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Engagement Analysis & Strategy

As a business owner, we all want engagement, but knowing what works and what doesn’t is never an easy task.

This is where engagement analysis comes into play, or what we call within the industry, analytics.

Having the tools to access all of your data, will inevitably help you to grow your business and brand. And knowing that you have the right data in place, will ensure that better decisions are made.

Why Do You Need A Better Strategy

Making sound decisions based on far more accurate data, will help you maximise your marketing efforts, whilst at the same time ensuring that you are not making costly mistakes.

Having a strategy in place, will allow for a far easier expansion plan, based on better business decisions. Why not ask us about our conversion rate optimisation services and get your free quote from Bmoozd.


Google analytics is a tool, that when correctly implemented, will collect data and  show you just how your users are interacting with your business and brand online.

Our team will setup your Google Analytics account for you, and will put together certain attributes that are important for growing your online business.

Undertaking a Google Analytic audit, will ensure that the software has been correctly set up and configured.

We will identify potential areas of growth along with any potential negative aspects to the way your website is operating.

We will both cleanse and solve common issues within your Google Analytics Data, ensuring far more actionable data.

As a business, understanding how your website’s data is collected and configured, will definitely help you get a better understanding of your entire online set up.

This will also in the long run, allow for better business decisions and will also be able to show you just how well your brand is performing.

Our Google Analytics training encompasses the fundamentals of Google Analytics, as well as a more advanced course.

We will provide your staff with the skills and the power to better understand just how Google Analytics works, and will also allow you to take your business data to the next level.

Google Tag Manager is a bolt on to your website, which will allow for a better understanding of your business users’ interaction.

Google Tag Manager can also be used to setup and track your social media marketing campaigns, by implementation of what is called a “pixel”.

We can also integrate Google Tag Manager into your email campaigns for a better understanding when it comes to sending out email newsletters.

Evaluating your online marketing activities, is essential when you are trying to discover what works and what doesn’t.

We will come to your place of work and offer you the type of training and advice needed to ensure a strong business growth moving forward.

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