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how to use hashtags in your business

If you are looking to create a website for your business we recommend that you use WordPress.

WordPress is essentially a content management system that allows you to bring your website to life. Originally starting as a blogging platform, WordPress have transformed into a huge website design platform.

There are many benefits to having your website run through WordPress, the flexibility, readily available support and device compatibility are just a few.

Here at Bmoozd, we recommend that you create your website with WordPress. In this article, you can learn all the reasons why they are the right platform for your website.


how to use hashtags in your business

Since its creation, WordPress has evolved to a point where it can run all different types of websites through its platform.

From huge multinational corporations to small businesses and blogs, WordPress is able to run the most complex sites.

WordPress provides a user with endless possibilities. With these sites, you can run eCommerce stores, social networks, groups, podcasts or showcase a portfolio of work.

No matter what your company requires, the features of WordPress can help you achieve each of your website design and operational goals.

Along with the flexibility of the site, WordPress is constantly adapting and updating itself to ensure it can fulfill every single company’s needs.


how to use hashtags in your business

Don’t you hate waiting for things?

A huge benefit of running your website through WordPress is how quick and easy it is to set up your own website for the first time. Within a few minutes, you can have your website up and running.

In order to do this quick and easy setup, all you need is a domain name and a web hosting account. WordPress can be installed for free through your hosting provider.

WordPress hosting at Bmoozd is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to benefit from the power and ingenuity of WordPress hosting. Our servers are all on a solid-state drive making them 25x faster than any Cloud-based server.

To learn more about hosting your website through WordPress, check out our site here.

Managing your site has never been easier with the tools provided by WordPress.

The Admin panel and dashboard are easy to manage if you decide to make the choice to manage your own site. There are also many different ways you can customise and design your site.

For more information on Website Management take a look at our page here.

Available WordPress Themes

how to use hashtags in your business

Here at Bmoozd we have a huge range of different website themes. If you are looking for a ready-made WordPress website, we have them on offer here at Bmoozd.

From Hairdressers to Cryptocurrency websites, we have multiple different websites designs for your business. These can be up and running in a few minutes just like setting up a WordPress website.

All of our websites are Auto-installed, include a free website builder, white-label branding, SEO plugin, no copyright images, a solid-state drive, and many other features.



We all don’t like being overlooked, especially when it comes to business.

That’s why one of the biggest benefits of having a WordPress website is the huge range of plugins that are available.

On your basic WordPress site, you have access to a wide variety of elements to build your website. Plugins can help take your website to the next level.

The WordPress plugin directory includes hundreds of plugins that are each individually coded to perform different tasks. These open up different features that you can input onto your website.

Some of the most common plugins added to WordPress websites include shopping carts, galleries and contact forms. These can all be found in the WordPress plugins directory.

There are also a huge number of plugins created by third-party developers that can be added to your site. No matter what your requirements are, there is a plugin that can perform the task you require.

These plugins can be managed manually from your dashboard. You can turn them on and off as your company website evolves and changes.

Rank High


We all ask the same question, how do we get discovered?

With many people searching on Google, it is vital that your website can rank high enough on a Google search listing.

If you are a restaurant or cafe, people will be searching for places to eat locally on Google Maps. If your website can rank high, more people will come to your establishment because they saw you right on the first page of their search.

The benefit of running your website through WordPress is that they do tend to rank higher than other website platforms. Their tools and plugins can help you know if your content is fully optimised for search engines.

The Bmoozd WordPress website themes come pre-installed with the SEO plugin. This ensures that you will be able to see if your content ranks you high on search engines.

Making sure all of your webpages are optimised for search engines is not an easy task. To learn more about how you can make sure your website is SEO, take a look at our article here.

Device Compatibility


There’s nothing worse than using a website on your phone that is meant for a computer. The sizing is wrong and provides an unnecessary barrier to access your business.

WordPress provides a seamless transition of a website from desktop to mobile, enabling a user to design a website on other devices beyond a desktop. You can  also manoeuvre elements on your page in a mobile version separately from the version for desktops and tablets.

When your WordPress websites are compatible with mobile devices, you will appear much higher on search engine rankings.

This is because many people are doing more searches on their phones, and if your website can perform better in a portrait aspect ratio, people will stay on your website longer.

This lowers the bounce rate on your website. Ultimately, this means Google will recognise popularity and interaction on your website so you will rank higher.



While WordPress as a company has evolved and adapted to be able to operate a range of operations for millions of different websites, they still have the best blog features available to businesses.

Their content management system software has many features that make publishing any type of content much easier. These features can be accessed from any device, meaning you can post from anywhere.

It is important for you to have a blog on your website, it helps you rank higher because google can see you regularly posting on your website.

Community Support


WordPress has a huge community of users from all around the world. The community connects over multiple different blogging platforms.

This means that you can find endless sources of support online. Whatever issue or struggle you may have with your WordPress website, there is a community online that may have the solution for you.

The community also engages in outreach to users. These include hosting camps that are hosted around the world that supports the growth of local user groups.

Signing Out


WordPress is a great platform for you to run your website through. For your business, they have a huge range of advantages for you and your business to explore and utilise to create your new website.

Over 30 percent of business websites worldwide are powered by WordPress. They are designed to make running and designing your website as efficient as possible.

With all the plugins available and the user-friendly layout, we are sure that WordPress is the best platform for your business’s website. If you want to browse our website themes, take a look here.

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