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Get calls locally to your business and increase your sales via local SEO.
In today’s highly competitive online market, getting seen online is never easy.
How many of us as companies or businesses, want that first spot on Google, or even that first page listing?
Getting onto the front page of a national or international level will take months of hard work and a lot of money spent!

Local Search Engine Services

Learn all about the power of local search and what it can fo for your business


Local Search Engine Optimization

Use this highly effective marketing strategy to bring local businesses to your website.  Requires a full and verified business address.

Local Business Directory Listings

Local business directories are a sure fire way of getting seen online.  Local business listings will ensure more business to your site.

Local Google Places Listing

A vital aspect to all local business listings.  Leverage the power of Google Places for business.  Learn more today!
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Local Search

This is where local search engine optimisation comes into place and specifically our local SEO services London, packages. If you are a local business and are struggling to get seen online, this is definitely for you. Local SEO is powerful and is highly effective.

More and more of our clients are seeing great results through local SEO!
But don’t take our word for it – call in today and we will show you the proof! Local search engine optimisation is the first step in getting traffic to your website.

What very few companies don’t realise is that this is a fairly easy task to achieve. And once you are established locally and can be seen locally you will have the ability and the confidence to grow to a national or even an international level.

Making A Start On Local SEO

The first step would be to look at your website. Are you setup correctly and do you have enough information on the site about who you are and where you operate from?

Let’s not forget about creating a page explaining to our potential customers where we are based and what areas we serve.

Next we would look at creating a Google Places page.
Google places for business is vital for your local searches to kick in. You will need to go through the process of setting it up and optimising it for local search.

Once you have all the basic information in place, the first step to getting it published would be verifying that you are the owner. Google will send you a postcard within a couple of weeks. This postcard has a code on it which needs to be entered for verification. The postcard will be send to the address that you entered when you signed up.

Dominate The Search Engines!

Discover The Power Of Local SEO.

Populating Your Google Places Page

Adding in relevant information is all part of what is required to ensure that you have a great google places business page.
Don’t leave anything out – fill in the “about us” section – and make sure you add a link back to your site.


Never Disregard Images And Videos


Adding images and videos to your google places for business page will help you get seen locally and come up in local searches.
Google is very explicit about ensuring that all sections are filled out as much as possible.
Failure to do this will result in poor rankings – something that we must try to avoid at all costs.
Once the page is complete we can start adding interesting content and a daily spread of information.


Further steps to ensure a strong local search would include:

– Ensuring that you are properly setup on all other social media portals

– Adding yourself to various local directory services such as 118 118

– Adding your details to online business directories.

– This along with obtaining reviews from your clients, will allow for a strong local search presence on google.

So How Exactly Does Local Search Work?


Local Search Is As It Says – Local!


Let’s walk through an example.
Paul is looking for a local plumber
He lives in the Watford area.
He jumps onto Google and types in the words “local plumber Watford”
Google displays the following information:

Let’s analyse the results

As you can see, the first search results that show up, are paid ads and whilst paid ads show well,

they are not necessarily local companies, but companies that are advertising locally and possibly touting for your business.
Now immediately underneath we start seeing local searches.

These are companies that are registered with Google as local businesses and have been verified by Google.

Note how the google reviews also show up under the company name.
The hours and a contact number also appear and so the next stage would be for a customer to give you a call!

As you can see from the screenshot, local searches are powerful and will help you in the long run to build
and develop a highly effective and profitable local business.

Steps To Ensure Local Coverage Would Be:

– Optimising your website for local search

– Creating you a strong Google For Business Page

– Creating you a strong Google Places Page

– Optimising and constantly adding fresh content to your Google Business Page

– Ensuring all social media is well optimised

– Reaching out to customers and requesting reviews on Google

– Continued house keeping and optimisation

Get Your Business Found Online

Hopefully from reading the above content you will realise that local search is not to be ignored. Your business will benefit in more ways than you can imagine with our local SEO services.

All of our customers will experience a very high rate of return from this service.

Dominate The Search Engines!

Discover The Power Of Local SEO.

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