Project Description

Minding Manners

Europe’s Leading Finishing School

“Classing up Minding Manners Website”

In the 21st Century, appearance is everything. The way we look, act and behave will form the basis of their judgement.

The Global market size for Etiquette training is around 400 million pounds. Companies are realising the importance of etiquette training especially for international affairs.

Minding Manners is Europe’s leading Accredited and Certified Etiquette and Protocol Consultancy, Modular Finishing School Academy and Cultural and Savoir-vivre Specialist.

Main Goals

Streamline Website
Minding Manners wanted us to smoothen out the user journey on their website. The user journey on the site was fairly complicated for customers to utilise the company’s services.

Improved Rankings
The company also wanted to increase their reach on search engines. This would increase their visibility to bring in more business.

The Journey

Minding Manners first need was to streamline the website. We began by optimising the company’s Google My Business Listing by first searching for relative keywords that would be appropriate for their business.

We compiled these together to improve and expand on them. After this, we integrated them into the content for the company.
This improved the sites ranking on search engines as they now appear at the top of the page on Google.

The website was further optimised by sifting through all the existing code on the site to eliminate broken links and reconfigure the code.

This would help the site would load and operate at a faster pace. This would help convert more visitors into customers to expand their business further.

What We Delivered

Top of Page One Ranking
Through an active backlinking content and marketing strategy, we managed to help Minding Manners achieve superior results on a national and international level.

Due to the addition of Keywords into the newly constructed content for Minding Manners, they have achieved great success from being the first site customers can see at the top of a search.

Smooth Website
Our in-depth exploration into the coding and backlinking throughout their website, made for a much ordered and harmonious user experience.

The pages of the site load much faster with all the content contained within them on full display.

National Rankings “manners school” top of page one
Local Rankings “manners school” top of page one
National Rankings “etiquette training” top of page one
Local Rankings “etiquette training” top of page one

To Conclude

Minding Manners were very pleased with our work and the results that they achieved.

Due to them now holding the heist google ranking when searching keywords related to their company, they have seen a sizable growth in the participation of their company events.

Bmoozd and Minding Manners retain one another as marketing partners to this day.

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