Project Description

The Property Hunt

The Real Estate Market in the UK is one of the largest in Europe with up to 900 billion pounds.

The number of people seeking homes is increasing dramatically. Landlords need to cease the opportunity to maximise their visibility to make use of the demand for homes.

Main Goals (Clients Goals)

Re-Design Website
The Property Hunt wanted us to take full autonomy to develop the site. The client’s needs were to have a site that is noticeable and stands out to customers to recognise the UK property Investment Business.

Enhance SEO
Enhancing the SEO will bring in more customers to the site through google searches.

Increase the web-Pages Speed
By increasing the speed of the web pages, visitors to the site will be able to load, browns and contact the company in a matter of seconds.

The Journey

The Property Hunt wanted us to focus on streamlining their website with a total renovation.

We began by researching keywords related to the company and their industry so that the company site wold rang higher on search listings.

We added and improved on the keywords to expand the variety as we created all the copy on the site. This was the result of extensive research into the property field.

Adding in these keywords onto the site along with the copy improved the Google Local Listing ranking in the area.

Furthermore, we made an external site map for their website and submitted their site to all search engines.

We optimised the site so that the web pages would load in full much faster. This would help the site to function a lot smoother.

Finally, we made the site compatible for all devices. On laptops, phones and tablets. The site layout was redesigned to suit each browsing medium.


High Search Ranking
The Property Hunt has received a much-improved SEO ranking. Along with this, visitors to the site has greatly increased also.

Optimised Website
The new site we created has had a lot of positive feedback.

The new design was made to attract investors and generate new investors. We Increased the speed of the site and created site maps for web browser functions

Multi-Screen Compatible
We made the site compatible across all media devices. Through mobile, laptop and tablet. Anyone with any device can view the site

A Higher Search Ranking
Optimised Website
Mobile Design

To Conclude

The Property Hunt was very pleased with our work.

They were kind enough to leave us a review with Clutch, a company review site.

They stated that they were impressed with our “knowledge and attitude. No task was too big for Bmoozd”.

They found the workflow between their company and our team “seamless”.

Through weekly calls and emails on the development of the site.

They left us a very good review online which shows their full thoughts on our work. Check it out at Clutch Bmoozd Reviews.

If you would like Bmoozd to design, update or run maintenance on your website, get in touch with us.