Project Description



Running a Twitter Ad Campaign

Manga and Webtoons have soared in popularity over the last few years. The whole comic and manga industry is worth over 1 billion pounds.

Many manga and webtoon companies have developed apps so their customers can read their stories easily on the go through their mobile devices.

Toomics is a webtoon company that has thousands of stories on its site and app that are regularly updated. You can follow along with the story week by week as new chapters are released.

They are a webtoon company based in South Korea. Their platform hosts a wide variety of genres. They have membership subscription services that allow users access to all of their webtoons.


Twitter Advertising

Through Twitter, Toomics wanted us to use Twitters advertising features to promote their latest stories to people who would fall into their target demographic in the UK.

App Downloads

They wanted Bmoozd to increase the number of app downloads specifically in the UK, and ultimately increase brand awareness of Toomics as a webtoon company.

The Journey

Toomics approached Bmoozd looking to advertise the webtoons on their app specifically to UK consumers on Twitter, to increase the number of app downloads.

Bmoozd began working on a strategy to achieve their goal of increasing the number of people downloading their app. Research was carried out looking into into their existing audience on their social media platforms and research into their competitors.

We began creating a new Toomics Twitter account to run the adverts from. To gain access to the advertising features we began to post on the page regularly accumulating a following.

Then we set up 3 different adverts as part of a series to run in the UK to send out to three different audience groups. Finally, we tested and found what adverts were the most successful to each audience and began to optimise and update our Twitter campaign regularly.


The Results

Click-Through Rate

We helped Toomics receive a large number of app clicks through the adverts that we ran. This is due to our extensive and in-depth audience targeting.


We made a huge amount of impressions with the audiences we targeted. As an unintentional result, we amassed a substantial following on the twitter account intended to be used purely for advertising.

1080 Apple App Downloads
1160 Android App Downloads
800 New Followers
50,000 Impressions

To Conclude

From the Twitter adverts that we set up, ran and optimised, Toomics was about to receive a large number of UK based App downloads for their app on Apple and Android devices.

Their brand recognition in the UK has also increased with the number of impressions that the adverts were able to make on Twitter.

The client was incredibly pleased with the results of our Twitter campaign for them. They are very happy with the work Bmoozd has produced for them opening them up to the UK market.

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