10 Incredible Ways Marketing services can generate New Leads

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how to use hashtags in your business

Are you looking to generate new business leads?

Here are some innovative marketing strategies that you can use to bring in new customers and clients.

With the market constantly changing and evolving, you need to find new ways to stay ahead of your competitors. In this article, you will find 10 different strategy elements that you can input into your business.

No matter what type of industry you work in, consumers in 2020 are looking for modern and unique elements. These will entice them to your website and online platforms.

  1. Interactive Tools

how to use hashtags in your business

Isn’t it nice when half of the work is already done for you?

Interactive tools on your website encourage people to engage with you as a company. They help you stand out from your competitors and help visitors navigate your site.

One of the most well known examples of an interactive tool is the search feature. This is usually found at the top of certain websites. With this tool, you can search for keywords. The website will then display pages that relate to your search.

New Lead Ideas

When you have one of these on your website, it can help your visitors find the information that they need.

There are multiple other examples of interactive tools that you can include on your website.

For example, a property website would include the feature to enter a location or postcode to search in.

This would include subcategories of prices, number of rooms, etc. These would all be elements of the interactive tool.


New Lead Ideas

Don’t you hate waiting to ask a question?

This is why another popular idea is having a chatbot on your website. A chat can answer any questions your visitors might have about the services you have on offer on your site.

If a visitor to your site has any questions that they want to be answered as soon as possible, they can go to your chatbot. This will set up a live chat between the visitor to your site and yourself or a person who works in your company.

This can be very effective because consumers in the 21st century understand the features and functions of a chatbot.  They know how messaging features work, sending photos and messages.

You can use these chatbots to engage with your consumers and immediately discuss directly their needs or concerns and how your business can help them.

These bots can be installed easily by a plugin. If you want to learn more about plugins and other elements you can add to your website, take a look here or get in touch with us.

2. Pop Ups in Videos

how to use hashtags in your business

Posting videos is a great way to talk directly to your audience. From the rise of sites like YouTube, it is clear to see people enjoy watching videos.

A new feature that you can put onto videos is embedding forms in them to make the user experience easier for your visitors. This will also help you convert more visitors into subscribers or customers.

This appears on videos while they are playing so that viewers can easily input their information.

This could be a subscriber who can stay up to date on your videos and newsletters that you send out.

They make the process of subscribing or signing up for information on products and services much easier.

New Lead Ideas

Users do not have to click away to a different page, or even minimise the video. Consumers can do everything through the video.

  1. Expert Interviews

how to use hashtags in your business

Every brand should have a blog in place where they can post regular updates about what is going on in their business and about their knowledge and experience in their business.  

Bringing on a guest on your blog to discuss your industry and their knowledge can encourage their fans to come to take a look at your business. 

Furthermore, interviews on your blog diversify your content, creating fresh and innovative perspectives in the industry. They stop your blog from becoming repetitive and having nothing but the same type of content being posted.  

Interviewing multiple people and compiling the information into one blog post can be some of the strongest content on your blog. People will come to your website for this blog and this can lead them to purchase your products or services.  

It might even be worth filming the interview. You can use this as content for and video platforms you have. Including YouTube and Vimeo.  

All of this can help you bring new audiences to your website.

You’ve got Mail!

New Lead Ideas

Spam is by far the most annoying thing to clog your inbox.

This can make Direct Mail seem an outdated or even redundant form of marketing. However, it can be very effective as part of your marketing strategy.  

 Everyone checks their mail. When we check our mail, we look at everything in there for at least a second. Firstly, you need to make sure that whatever you are putting into a person’s mailbox is attentiongrabbing.   

It needs to be something that grabs an individual’s attention immediately and pique their interest. A way of doing this is to create very focused and targeted mail for your consumers to receive. 

With the availability of technology, you can affordably send a small screen to a person’s mailbox where they can receive your message in a unique and personal way.  

