Project Description

International Etiquette And Protocol Academy Of London

A Chic Site

“Europe’s Most Trusted Establishment for Train The Trainer / Certification Programmes in International Etiquette and Protocol – an international presence in more than 60 countries”

IEPAL was the first institute to offer their services to youth and young adults which helped them cement themselves as a brand.

Main Goals

Build A New Site
The International Etiquette & Protocol Academy of London (IEPAL) wanted us to create a website for them that would function and operate better than their previous one hosted by Wixx.

Optimise SEO
For this site, they wanted us to ensure that the content within would help them achieve high level rankings across multiple search engines.

The Journey

We began by creating an entirely new site for the Company. The site was designed and coded by our in house team and led to a much faster and better user experience than their previous one.

The client had particular choices and wanted specific features on the site. This resulted in the site going through multiple changes and runs on a test server before we went live.

We researched keywords that related to the industry that were specific to the type of business, which helped us ensure a better search experience.

We developed and strategically placed the keywords throughout various pages on the site. This helped the site appear higher on Google search listings.

Once we had final sign off from client, we launched the site on our corporate servers, along with it going through rigorous testing.

What We Delivered

Fully Functioning Site
The site was able to load in full in 4 seconds. This was due to the seamless coding we created that was the mainframe of the website.

Optimised Content
The content marketing that we created for the site included all unique and in-house written articles.

High Search Ranking
We ranked various keywords on the first page.  Many of these keywords revolving around the company and their USP. This was integrated into the optimised content that we created for the site.

To Conclude

The International Etiquette & Protocol Academy of London was very pleased with both our design and in house marketing efforts. We still manage the site and ensure daily visibility.

The SEO content that we created for their site has allowed them become more visible to their target audience.

We have been retained as their marketing partners and besides looking after their SEO, we also host and maintain their website.

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