Daylight Saving Time Marketing Strategies

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Time is an amazing influencer. It changes livelihood, work patterns and above all can impact your company.

You wouldn’t think it would you? An hour being lost in your day, nothing; Inconvenient, hardly; Minor, yes indeed. A big impact, almost certainly!

Since its conception, Daylight Saving Time has been a hotly debated topic. While many within industries such as retail and tourism have historically preferred Daylight Saving Time, it’s important to note that its effects vary greatly depending on your industry.

You love your business – You built it and maintain it. Any impact upon your creation impact you. However, this situation is not all doom and gloom, there are multiple ways you can use to your advantage.

When a glass is half empty in some eyes, it is indeed half full in others. The negative impacts can actually be useful for strategies! Let’s take a look at some of the less popular aspects of Daylight Saving Time.

A glass half empty – The Negative Impacts

daylight saving time marketing strategies

Nothing bothers you more than being woken up early. A pet needing to be let out to a young child needing tending to, there is nothing worse than having beauty sleep cut short. However, with mother nature being the cause here, this fact is inescapable.

The hour lost due to Daylight Saving Time can have a major effect on people. With this level of alteration to people’s sleep habits, Daylight Saving Time is known to greatly reduce productivity for up to a few weeks.

After Daylight Saving Time, companies are less likely to be able to operate at their usual level of quality which can, in turn, lead to a loss of revenue.

On top of the obvious issue tiredness that comes with Daylight Saving Time, the moving of our clocks has an impact on our body’s natural circadian rhythm disrupting our biological clocks and potentially damaging our health.

You would think this would be an international issue. However, Daylight Saving Time is only used in around 70 countries around the world which can lead to scheduling issues for any companies that work internationally.

While Daylight Saving Time does bring with it some detrimental effects, it also gives us some insight into some of the behavioural changes we are likely to see in our customers.

Diamonds are found in the rough, Daylight saving time are no different as the negative impacts of Daylight Saving Time to be beneficial to our marketing strategies.

A glass half full – Shopping Habits

daylight saving time marketing strategies

You know it, when you sleep for longer you feel more refreshed and energised. This applies the same for the common day shopper. There is actually research suggesting that Daylight Saving Time has an impact on shopping habits.

It has been suggested that the increased light in the evening thanks to Daylight Saving Time actually encourages consumers to shop more.

This is specifically related to customers going shopping after work as when it’s darker they are more likely to return home.

The launching of Daylight Saving Time marketing campaigns capitalise on these habits, specifically in the early evening as this time tends to be much more successful when it comes to encouraging shopping activity.

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It’s Always Safety First

daylight savings time marketing strategies

While suffering the repercussions of that hour of “lost” sleep due to Daylight Saving Time, you can at least rest easy knowing that it generally leads to greater safety.

The extra light in the evenings means that during Daylight Saving Time both robbery rates and traffic accidents see a significant decrease. But how can this impact your marketing strategies?

You know it yourself, when you don’t feel safe, you are more likely to save your money for an emergency. Extra daylight discourages crime, meaning your customers will feel safer in the evenings and produces an environment for consumption. Daylight also equates to more leisure time, increasing time spent with your brand or product.

Would you buy something that you can’t see and access? Of course not, it is why Daylight Saving Time makes your consumer feel more comfortable. With heightened perception, purchases are more likely to be made and it has also been suggested that bigger purchases are more common. Use this to your advantage and use Daylight Saving Time as an opportunity to promote some of your more high-end products.

Awareness of Time

daylight saving time marketing strategies

When you know something is coming, can you say you don’t wait for it? For the weeks before and after Daylight Saving Time, people are known to pay far more attention to the time.

We all know it is hard to attract new users to our products. It is why Daylight Saving Time offers an opportunity to do so as current and potential consumers will be aware of timings around promotions and deals.

In the weeks surrounding Daylight Saving Time, why not take the time to draw attention to the exact time you will be releasing new promotional material. This could take the form of announcements on social media about upcoming campaigns.

This is, something that could be done at any point of the year but is likely to be significantly more effective when your customers are more focused on the time.

Of course, this is extremely extremely relevant to any social media marketing you may be doing as the success of a social media post is closely linked to its timing.

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Moving into the Spring Season

daylight saving time marketing strategies

In the words of Robin Williams “Spring is nature’s way of saying let’s party.” So let’s dance the tango with opportunity, as with the beginning of the spring season, Daylight Saving Time can act as a strong reminder of the changing season despite occurring several days after.

Even if the acts of changing clocks and adjusting sleep schedules is simple and straight-forward they are nonetheless activities that draw people’s attention.

When it comes to marketing for the spring season (e.g. promoting a new spring collection) Daylight Saving Time can be a great time to really push promotion.

The season of spring brings a mighty harvest, not just in grain! For example, major yearly milestones such as St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day. As your customers’ attention is being drawn to the changing of their clocks you can also use this time to make them aware of some upcoming dates and what your company will be doing.

How It Has Been Used Before

daylight saving time marketing strategies

The 29th of March is a significant day, not just for your alarm clock. Smoke detectors finally receive the attention they deserve on this date too. It is the day where the batteries in smoke detectors change.

Let’s not forget what spurred this, now what’s considered tradition, into action. The battery company Energizer created the campaign ‘Change Your Clock – Change Your Battery’.

While they have spread valuable safety information Energizer has nonetheless leveraged Daylight Saving Time in order to indirectly promote their own product.

daylight saving time marketing strategies

The Mars Wrigley Confectionery Company decided to use Daylight Saving Time as an opportunity to debut their caffeine gum.

With many people being left tired after losing an hour of sleep, Daylight Saving Time is definitely an opportune time to begin marketing an energy-boosting gum.

This is a factor also utilised by the company Natrol in the marketing of their melatonin sleep-aid supplements

Open 25 hours?

daylight saving time marketing strategies

If you’re not ‘Loving it’, I’m sure McDonalds is as The food chain has used Daylight Saving as a marketing opportunity. Their Australian Team created a ‘Open 25 hours’ advert, a play on the extra hour being added on to the day.

As Daylight Saving Time naturally draws our attention to the date and time, it’s a great time to build a new tradition in a similar fashion to Energizer.

As you know that many people will be manually changing their analogue clocks and some devices you can promote an activity at least tangentially related to this.


As a result of Daylight Saving Time, nothing is truly lost and there is everything to gain. No glass is truly half empty, especially when it comes to the time. While people lose an hour in sleep, Daylight Saving Time elongates a day to create an entirely new market. So don’t mourn over lost time, be optimistic about the opportunities it creates. From new means of promotion to increased awareness, the means to create new exposure are endless.

There are definitely many issues also associated with Daylight Saving Time. As aforementioned, tiredness and scheduling difficulties also occur due to Daylight Saving Time. These issues however allow your company to promote different ways in which you can help you connect to your customers.

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So this year take extra time to remember what a great marketing opportunity Daylight Saving Time can be. Oh, and don’t forget to change your smoke detector batteries.