Project Description


One of the world’s largest specialist retailers of Japanese whisky

Growing and Developing Social

Japanese whisky began commercial production in 1924 and has been a global success ever since.

With China, France, the Philippines and the USA accounting for 90% of all non-Japanese sales of Japanese whisky it definitely has an international consumer base, but there is still room to reach an even wider one.

Dekanta is one of the world’s largest specialist retailer of authentic Japanese whisky. Dekanta ships tens of thousands of bottles to over 60 countries.

Client Goals

Improve Social Media Presence
Dekanta wanted to improve on their Social Media presence by growing their online audience and gaining more engagement for their Social Media channels.

Train Staff
They wanted us to train their staff in the management of each of their social media channels. Dekanta wanted their staff to be more proficient when it came to their Social Media Marketing so that they would be better prepared to handle the company’s Social Media Marketing goals and strategies.

The Journey

Dekanta had asked us to help them improve their social media presence, paying particular attention to Facebook. As such we began development of a Facebook campaign that would boost activity on their Facebook page.

Our goal with this Facebook marketing strategy was to launch three separate Facebook marketing campaigns, each of which targeting different groups. After doing more research into this specific industry we were able to bring together copy and images that better promoted their brand.

The first campaign targeted specific countries, the second targeted specific age demographics while the last one targeted well-researched Facebook demographics that showed interest in Japanese whiskey.

We began by training their Philippines based team on the use of Social Media Marketing. We overcame the obstacle of distance by conducting Skype training sessions and hosting seminars on the topic of Social Media Marketing.

Being a company based in Asia whose product is popular in China, it was also important to provide Dekanta with training in the Social Media platform WeChat. With WeChat now having other 1 billion daily active users it can be essential to businesses operating internationally.

The Dekanta staff were guided through the various types of WeChat accounts, building their own WeChat platform and selling through the app.

Other Social Media accounts that they needed help and training with included Twitter and LinkedIn. This training was again provided over video-call.


Social Media Marketing Proficiency
We helped the Dekanta team to better understand the inner working of Social Media Marketing, paying closer attention to the types of posts they produced. Dekanta was left with the ability to better manage their Social Media channels and an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each platform.

Facebook Advertising Campaign
Through highly effective copy and well-optimised images, we helped Dekanta launch 3 different Facebook campaign, reaching over 80’000 people. Each campaign allowed Dekanta to reach out to demographics and audiences that they previously struggled to reach.

Created Long-Lasting Marketing Strategy
After working with them for 6 months, we left Dekanta with a fully trained Social Media Marketing team. They were well-versed in a multitude of Social Media portals. Their in-house team continues to follow the strategies we put in place and grow their Social Media presence.

Likes up to 5,373
Post Reach 85,574
Total Reach 85,878
Engagement rose to 9,413

To Conclude

Dekanta received a huge increase in engagement for their various Social Media platforms thanks to the changes we implemented. This has also resulted in a sales boost to the company.

This project lasted for approximately 6 months, at which point we felt that Dekanta’s wonderful team was more than capable of continuing forward on their own.

Dekanta was very satisfied with the training their staff received and they continue to upload to and market through their Social Media channels.

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