How are your backlinks performing?

Are you worried about backlinks that are possibly infected?

We all talk about backlinks analysis, and just how important they are when it comes to ranking your website.
But do we actually know what type of backlinks are linking to our site?
Backlinks that are toxic, will do your website a lot of harm.

The good news is that we have the software and the skills in place to not only discover which backlinks are potentially harmful to your site, but also to eradicate them from your website!

What type of backlinks should you have?

Natural Backlinks

Natural backlinks are still the best way to obtain safe backlinks and are still rated top by Google.

Ways of obtaining natural backlinks would include, creating plenty of content for your website, starting a blog, and using social media.

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Strong Backlinks

Yes there is a difference between strong and weak backlinks.

Strong backlinks will help you rank better online and will also improve your general SEO, whilst weak backlinks will do nothing but damage your visibility.

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Backlinks From Press Releases

A great way to acquire natural and powerful backlinks would be through a press release.

Most press releases are very powerful tools and will help your marketing no end. We would suggest however that you keep away from free press releases, as they won’t really benefit you at all.

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Backlinks That Are Not Paid For

Keeping everything white-hat, when it comes to acquiring backlinks, is now vital.

Gone are the days when you could just go out and purchase backlinks for your site.
Google has upped its game plan and rightly so.

Ensure you don’t get caught out buying backlinks, as you could face stiff penalties that would lead to your website being banned!

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Backlinks analysis is still extremely important

Are you struggling to understand how your backlinks are doing?
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