Pay Per Click Advertising

Start Your Pay Per Click Campaign Today

Pay Per Click Advertising

Start Your Pay Per Click Campaign Today

Pay Per Click Advertising

Start Your Pay Per Click Campaign Today

The Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

✓ Go Live Within 24 Hours

✓ Can Help Improve Your Brand

✓ Outrank Your Competition

✓ No Need To Wait For Site To Rank

✓ Flexible Budgets

✓ Local Advertising

✓ Laser Target Your Audience

✓ Keyword Targeting

✓ National Advertising

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For any business, getting seen online takes time and money.

More and more businesses are now investing in pay per click advertising.

The results are instant!

Unlike SEO, social media and content marketing, pay per click is an effective short term, or even long term, strategy.

pay per click advertising

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    What can Bmoozd do for you?

    Improve online presence

    Build your brand via social media

    Act as your one-stop marketing agency

    PPC Frequently asked Questions

    Are results instant?

    The great thing about this form of advertising, is that the results can be almost instantaneous.

    It will increase the visibility of your online brand, and, increased visibility will almost definitely lead to an increase in sales.

    What about controlled budgets?

    You are totally in control of what you spend.

    Google has strict caps in place which will exceed your budget by no more than £10.

    We will work according to your budget.

    Can I target my campaigns?

    All our campaigns are set up with keyword research, conducted prior to any of your ads going live.

    Therefore, all of your PPC Campaigns will be tailored to your target audience.

    This will ensure that you get seen according to your specific keyword preference.

    Do I need to use specific keywords?

    Keyword research is vital for any well run pay per click campaign.

    We will spend time and research on what works best for your business, along with ensuring that we run  specific keyword matches.

    Negative keywords are also required for a well run PPC campaigns.