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Pay Per Click Advertising

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Are you struggling to get seen online?
As a new business or even as an existing business, getting seen online, takes time and money.
Getting seen generically is not something that will happen over night.
That’s why more and more businesses are now investing in pay per click marketing.

What’s great about pay per click marketing, is that results are instant!
So whilst you are struggling with your SEO, social media and content marketing, pay per click is a definite short term or even long term strategy. 

How Do I Benefit From Pay Per Click Marketing?

pay per click advertising

That’s the great thing about pay per click advertising. Cannot wait for your generic listings to rank? With pay per click advertising you will see almost instant results. Now whilst we cannot guarantee sales, we can guarantee that your ads will get seen!

We will laser target your ppc campaigns, ensuring that you get seen according to your specific keyword preference. All campaigns are set up with keyword research done, prior to any of your ads going live.

You are totally in control of what you spend, with strict caps in place. We will work according to a budget that has been agreed prior to launch. Sometimes Google will go over our capping, but by no more than £10.

Keyword research is vital for any well run pay per click campaign. We will spend time and research on what works best for your particular business, along with ensuring that we run with specific keyword matches. Negative keywords are also very necessary for a well run ppc campaign.

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Pay Per Click Frequently Asked Questions

What types of businesses would benefit?2019-07-08T16:28:14+01:00

The great thing about pay per click advertising, is that no matter what business you are in, you will see results. Some businesses might need special permission to advertise, such as gambling businesses, but even so you will see great results.

What type of budget would I require?2019-07-08T16:28:58+01:00

That’s a very hard one to answer without looking at your individual business. What we can tell you however is that most businesses will start off with a budget of anywhere between £1000 to £5000 per month. Anything less wouldn’t allow you to see a healthy return on investment.

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