Project Description

Finest Flooring

The Flooring Industry generates around 2.04 Billion Pounds a year in the UK alone. This makes it a perfect time for local businesses to capitalise on the moment.

London is growing and evolving every day with new homes being built. A local business can make use of this.
For a local business to thrive in the new , they must widen their online presence in their community.

Main Goals (Clients Goals)

Improve Local Ranking
Finest Flooring, a flooring company based in North London, wanted us to help them improve their local rankings within a 15 mile radius of their premises.

Increase Social Media Presence
The local business wanted to capitalise on the industry in their local area. This was to be achieved through Google search listing and Facebook site management. For this they wanted our help.

Optimise Website
The idea was to have all keywords relating to services such as carpeting, wooden flooring, and tiling just to name a few, would rank well and achieve page one status.

The Journey

We started by looking at and optimising the companies Google My Business Listing. Optimisation included adding the correct type of content for the company, along with relative keywords, images and offers.

The next stage in the project was to add and improve on keywords, especially local keywords, all of which were added to the website to further maximise the online presence of the flooring company.

We researched all local keywords and mixed them up with national keywords that circulate around the flooring industry. Then we added them all to their website in the form of various articles and content.

We also began improving on their Facebook business page. We optimised their home page, business information and added an ‘About Us’ section.

After managing their social media for a few months, we began getting questions and requests through social media which converted into sales from Facebook.


High Search Ranking
Local search performed very well as they are now the highest-ranking search for flooring and carpets in their area.

Achieved through all local keywords. Google My Business listing also performed extremely well because of how we optimised their site and content.

Facebook and Instagram Management
On their social media sites, we posted showcases of their work as they were completed. This gained a lot of likes increasing the reach of the company.

Social Media Orders
For the first time ever, the company actually experienced placed orders via social media.

Their Facebook page and Instagram portal got a lot of interaction from people making purchases through the sites.

Great Reviews
Google My Business received a lot of reviews, which again helped the company rankings and ensured that their branding and reputation were all right at the top.

Likes Went Up By 70%
Reach went up by 70%
Engagement Jumped Up By 65%
Sales went up by 20%
Google My Business Listing (100%)

To Conclude

Finest Flooring were more than happy with the results that we achieved through local search having them be the top in their area through our website and content optimisation.

The Social Media Marketing was also a great success for them as they continue the Social Media Marketing strategy, we laid out for them.

We have now ceased working for them, however the results that we achieved still stay with them a to this day.

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