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Social Advertising


Social Advertising With Bmoozd

Are you advertising via social media?

Learn how to win new clients and sell products through social advertising.

Advertise your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Call us to discuss what’s right for you.

Are you struggling with advertising costs?

Fed up with paying exorbitant amounts to Google?

Maybe you should consider social advertising?

Social advertising is a very effective and highly affordable way of getting traffic and business to your website.

By embracing the power of social media, you can use advertising to laser target your exact audience.

Very few people actually realise just how effective social advertising is.

Think of the reach that a company like Facebook has?

Now think about what it would mean to you as a business if you could somehow showcase your company to all of those interested parties?

What we can offer you

We have a range of social media advertising packages in place and also offer bespoke packages for individual business.

A typical social media advertising campaign would consist of the following –

  • Opening up an advertisers account for your business on various social media portals
  • Creating well optimised and well planned social media campaigns
  • Creating a catchy heading – Creating a call to action
  • Launching the physical advert
  • Daily monitoring of the adverts
  • Producing weekly/monthly client reports

Should you require any help in understanding just what social media advertising can do for your business, please feel free to call us!

Explode Your Online Presence Via Social Media Marketing!

You can also view all of our standard  advertising packages here!

Embrace the power of social advertising!

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