise them for the best results.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

The Big Day!

Now that you have completed all of your research and planned out the different types of content you will b producing. You should have an understanding of how your digital marketing strategy will be functioning.

So far you have:

  • Your ideal customer profile built
  • The marketing goal or goals set.
  • A collection of content for you to produce on your website, blog, and email.
  • A range of planned adverts to run through different platforms
  • Content to be used on other company pages that will send people over to your site.
  • Social media schedules in place to post when all of these different types of content will be posted and to engage with your audience.

This is the time to bring this all together to map out when and what you will be posting. A spreadsheet to plan out your digital marketing strategy is the best way to approach this.

This should look like a calendar where you have times and dates for the different types of content that you will produce. This is where you narrow down the content that you will be producing to what you feel will be the most effective and relevant to the purpose of your digital marketing strategy.

This will create a content timeline for your company to follow and help them understand what is best for your company. This means that on the big day when you begin publishing the results of your digital marketing strategy, you can relax and go straight to the honeymoon.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The Honeymoon


You have completed your digital marketing strategy. While this one runs, you can begin working on another to make sure you will not have to worry about it when it is time for your next digital marketing strategy.
If you found this article remember to share it on your social media platforms so your followers know how to plan their digital marketing strategy.

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