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It’s time for the 92nd Academy Awards!

That’s right, the Oscars are coming up in a few days! These awards are presented to recognise achievements in the film industry every year. Winners of the Oscars are people who have worked to create the best films of that year. However, this is not always the case.

The way to take home an Oscar is through marketing!

Successful marketing of your films in each category is the best way to guarantee you an Oscar. Every year, some groups complain that the wrong film won the Oscar for Best Picture. This could be due to another film having a more successful marketing strategy.

Who decides who wins?

So, if you are looking for your film to win an Oscar, who are you marketing too?

There are 17 different groups who vote for each individual academy award. For example, actors who have been recognised in the past by the academy for an award are able to vote for the winner of the Best Actor and Actress awards.

All members in every group get to vote on the winner of Best Picture. This is the award that goes to the best film of that year, with nominees all marketing their films for the win.

Luckily for these nominees, all of the target audience are part of the film industry. This means that there are only a few ways for you to reach this demographic to make sure they see your film, understand the artistry behind the production, and know about how much people are enjoying the movie.

Before Release

For a film to be able to launch they need to secure funding from the film production company and producers. This will ensure that they can afford the price of marketing to win an Oscar.

Marketing for an Oscar requires more focused targeting than generic trailers and adverts would. Instead, you need to focus on where the film community will be and will hear messages about your candidate for Best Picture.

Reaching out to this demographic is the best way to ensure yourself of a win when it comes to the Oscars. If you are looking to know how production companies make sure their film will get seen by the academy awards voting audience, read our points below on how to secure a win at the Oscars.


This will seem so simple to anyone who knows about the film industry but talking about a film does help its chances at the Oscars. The goal of this is to create a significant Oscar buzz.

What is Oscar Buzz?

Oscar buzz is the hype around a film before the nominations for Oscars are out. This involves people posting on social media about the film, posting and sharing articles about the importance of the film and people talking about how much they enjoyed the film. This could be on podcasts and talk shows but most importantly in person.

Word of mouth is the best way to make sure people go and see films. People are far more likely to see a film in their friends see it, so don’t forget to market your film to general audiences. However, if you want to get Academy Awards voters to see the film, you need to conduct Interviews.

By getting your actors and directors to conduct interviews, you are getting them to explain the process behind the film which will help voters understand more about why this particular film is worthy of acknowledgement at the Academy Awards.

Throughout the year leading up to the Oscars, you have multiple opportunities to promote discuss what went into making your film through interviews.

• Festivals – There are any films festivals that are going on all around the world. A film that is looking to secure a win at the Oscars should send their actors, directors and high-ranking members of their team to these events.

There will be voters attending these events who are launching their own films and looking to attend events that include Oscar nominees. For example, having a cinematography director discuss the art design of the film; how it contributed to the overall story and defines the film’s visual identity.

This will get people to view the film in a different way and hopefully get them to appreciate all of the elements that come together to construct this masterpiece.

• TV Interviews – These types of interviews favour the actors in your films. They are the faces that people recognise and associate with your films. On a TV interview, they will likely be asked about the film and how it was to work on it. They can reveal anecdotes about the behind the scenes productions.

However, it is important they discuss the inspiration and the message behind the film. When an actor shares the details of this film and how they both enjoyed and were challenged by their role in the film, this motivates people to see it. This can build the infamy of your film and help it generate Oscar buzz.

• Magazine Interview – This is truly where you can talk in-depth about the whole process of creating the film. You are able to explain the process of development, finding the right actors and how you made sure that you stuck to the message of the film.

Magazine interviews can also be good because they can be shared on social media. They can appear as posts on social media where people can click through to read all about the film.

Branding films for an Oscar

We have spoken a little about the visual identity of the Oscar-nominated film and how discussing it can help voters recognise it when it comes time to vote. However, branding your film goes much deeper than visual recognition.

In order for a film to even be considered for an Oscar, it needs to have. Deeper meaning behind it. It could be a historical film, documentary or a fictional story about hardship or love. These need to have a message behind them so that they will resonate with voters and be worthy of recognition by the Academy.

The films that are nominated this year for Best Picture include two war films and another film about someone reflecting on war. This is a popular genre of film for the Oscars because voters recognise that it is an important story that needs to be told.

For your film to have success you need to keep on promoting the message of your film through your interviews and statements. Having a message that affects and inspires people to help or donate means that your film has an impact.

Ultimately, this brands the film as meaningful, poignant, and Oscar-worthy. This is the branding that all films Oscar-nominated films are reaching for.


The greatest way for you to gain popularity when it is time for the Oscars is to make sure that you have something unique. We have commented on the frequency of certain genres and themes in Oscar-nominated films.

While this is true, you do need to be different from nominees of the past. The Oscars at its core, are a group of awards given to people who contribute something significant to the film industry and the world around it.

This needs to be presented in a new and unique way. Some films such as Moonlight and Shape of Water brought a new type of storyline that had been under-represented at the Oscars in the past. There are plenty of ways for a film to stand out and be different.

Each one of the nominees this year needs to put that individual element at the forefront of their Oscars marketing. For example, one of the nominees this year is 1917. This film is made to appear as if it is one continuous shot.

This gives a film a unique element of cinematography that has never been seen before in the film industry to this extent. The director, Sam Mendes said that this was done “to lock the audience into the men’s experiences”.

This effect does make it feel like the audience is living the lives of the men in the trenches. This film, in particular, reimagines the format of presenting an overdone theme of World War I in a fresh and interesting way.

Knowing the unique element in your film is the strongest asset that film companies can use to market their film. This can lead to a Best Picture win at the Oscars.


Now it is just a matter of time. We will wait and see who will take home the big wins this year. Let us know in the comments below who you think will win!

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