Think about ways to make your direct mail interesting and engaging. It needs to strike the balance between engaging and easy to access. With a video, it’s a simple push of a button. Make sure your direct mail can engage people in as few steps as possible. It is important to have an frictionless user journey, especially for direct mail. 

Happy Customers

Making your customers happy is essential to any business. It is very important to satisfy all of your customers so that they will speak highly of your business. 

What does this mean? 

It means that your customers will be happy, and they will leave you positive reviews. Reviews are incredibly important for your business.  

An important place to have good reviews is on Google business reviews. These reviews and affect your ranking on Google searches. We know that you deliver an excellent service or product. This can create a client base which is very happy with your work, encourage them to leave your positive reviews. 

Multiple business review websites are also used by potential clients cross-reference your business and it’s ability to deliver work that pleases the clients.  

Along with this, you need to be constantly uploading case studies. Your clients or customers are visiting your website and they want to see what you can do.  

Case studies showcase what your brand can do in a unique and personal way for each client. You can show the results you can produce and direct quotes from your happy customers to prove how capable your team is. 

This will help new customers have faith in your brand. 

Community Connection

New Lead Ideas

It is hard to become noticed.

This is why for freelancers, consultants and smaller businesses, we recommend that you create connections through communities.  

Talking to people and word of mouth will be most effective if you can’t necessarily afford a full marketing initiative.  

Being an active member of online and real-world communities can lead to you receiving business from other members of the group. This is because these potential clients can get to know you and trust you.  

Building these relationships is what will help you establish a client base, build up your portfolio of work and leave you with happy customers who will speak positively about your work.



Your business provides unique services or products that are designed to improve your customer’s lives.  

It might be worth creating a template or form that can give visitors to your site an idea of the services you offer. This can be entirely free. 

A website is a platform for exposure and connectivity, so why not treat it like one?

With these free generators, a visitor’s email can be obtained. Either before or after they receive their results, add an area for them to enter their email for more details.  

You can have prepared email templates to send out instantly for anyone who decides to leave their information with you. Make sure they are relevant to the form that they filled in, with the corresponding information.

The template you use must be interesting and provide value to the individual. Make sure you follow these steps, and it can help clients trust your business without you having any specific information being sent.

Side Projects


Being mainstream can leave little to be desired from consumers – you are simply like everyone else.

A side project can be what brings people to your site and makes them aware of what your business can do. It can expose a whole different audience to your business.  

Some of the biggest companies have side-projects running that endear customers to them. Disney’s pursuit of Robotics and Amazons new grocery stores are all created to interest and intrigue more customers by offering them more than any of their competitors.  

If you have a separate section on your website dedicated to this project, it can help increase new leads to your website and lead customers to your products or services.  

These projects don’t have to be as big as tackling the forefront of technology. For example, if you are a florist. You can plan on launching a 10-piece runway collection that will walk in spring fashion week in your city.  

If you can promote this successfully, you can see a huge increase in traffic on your website and social media. Whatever side project you decide to work on, make sure you do research and find out if people will be genuinely interested and it is likely to bring in the desired website traffic. 


New Lead Ideas

How do you peak the curiosity from your consumer basis? You ask questions.

Quizzes online have been around for many years. However, many marketers haven’t learned about how these can positively impact your business.  

They compel visitors to visit your site. It makes the process of exploring your website more fun and interactive. Also, your customers will become more actively involved because they wish the learn the results of the quiz. 

Make sure that the quiz you put on your site is relevant to your business. It needs to drive sales indirectly and be of interest to your audience.  

For any restaurant, you could create a personality quiz where people have to answer how they respond in certain situations. For results, you can say that a certain type of meal will suit them based on their personality.  

It’s a fun way of helping people decide what they want in a unique way. This is keeping the quiz relevant to your business and engaging with your audience.

There you have it! Your Ideas for New Leads


Those are our 9 tips to help you generate new leads into your business today. If you are looking to learn more about how marketing can help you get new leads in for your business.  

Please leave us a comment below letting us know if you have any other ideas that can be used to generate new leads for your business.  

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