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Creating a fresh idea is a hard thing to do when everything has been done! How do you make something engaging when there are plenty other videos out there which can do it better?

Videos and the entertainment industry dominate current day-to-day life. From watching the 1-minute news summary on the BBC to Netflix at night, watching things cultivates much of what we do.

It creates an expectation for what is desired when we want to see something. However, this raised bar for what videos should be also creates opportunity!

It is hard to create such content and that is why this guide has been created, which outlines what needs to be done to make your content successful through being interactive, accessible and relevant!

Keep reading as we delve into just how to create a video marketing series like a pro.

It’s All About Interaction

video marketing interactions

Everyone can smell a sales pitch from a mile away. A false face, catchy slogans and a long monotonic voice is something the general public have gotten used to. A sense of humanity is sought after, it is why much of the general public turns to The Witcher, Game of Thrones, Sex Education and other series at the end of the day – People Want Humanity!

Even if the previous series are fiction, what is fact is that customers are more than a source of income. They must be invited into the company like family, then a simple consumer. For example, when you contact a family member, you are calm and relaxed because you have known them for a long time.

Equally, this barrier must be broken to make the customer be able to treat you like family in a cool and collected way. It can be done through ditching the corporate face of the company and talking to who works there.

The office can be toured, detailing stories and day to day life of employees. This can detail both inside and outside work like hobbies outside the office and their job inside.

Whilst professionalism might go out the window as a result, it will allow the consumer to trust and relate to the company. The idea that the company is simply a corporate fat cat will start to become diminished when such stories are shared. For example, a new child being born, charitable acts like a marathon or even a birthday!

These joyful acts will allow the consumer to associate joy and colour in their own lives with that of the company.

Once the sense that the company is more human than corporate, vast opportunities can open up! For example, creating a Talk Show or Podcast series which allows the customer base to interact directly with the company.

A great example of this is Joe Rogan Experience where Elon Musk was invited on to their talk show. Jokes were common, funny secrets were shared and towards the end of the podcast Musk was seen smoking weed!

This will make your audience hungry for new content. With hosts Serving as a hallmark for a periodical episode, the guests will add more colour to the palate with exotic opinions and exciting experiences.

While talking to trendy celebrities can be attractive for a lot of people, some are more interested in the service you can provide. An easy way to respond to this is through Youtube, utilising a how-to series.

Being able to feature new products or services, develop the relationship with less tech savvy audience members and make the audience see how qualified you are in your field sounds like a bargain to me!


how to create a video marketing series

There is no point creating content with fancy wording that does not make sense and sticking it onto platforms which nobody uses.

So, platforms and wording which people can use and understand are pivotal is making your audience feel comfortable and not in the deep end.

A key-way of doing this is collecting and displaying reviews straight from the horses’ mouth – the customer, onto platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

This can be presented in a range of ways. From a small video clip to online ratings and reviews, it acts as a persuasion device that you are a credible company.

A matter of trust?

how to create a video marketing series

However, use this technique with restraint. We both know that your product or service is amazing. Yet, when someone is flaunting how good something is, we usually feel that they are compensating for how mediocre or poor it is. Something you don’t need is the consumer not being able to trust you, so simply use this tactic in a balanced approach.

While some techniques may make the public assume something is up, you must make sure that your company is down with creating content which is easy to follow and pickup.

For instance, presenting your product or service in action is an important way to make people feel at home with what you are selling. Make sure that the product or service you display is practical and adaptable to the environment people live in. People do not wish to be sold a lie.

So what are your thoughts here? Do you think you could learn just how to create a video marketing series?


how to create a video marketing series

Nobody loves history like a historian, but people do not want your product to learn about what happened, rather what is happening!

Keeping your base updated on the industries news, trends and breakthroughs is a sound way of making your customers know that you are in touch with the world they live in.

An instance of this is with the new release of the Apple iPhone 11 and all the new features it has against its predecessors. Big brands might not help you personally, but they do associate you with the right crowd – forward-looking entrepreneurs.

The world the public people live in is dynamic, with new technology and content being released consistently at the public’s fingertips. While you will not always have fresh and innovative ideas, when you do make a video about it!

You want to reach your audience. The best way to do it is through social media outlets, with energetic, charismatic and colour filled snappy videos.

Your audience also wants to reach you. Appearing to be genuine can make your audience feel this way. Humanising the company by taking the customer to where they haven’t been before is a possible avenue.

how to create a video marketing series
how to create a video marketing series

For example, taking the audience on an in-house operations tour behind the scenes to show the work that goes on in manufacturing, producing and shipping a product or service.

By giving these small snapshots of information into the goings-on within the company or organisation, the consumer base will have their curiosity peaked. By leaving yourself out in the open, the customer base will develop a new level of trust and respect because of how transparent you are being.


The entertainment world is a crowded place. Ideas which are new get old fast; ideas which are fresh, soon become mouldy.

However, through keeping interest peaked as we have discussed, you are able to overcome much of the competitive nature within this market.

Although it is hard to attract an original base, consistency and determination is vital in rallying a base.

Ultimately however, without the product or service which is innovative and useful to the general public, you must start from scratch to find something which invites curiosity.

If you are interested in finding out how to create a video marketing series, taking your business to the next level, please contact us today.