Powerful, Robust And Fully Managed

Our new servers will carry a mean punch

Powerful, Robust And Fully Managed

Our new servers will carry a mean punch

Powerful, Robust And Fully Managed

Our new servers will carry a mean punch

The Advantages Of A VPS From Bmoozd

✓ Dedicated Resources

✓ Free Plesk Control Panel – Optional upgrade to cPanel

✓ Redundant storage networks

✓ SSD Storage

✓ Application Software

✓ Expert Support

✓ Unmetered Traffic

✓ Award winning security features

✓ Reseller Capabilities



  • VPS Packages

  • Choose Your Plan

  • CPU Cores CPU Cores
  • Fully ManagedFully Managed
  • Standard

  • £198.00

    per month +vat

  • CPU Cores 2 vCores CPU
  • SSD 120GB SSD
  • Fully ManagedFully Managed
  • Upgraded

  • £216.00

    per month +vat

  • CPU Cores 4 vCores CPU
  • SSD 160GB SSD
  • Fully ManagedFully Managed
  • Ultimate

  • £288.00

    per month +vat

  • CPU Cores 6 vCores CPU
  • RAM Can be extended to 250 Tests12GB RAM
  • SSD 240GB SSD
  • Fully ManagedFully Managed

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What is a VPS?

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtualized environment within a dedicated server.

This is where we take a portion of the dedicated server and box it off so that all the resources such as CPU, Ram & Storage are allocated only to one account can be utilised in any way they are needed.

virtual private server
virtual private server

What are the advantages?

There are several advantages to taking out a VPS, the top of the list has to be full control over your environment.

Unlike Shared Hosting, with a VPS you can control your environment from the root level.

This means that you can configure the server to your exact specifications, this is not possible on shared hosting due to the number of different users and general configurations that are enforced.

Other advantages include enhanced performance as a result of dedicated resources, better security and of course, a lower cost than what you would expect to pay if taking out a full dedicated server.

VPS Hosting Frequently asked Questions

What is a VPS server?

VPS hosting uses what is called a Virtual Private Server.

Essentially, this type of hosting will mimic a dedicated server, but will use a shared server environment.

As we all now, physical servers are housed in what’s called a data center.

The VPS is the portioned part of this physical server, with its own operating system, disc space, and bandwidth.

The great thing about a VPS is that it offers an entire range of customisation options, is very similar to a dedicated server, and comes in at a fraction of the cost.

What software can I install on my VPS server?

You will have total control as to what goes onto your VPS server.

You will only be limited by the type of operating system that you are on, along with the total memory allocation.

What are the benefits of VPS hosting ?

It can be totally customised to suit your environment.

VPS hosting can also grow with your business and size thereof.

VPS hosting is also generally more secure than a shared hosting environment.

What is the difference between managed and unmanaged VPS servers?

On a managed VPS server, your hosting provider will be responsible for configuring your server, doing updates, keeping your environment secure and more.

An unmanaged server will require a lot more technical knowledge and will involve a lot less hand holding.