Project Description

The Property Hunt

The Real Estate Market in the UK is one of the largest in Europe with an approximate size of 900 billion pounds. With an industry this developed appropriate digital strategies are essential.

Due to population growth and various social factors, the number of people seeking homes is increasing dramatically. Landlords need to seize the opportunity to maximise their visibility to make use of the demand for homes.

Clients Goals

Website Re-design
The Property Hunt wanted us to take full autonomy when it came to the development of their website. The client required a website that was easily identifiable and that had a unique appearance.

UK Property Investment is an incredibly competitive market and thus the goal was to make sure they stood out against their competitors.

Enhance SEO
Enhancing the SEO of their website would bring more customers to their website via Google search results. This is essential for any company trying to increase visibility online.

Increase the Webpages’ Speed
By Increasing the speed of The Property Hunt’s webpages, they wanted visitors to the website to be able to load, browse and contact the company in a short amount of time. In order to gain potential customers improving the User Experience is an important factor.

The Journey

The Property Hunt wanted us to focus on streamlining their website and so we went for a total redesign.

We began by researching keywords related to The Property Hunt and their industry. Our initial goal here was to make sure the company would rank higher on search engine listings.

By creating all of the copy for the website we were able to greatly expand on the variety of keywords on the website. We did this by adding to and improving the keywords that were there previously. This was all the result of our extensive research into the field of property.

We also created Google Webmaster/Search Console and Google Analytics accounts for The Property Hunt, also teaching them how to effectively use both.
After adding these keywords within the new copy, we optimised and launched their Google My Business account and were able to improve the Google Local Listing ranking in the area for The Property Hunt.

With Google Webmaster, we were able to identify what keywords would be best for their SEO.

With Google Analytics we were able to track visitors to the website as well as look at their bounce rates, allowing us to understand the exact improvements their website needed.

In order to further develop their visibility, we developed an internal site map for their website and submitted their URL to all search engines.

Improving the user experience was still high on our list of priorities and so we next optimised the site allowing for the webpages to load much faster. This optimisation would also allow the website to function more smoothly.

Finally, we made their website compatible with all devices. We created suitable alternative site layouts for various browsing mediums such as laptops, smartphones, tablets etc.


High Search Ranking
The Property Hunt has received a much-improved SEO ranking. As a result, visitors to The Property Hunt’s website have also greatly increased.

Optimised Website
The new website we developed has received a lot of positive feedback. It has played a vital role in attracting new investors and in extension getting them to invest more in a company that now has a stronger and more unique online presence.

We increased the speed of the website and improved on the ease of navigation. Building on this we also developed site maps for web browser function. This has allowed each page to be more easily discovered.

Multi-Screen Compatible
We made sure the website was compatible with all media devices. Visitors to The Property Hunt’s website are no longer impeded by their choice of device, further increasing the number of visitors as well as their time spent on the website.

We made sure that The Property Hunt was well equipped to handle their website long-after we were finished. They continue to manage their own Google Analytics, Webmaster and My Business accounts.

A Higher Search Ranking
Optimised Website
Mobile Design

To Conclude

The Property Hunt has expressed great satisfaction with the work we put into their website.

They were kind enough to leave us a review with Clutch, a company review website, where they stated they were impressed with our “knowledge and attitude. No task was too big for Bmoozd”.

Through regularly calls and emails we established a strong relationship with The Property Hunt during the development of their site. They were very happy with the working relationship we developed with them and described the collaboration between our two teams as “seamless”.

If interested, you can view their full review online showing their thoughts on our work. Check it out at Clutch Bmoozd Reviews.

If you would like Bmoozd to design update or run maintenance on your website, please get in touch with us.

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