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The cosmetics industry is currently valued at over $530 billion with skincare being its most profitable category.

Coverderm is a Greek cosmetics brand specialising in a variety of advanced dermo-cosmetic products. As they currently export products to over 80 different countries a strong online presence is vital.

Client’s Goals

Improved Social Media Activity
Coverderm relied primarily on sales from physical retailers. As such their online presence, specifically, Social Media presence needed a massive boost. Coverderm had asked us to manage their Social Media channels, which at that point had little activity and very few posts.

Increased Social Media interaction
Building upon their desire to increase their Social Media presence, Coverderm also wanted us to improve the amount of interaction that users. This included a desire to gain more likes, more comments and more followers.

The Journey

After our initial discussions with Coverderm we concluded that focusing on their UAE social media channels would be the priority.

The UAE is the 9th highest country in the world when it comes to money spent on cosmetic products. On top of this, we found that Coverderm exported a large portion of its products to the UAE so for us this was a logical step.

As a cosmetics company, our next choice was to focus primarily on utilising Instagram to boost their Social Media presence as it is, of course, an incredibly visual Social Media platform.

Coverderm were very enthusiastic about the Social Media improvements and thus gave us full management control of these accounts while we were working together.

Our next step was to come up with a regular posting schedule based around user activity spikes, specifical users within their target demographic.

We wanted to build upon Coverderm’s brand identity and so we improved upon their page descriptions as well as utilised Instagram stories and highlights so as to give their followers a better understanding of their brand.

In order to increase user engagement, we communicated we utilised Influencer Marketing, working with Influencers to produce videos and posts about Coverderm products for both their own and Coverderm’s pages.

Utilising the right hashtags and tagging the right influencers were also major parts of our Instagram campaign with Coverderm. We made sure to research which hashtags would be most effective for this sector.


Follower Increase
Over the course of working with them, we had grown Coverderm’s UAE Instagram page’s follower count from under 100 to over 3’700.

Increased Interactions
Coverderm’s posts now regularly gain hundreds of likes and comments.

Over 40 Unique posts
Coverderm’s UAE Instagram page now has over 40 unique posts. Potential customers are now able to gain a much better understanding of the brand and what they offer.

Likes up by 1K
Followers up to 3271
Profile views per week 1000
Click-through rate per week 55%

To Conclude

Coverderm was very willing to hand control of their Social Media over to us for the duration of our time working together and a result we were able to massively improve their Social Media presence.

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