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Have you already found your Valentine for this year? Regardless of your romantic status you can definitely fall in love with digital marketing this Valentines Day.

This year global Valentines Day spending is expected to exceed $27 billion setting a record high. I hope you’ve been saving up for that special someone.

Whenever Valentines Day comes around you can expect to see adverts heavily featuring heart shapes, couples walking hand in hand and the promise of an empty wallet.

With another Valentines Day also comes more opportunities to market your business, but who should we really be marketing to this Valentines day.

It’s all about Significant Others, right?

how to use hashtags in your business

When it comes to Valentine’s Day you would assume that consumer habits revolve purely around romantic love. While romantic love is of course a dominant part of Valentine’s Day, spending habits are still shifting.

According to NRF (National Retail Federation) in 2010 61% of  all US Valentine’s Day spending was for people’s Significant Others. This number continues to fall however and is expected to reach 52% in 2020.

On the other hand, the amount of money being spent on platonic relationships on Valentine’s Day continues to increase.

Valentine’s Day is and may continue (at least for a while) to be centred around couples but there are many other groups you may want to look at when it comes to marketing your brand. These include:


how to use hashtags in your business

Yes, you heard me, pets. But let’s be honest are you really surprised. With more than 90% of UK pet owners saying that owning a pet makes them happy it’s no wonder that a significant amount of money is spent on pets each Valentine’s Day.

More than 20% of Americans buy gifts for their pets on Valentine’s day equating to hundreds of millions each year. The amount of money spent on pets for Valentine’s Day 2019 equalled around $886 million

If your business has a marketing strategy in place to make the best of Valentine’s day it might be a good idea to incorporate marketing aimed at pet owners.

Why not introduced deals or even seasonal Valentine’s Day products for pets? Even if the pets themselves won’t say anything I’m sure their owners will thank you.


how to use hashtags in your business

It’s 2020 and we have to consider how old-fashioned some romantic Valentine’s Day adverts may seem. People are more comfortable than ever with not being in relationships.

And it shows, the average amount of money that people spend on themselves each year outweighs the average amount spent on girlfriends, boyfriends and husbands.

In fairness some of the people spending money on themselves could be selfish partners in a relationship, but the point still stands. Targeting individuals as opposed to couples on Valentine’s day could be a beneficial tactic.

Social Media

how to use hashtags in your business

Around Valentine’s day many Social Media accounts garner attention by using questions or posts related to what their followers will be doing for their partners this year.

You could flip this approach on its head and instead focus your social media on questions and content surrounding what your followers will be getting or doing for themselves this Valentine’s day.

Quite depressingly Valentine’s Day is a big day for break ups so perhaps encouraging people to buy gifts for themselves isn’t such a bad idea…


Valentines Day Marketing

Children are another group that have a surprising amount of money spent on them each Valentine’s Day.

Whether it is parents buying gifts for their children or children buying gifts for their friends this is another group that shouldn’t be ignored.

Why not give your Valentine’s Day marketing campaign a more innocent and child-friendly coat of paint?

The online fundraising platform Omaze once teamed up with actor Idris Elba and charity W.E. Can lead where the aforementioned actor was given relationship advice from children.

How can it work for you?

Valentines Day

Involving children in a marketing campaign like this allows you take on a more family friendly approach. Making your campaign suitable for people of all ages doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be childish.

Campaigns like this work so well because they are inoffensive and can be shown to everyone. Seeing as the goal of any charity organisation is to make their cause known to as many people as possible, this worked well.

Children are much more aware of the things around them than we give them credit for so don’t be afraid to produce marketing material with them in mind.

And as a bonus Omaze found an excuse to hang out with Idris Elba.


Valentines Day Marketing

More than 20% of people also go out of their way to buy Valentine’s Day gifts for their friends.

This once again proves that your Valentine’s marketing does not need to be inherently romantic and can focus on other things.

Clearly aware of these statistics, in 2017 fashion label Nina Ricci launched its “Best Friends Over Boyfriends” Valentine’s day campaign on Instagram.

Valentines Day

They began the campaign by posting pictures of the models and real-life friends Monika Jagaciak and Frida Gustavsson on their Instagram page.

Followers were then encouraged to post similar pictures with their own best friends for Instagram, marking them with emojis and graphics custom-made for Nina Ricci.

By appealing to best friends who celebrate Valentine’s day as opposed to the usual couples Nina Ricci was able to massively increase brand loyalty by acknowledging an underrepresented group.

The Biggest Spenders

Valentines Day Marketing

Adult men spend the most on Valentine’s Day by far, spending more than double of what women spend. Along with this, men generally have less money spent on them on Valentine’s day.

Whether this is an example of men being more willing to show their emotional side than we thought or result of social conditioning is up for debate.

Your Marketing

Valentines Day

One thing that is clear however is that knowledge of this could aid your own Valentine’s Day marketing. It could lead you cater your Valentine’s Day marketing towards men as they are more likely to purchase items, or, conversely, you could promote gifts and services for men on Valentine’s Day.

Or you could always go for a more gender-neutral approach. If there’s one thing we’ve seen here, it’s that you don’t have to go down a traditional route when it comes to marketing your brand.

We’d love to hear your opinions so please let us know what you think the best approach to Valentine’s Day marketing is.

Where to Advertise?

Valentines Day Marketing

You’ve seen it in sitcoms many times before. Somebody frantically dashes through a shopping mall hoping to find a last-minute gift for their partner. And who knows, maybe that’s been you before.

The thing is though, that image is slowly turning into a thing of the past. Each year the amount of people shopping online ahead of Valentine’s Day continues to grow.

It’s true that many people still go to physical shops for Valentine’s Day but that may not be the truth forever.


Valentines Day

On top of this, it’s also incredibly common for people to consider what they’ve seen online before making a purchase. Shoppers are being less swayed to make last minute purchasing decisions and instead do more online research.

Digital Marketing campaigns for Valentine’s Day are more viable than ever and even if you expect your products to be bought physically, a digital marketing campaign could do a lot for your brand. Feel free to contact Bmoozd if you’re interested in improving your digital presence.


Valentines Day Marketing

Valentine’s Day is sure to bring with it multiple marketing opportunities. While this, in of itself, is nothing new, we do have the opportunity change how Valentine’s Day marketing is done.

When thinking about how you want to portray yourself and who you would like to target your campaign at on Valentine’s Day don’t be afraid to be a little experimental.

How will you be breaking away from the competition in your Valentine’s Day advertising this year?