Project Description


Dekanta is the world’s largest specialist retailer of Japanese whisky.

The Journey

We were instructed by Dekanta to help them improve their social media presence, paying particular attention to Facebook.
Our job would also included training their staff who were based in the Philippines. WeeChat was one the of portals that they also wanted specific training in, being Asia based.

Other social media accounts that they needed help and training on included Twitter and LinkedIn.
look after all of their social media portals, which included, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn


We helped their staff to better understand how social media marketing worked, paying particular attention to the type of posts that they produced. We also helped them carry out a social advertising campaign on Facebook.
The project lasted for about 6 months, at which stage we felt that the in-house staff were more than capable of continuing on their own.

Likes up to 5,373
Post Reach 85,574
Total Reach 85,878
Engagement rose to 9,413

To Conclude

Dekanta saw a big increase in the amount of customer enquiries. A lot of which translated into sales. Now being an online retailer of very high end alcoholic products, you can understand how just one conversion would make them very happy.

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