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how to use hashtags in your business

How many emails do you receive a day?

On average, individuals receive around 121 emails a day. This means in a week you are receiving nearly 850 emails. This does not include an increase in emails around the festive period.

With all these emails flooding people’s inboxes on a daily basis, it is vital that your business finds a way to stand out amongst other companies’ emails.

Email marketing is a huge part of a business’s content marketing strategy. When you use email, it a guaranteed way to know that your promotions will be reaching people that have already interested in your business.

The subject line of your articles is the first thing that people see when your emails appear in their inbox. They are the one sentence or phrase that your email subscribers will see.

You need to make sure that when you are building your promotional emails, the subject reflects the topic of the email, your brand, and what will engage the receiver.

There are a few varieties of subject lines for you to put into your email. Take a look below and find out if you can use any as a part of your email marketing.

Keep It Simple

how to use hashtags in your business

The best thing that you can do is keep your subject lie as simple as possible. When you are starting out with your emails, the subjects should be as simple as possible.

This allows your readers to clearly see the theme of what your email is about without losing their interest by using long sentences. You need to make your subjects as simple as you possibly can for this purpose.

A good idea would be to keep your subject short so that it can easily be viewed on different devices and screen sizes. The subject of emails can be viewed from the inbox. However, only a couple of words of your subject line are visible directly in the inbox.

It is also proven that less text in an email subject is more appealing to consumers. A subject line that is descriptive on only a few words draw in people browsing their inbox.

This is especially true for more generic emails. This includes ‘Order Confirmation’, and ‘Account Verifications’. I am sure you have seen these in your inbox before. You can agree that these short subject lines stand out in your email more than a longer sentence would.


how to use hashtags in your business

You can never underestimate the power of shock value. Shocking subject lines can draw attention to your email and make your company more memorable with consumers.

When you have these shocking subject lines, they grab the consumers attention immediately and stand out from other emails in someone’s inbox.

You need to keep in mind who your audience is when you are deciding on the shocking subject line of your email marketing series. What types of shocking and attention-grabbing subject lines will get them to open your email?

Some ideas we came up with:

  • Your Marketing Sucks: How you can market your business successfully.
  • A 5-year-old is more tech-savvy than you!
  • People don’t like you! – branding your business.

Subject lines such as these will grab the viewers’ attention immediately. Just remember to make sure you don’t push t too far. Do not have subject lines that could be considered offensive or would upset your audience.

However, once you have mastered the shock value style of email subject lines, it can be incredibly effective for your business.

Make ‘Em Laugh!

how to use hashtags in your business

If you can make the people who receive your emails smile, then you will stick in their mind as a brand that brings them joy! This is why comedic subject lines can be effective for your business.

Some ideas for you include:

  • Baby Got (feed)Back! – Review your last purchase
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts: SSL Certificates
  • Byte into a new WordPress Website

When you are constructing these subject lines for your emails, again you need to think about if your audience will understand the jokes you are making.

‘Defence Against the Dark Arts: SSL Certificates’ is a Harry Potter reference that will only be understood by people who have read the books or watched the films. With around 450 million copies of Harry Potter books, a lot of people will understand the reference.

However, you need to decide if this includes your audience, you do not want to send out an email that only resonates with a small demographic of your audience. How to know what your audience wants?

Personalised Content

Email Subject Lines

If you and a great way to grab the user’s attention, you should make something that is personalised to them.

We all stop whenever we see our name or something that is directly relevant to us. Our address or our location are ones that often will make us pause for a moment.

This is because we have trained ourselves to look for information that will be directly relevant to us. It is always easier to find your own name on a list than anyone else’s.

When you are creating email subject lines for your audience, you can keep this in mind. On email distribution platforms such as MailChimp, you can easily use your subscriber’s information such as their name and include it in the subject lines of your email.

This will jump out of the inbox because it speaks directly to the individual. They will be far more included to open it, this is because they have trusted you in the past with their name, so they will want to open it.

Remember to not overuse this feature, you do not want to constantly be using their name over and over again. Your emails will need variation.

Numbers & Lists

Email Subject Lines

Starting your email subject lines with numbers also will grab the attention of someone browsing their inbox.

This could be in the form of top 10 lists, a date or any other numbers that you can use in your emails. You need to make sure how you use numbers in your subject remains relevant to your business.

Including numbers in your email subject line will also convince your followers to open your email because numbers will stand out in the inbox with other emails only using letters.

Ranking information as a list and stating it in the title of your email has also shown to be highly effective. People enjoy condensed information. With a list, they expect an expert opinion with a little information on each item on the list.

One Word is Enough!

Email Subject Lines

Sometimes you don’t even need to have more than one word in the subject line of your emails. Making it as minimalist as possible can be the best option for your email subject lines.

What types of emails would work best with single-word email subject lines?

  • Results
  • Confirmation
  • SALE

These email subject lines let you know everything that you need to know in one simple word. The first “results” is telling you that you have received the results of a competition or a test service.

You will recognise the name with the subject line, and you should immediately know what about is, with barely any text. This can be very effective and should be included as part of your overall email strategy.

It will lead to a much easier user journey when your customer is making a purchase and receives confirmation emails.


Email Subject Lines

The power of emojis. You can express almost every thought and feeling through emojis.

There are officially 3,178 emojis on the regular emoji board as of the publishing of this article. This means you have over 3,178 different email subject line starters and inspirations.

These bold and colourful designs can be added to your email subject lines. An emoji is strikingly attention-grabbing from the inbox. A few ideas for emojis can be:

  • Booking Confirmed ✅
  • 🌟 Happy New Year! 🌟
  • Interested in marketing your business? 🧐

Seeing these in your inbox, you are drawn to them, the colourful symbols attract consumers and get them to open the emails.

How to know your Audience?

Email Subject Lines

Knowing your audience is vital for your marketing to succeed. This is especially true for subject lines. You need to know that the subject lines you choose will connect with your audience and convince them to open and read the full email.

You have a business with products or services that are required or desired. For example, if you are a plumbing business, you are a service that is required by homeowners and landlords.

This will also need to be specific to the location you are operating in and the average age of people who can afford their own homes. This is a way of narrowing down your target audience.

How does this help me choose a type of Email Subject Line?

Knowing your audience will help you decide first on the type of email headlines that you’ll be sending. A younger audience will respond better to pop-culture references in the subject line. Whereas, older audiences enjoy more simplified subject lines.

Email Subject Lines

Of course, your audience is specific to your business.

In order to be sure that the type of subject line that you choose is compatible for your audience, it might be worth trying to split test your email subject lines.

This means you will send the exact same email to your whole email list, the only thing you change is the subject line. You send one-half of your email subscribers the email with the first subject line, and the other half of the group receives the email with the alternative subject line.

You can then view the results of how many people opened the email and clicked any links embedded. You will get a better understanding of what your audience responds too and have a direction for your future email campaigns and their subject lines.


Email Subject Lines

Now it’s time to send those emails out and see those results. Remember that email marketing requires contestant changes and updates to make sure that you are maximising your email resources.

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