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regarding content marketing


Content analysis is important, and without well written and well optimised content, the whole purpose and the whole plan will basically fail.

There is very little point of populating a website with words that do you no favours.

Content analysis is the art of looking at your content, exploring just how well it’s written, and looking at how well certain keywords have been incorporated into your articles.

Producing content that sells is not the easiest of task. Your content needs to be enticing, informative and at the same time with not too much emphasis on selling.

As long as your customers feel like they are benefiting, the chances of them staying on your website are fairly strong. 

Ok, so what is well optimised content? Well optimised content, is content that has been written with the search engines in mind.

It will include a mix of keywords and long-tail keywords and without over doing the optimisation, which again will lead to penalties.