About Us

Welcome and let’s have a quick introduction.

We are a marketing agency, based in the heart of London.

We have been helping businesses since 2014 and have seen great success through our management, advertising and marketing programmes.

What We Do On A Daily Basis

We have worked with a variety of companies, assisting them with their advertising, marketing and day to day running of their social media channels. For a better understanding of what we have achieved, please refer to our case studies.

Our deep understanding of marketing and social media, means that we know what makes it tick. This allows us to customise packages suitable to whatever client walks through the door.

Daryl Lawson MBA

Originally from South Africa, Daryl left Cape Town with over 20 years experience in IT and management. As the internet evolved he became fascinated with online marketing along with becoming immersed in understanding all of its intricacies as well as its flaws.

This valuable knowledge became an invaluable asset to him, whilst partnering up with businesses both large and small across the globe.

In March 2014, he formed Bmoozd, a digital marketing agency based in Shoreditch, a very hands-on agency offering a full range of services, along with hosting and website maintenance. Clients range from small start-ups to large and well-established organisations.

When someone asks him, what differentiates Bmoozd from other marketing agencies, his answer is this –

“We bring you a complete solution and become your marketing partners, acting as a one-stop shop for all of your marketing needs”

Georgia Sugden
Head of Social Media

Georgia joins us from the digital marketing teams for River Island and Mint Velvet. She has played a key role in website building and optimisation and has helped develop an online presence for a number of retailers.

Her role now encompasses new business and with her online experience and knowledge of retail, has allowed her to source new businesses and help them with their digital marketing needs.

With a proven track record and a keen eye for social media marketing, she has now taken charge of all new business.

Alastair Stirling
Content & Website Manager

Alastair, pursued a range of literary and digital paths at a young age while living in the welsh valleys. He has had previous experience working at Barclays improving user experience on their site, and at WWE he created high quality content for their streaming services.

Alastair current manages all content produced at Bmoozd and creates website designs for clients. Alastair thrives on being thrown into the deep end and relishes the variety of his work, producing high-quality and stimulating content. 

Head of New Business

Currently being updated.