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Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising – Advertise Your Business On Facebook

Are you struggling to get seen on Facebook? Let’s face it, generic posting has become harder and harder. There are just too many people posting on Facebook. At the same time Facebook has also decided to give you less and less clout, when updating your business page with a post.

Its not surprising why more and more businesses now opt for a Facebook advertising campaign. Facebook advertising is a great way of advertising your business and with there targeted approach, you get to choose who you want to show your ad to.

Is Facebook Advertising Worth It?

Get Seen Locally

Facebook’s algorithm allows you to target customers from 2 to 10 miles from your place of work. Finding customers that are local to you, just got a lot easier, and if you are looking for a particular niche, Facebook allows you to do just that.
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Get Seen Nationally

Are you a national business, looking for national business? Facebook will allow you to target specific areas or all areas that are national to your business. You decide on the type of business that you wish to target, along with the location or locations.

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Laser Target Your Audience

This is where it gets very interesting! Are you looking to target a very specific market? Need to sell blue trainers to school teachers living in the Manchester area? This is where Facebook’s laser targeting comes in play.

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facebook advertising

Cheaper Than Google Ads

Yes, it’s a fact! Facebook is cheaper than Google ads! But for how long? Jump on board today and discover the true power of Facebook advertising.

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Facebook Ads Proving Highly Popular

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Facebook Advertising Frequently Asked Questions