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Newsletter & Subscriber Management

Are you running a monthly newsletter?

Monthly newsletters can be a great way of keeping your subscribers engaged.

By sending out a newsletter on a monthly basis, you are able to showcase your latest offers or your latest deals.

But what if your newsletter isn’t well designed? How do you think this would play with your customers?

Newsletter formats and styles can sometimes be hard to get right.

What looks great on a PC might not necessarily look good on a tablet or mobile device.

Don’t leave your monthly newsletter to chance.

What’s Included In Your Monthly Newsletter Management?

+ Creating The Newsletter

If you are already currently sending out newsletters, we will take over the process.

Whether it’s an html newsletter or one just created on your website, our team will continue with the monthly editions and
provide ideas for improvement, if necessary.

+ Sourcing Content

Ensuring that the correct wording is in place, or even finding things to write about, can be quite challenging, especially if its on a month to month basis.

Our team will help you source the copy and will ensure that each monthly newsletter, carries with it a real buzz.

+ Creating Images

We will help you find the right type of images for your monthly newsletter. Cropping and ensuring that images sit well can also be an issue.

We also ensure that they are of the best quality and if you are not using your own, we will ensure that there is no copyright laws preventing you from using such images.

+ Testing & Sending

This can sometimes be the hardest part.

Your newsletter might need to be integrated with an autoresponder.

Do you have all unsubscribe options in place, to protect yourself from any legalities?

newsletter management

Make sure that your company newsletter goes out on time.
Don’t lose your subscribers.
We will take the headache away by compiling and sending out your next newsletter.
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